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A Global Conflict 13:3

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A Global Conflict 13:3. By Lena Shapiro. Overview. Central Powers vs. Allies War continues  more countries join the battle Gallipoli Campaign America joins the war Allies Win!! . War Affects the World . The Gallipoli Campaign Goals of the Allies: Secure the Dardanelles

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A Global Conflict 13:3

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a global conflict 13 3

A Global Conflict 13:3

By Lena Shapiro


Central Powers vs. Allies

War continues  more countries join the battle

Gallipoli Campaign

America joins the war

Allies Win!!

war affects the world
War Affects the World
  • The Gallipoli Campaign
  • Goals of the Allies:
    • Secure the Dardanelles
    • Conquer Constantinople
    • Defeat the Turks
    • Create a supply line to Russia
the gallipoli campaign continued


    • Allies forced to retreat and give up the plan
    • Resulted in 250,000 casualties
    • another deadly stalemate
The Gallipoli Campaign (continued)
battles in africa and asia
Battles in Africa and Asia
  • The Allies attack Germany’s colonies:
    • Japan overran outpost in China
    • Brit. and Fran. conquered 3 of 4 colonies in Africa
  • Recruit from colonies:
    • Some fight, others provided supplies
  • Reason for Fight:
    • Hope their efforts gain ind. for their country
      • Ex: Mohandas Gandhi
america joins the fight
America Joins the Fight
  • Germ. uses Unrestricted Submarine Warfare policy in 1917
    • Use subs to sink any ship going into Brit. Harbor w/o warning
  • Used before in 1915  sunk Lusitania
  • Germ. claimed they thought it contained ammunition
america joins the fight cont
America joins the fight (cont)
  • Goal: Wanted to defeat British before the US could mobilize
  • Germany sank 3 US ships
  • Last straw for the US:
    • Zimmerman telegram: Germ. tries to get Mexico to join them and fight US
  • US already in favor of allies
  • Declared war on Germany on April 2,1917
war affects the war review
War Affects the War Review

What were some goals of the Allies for the Gallipoli Campaign?

What was a reason for why some colonist chose to participate in the war?

What was the unrestricted submarine warfare policy?

What was considered to be the “last straw” for the US?

What are some reasons for why the US decided to become allies with the Allies?

war affects home front
War Affects Home Front
  • Governments Wage Total War
  • Total War: governments devote all of their resources to the war
  • Govt. short on supply  turned to rationing
  • Govt. feared people would turn against the war  censored news and propaganda
  • Propaganda: one-sided info to persuade and keep support for war
women and the war
Women and the War
  • Replace the jobs men usually do
  • Supplied goods to the troops fighting
  • Changed the perspective of many after the war
  • Nurses like Shirley Millard were able to help wounded soldiers near the front lines
war affects home front review
War Affects Home Front Review

How is a total war different from other wars?

Why did the unemployment rate decrease in the European countries?

Why did some countries censor their newspapers and create propaganda?

the allies win the war
The Allies Win the War
  • RussiaWithdraws
  • March 1917, Czar Nicholas steps down  new govt takes over
  • Had a rev.  commu. leader Lenin took over
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk  end war between Russia and Germany
the central powers collapse
The Central Powers Collapse
  • Germ. sends all troops to West. front after treaty with Russia
  • troops destroy everything on journey  exhausted and limited supplies
  • Allies smashed through German lines
  • Central Powers began surrendering
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II stepped down
  • Armistice signed
  • WWI ended on November 11th
the allies win the war review
The Allies Win the War Review

1) Which leader took over Russia after Czar Nicholas was forced to step down? What was one of his first acts when he gained power?

2) How did Russia’s withdrawal from the war help Germany?

3) What was the result of the Second Battle of the Marne?

the legacy of the war
The Legacy of the War
  • 8.5 million soldiers died and 21 million were wounded
  • Several of civilians died due to disease and starvation
  • Huge eco impact on Europe
  • Destroyed lots of land
  • Society greatly influenced by the War
  • Peace agreement
the legacy of the war review
The Legacy of the War Review

In what ways was the war a “new kind of war”?

How did the war affect Western society?

How did the war impact the economy?

germany r ealizes defeat
Germany Realizes Defeat
  • Prince Max von Baden appointed as Chancellor
    • Wants to negotiate armistice w/ the Allies
  • U-boats continue to attack
  • US agrees only if there is a complete surrender
operation plan 19
Operation Plan 19
  • Why?
    • Attempt to promote navy
  • Secret naval mission
    • Didn’t inform van Baden of plan
  • Massive attack against British fleet
  • Problems w/ the plan:
    • Outnumbered
kiel mutiny
Kiel Mutiny
  • Word of the attack spread to soldiers
    • refused to serve knowing it was suicide
  • Soldiers rebelled  plan abandoned
  • Rebellion spread
    • Soldiers in Kiel took control over the boats
  • 6 point plan
kaiser s abdication
Kaiser’s Abdication

Lost support from advisors

Von Baden announced abdication

Denied military support

Fled to Netherlands


In times of WWI:

Present Day:

Not much censorship used in the US

Still used in other countries

Ex: North Korea

  • Countries censored newspapers
  • Military reports censored

In times of WWI:

Present Day:

Still used in the US today

Promoted through all sorts of media

  • Countries used propaganda to promote war
  • Wanted people to continue to support the war