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Overcoming The Past:
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  1. Overcoming The Past: The Age of Civil Rights.

  2. The Best Way U.S. Households Supported The Economy In The 1950’s And The 1960’s Was: • By consuming goods and services.

  3. Technological Advancements Of The 1950’s And 1960’s Were: • Satellites • Computers • Televisions

  4. List Three Items, That Was The Result Of Space Exploration, And Describe How They Benefitted Americans: • Satellites-help navigation and weather prediction. • Video games/joysticks-entertainment. • Various household items, (velcro, cordless tools) –made life easier.

  5. What was the Supreme Court’s Decision In Brown vs. Board Of Education In 1954: • It made racial segregation in Public Schools illegal.

  6. The Point Where Montgomery, Alabama Is located. Why Is This Location Important To The Civil Rights Movement : • B • It is where the civil rights movement began and desegregated all public transportation.

  7. The Montgomery, Alabama Boycott Was Important Because: • It helped to begin the Civil Rights Movement.

  8. Blacks In Montgomery , Alabama, Stopped Using Public Transportation For AYear After: • Rosa Parks Was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.

  9. The Purpose For The March On Washington Was: • To Persuade Congress To Pass Civil Rights Legislation.

  10. What Was The Role of Thurgood Marshall During The Civil Rights Movement: • He defended people who were claiming their Civil Rights in court.

  11. The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Provided For: • Discrimination was prohibited in all public places. • All public schools would be integrated. • Men and women of all races could run for public office.

  12. List And Describe Two types Of Activities Martin King Jr. and His Followers Used To Pursue Civil Rights: • Boycotts, Sit-ins, Marches, Speeches-used to create awareness of inequality in the public and private sector. • Meetings of the NCAA and other organizations to promote peaceful demonstrations and Freedom Riders to ensure the laws were followed.

  13. John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, And Martin Luther King Were All Assassinated In The 1960’s. The Greatest Impact This Had On The People Of The United States Was: • Many citizens lost hope in the plans these men had for a better society.

  14. Amendments: • Suffrage-the right to vote. • Guaranteed for all American Citizens: • 15th-Right to vote for all citizens, regardless of race or color. • 19th-Women’s right to vote. • 24th-All poll taxes are banned and this is not cause to deny the right to vote. • 26th-The voting age shall be 18 years of age.

  15. Explain How These Constitutional Amendments Were Similar And Different:

  16. What Was The Common Goal Of The United States In The Cuban Missile Crises and The Vietnam War: • Both were attempts to contain the spread of communism.

  17. Television Was A New Technology In The 1960s. How Did Television Impact Us Support Of The Vietnam War: • When Americans saw the destruction on television, they began to stop supporting the war.

  18. Discuss The Vietnam War In a Paragraph. Include: • Time Frame: 1950-1975. • Cause: Stop the spread of communism. • Effects: Draft, protests, anti-war sentiment, the military was not celebrated upon its return. • Final Result: After America left South Vietnam-North Vietnam finally defeated South Vietnam and is a communist country today.