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As His Name is, So is He!

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As His Name is, So is He!
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As His Name is, So is He!

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  1. Book II Unit 6 As His Name is, So is He!

  2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pre-class Tasks Checking Text Comprehension Difficult Sentences Words and Expressions Summary Writing Post-class Tasks Book II Unit 6

  3. Book II Unit 6 Pre-class Tasks Checking

  4. Book II Unit 6 I Group work – Idioms of name What are the Chinese meanings for them? 1. They call each other all sorts of names. 他们用各种恶言恶语互骂。 2. He was a chairman only in name. 他是个名义上的主席。 3. His name is mud. 他声名狼藉。

  5. Book II Unit 6 I Group work – Idioms of name What are the Chinese meanings for them? 4. Thomas Edison was a great name in science. 托玛斯·爱迪生是个科学伟人。 5. In fishing, patience is the name of the game. 钓鱼时,耐心是最重要的。 6. He doesn’t have a penny to his name. 他一文不名。

  6. Book II Unit 6 II Group work The Chinese language has a lot of phrases related to “名”. Together with your partner, try to give the English equivalents of the following. 1)名不虚传 2)名不副实 3)名垂青史 4)名列前茅 5)名落孙山 6) 名正言顺 7) 顾名思义

  7. 1.名不虚传 -- deserve the reputation one enjoys; -- one’s reputation is justified; -- be worth one’s name; -- be true to one’s name 2. 名不副实 -- be unworthy of one’s name 3. 名垂青史 -- make history; -- go down in history; -- be crowned with eternal glory; -- leave a name in history

  8. 4)名列前茅 -- come out top; -- to be among the best of candidates; -- be on the top of the list 5) 名落孙山 -- be flunked; -- fail to be admitted / enrolled 6)名正言顺 -- be legitimate; -- be perfectly justifiable 7) 顾名思义 -- as the name implies / suggests

  9. Book II Unit 6 III. Oral task What’s in Your Name? Explain your name to the class and tell them whether you are satisfied with your name or not, and why ?

  10. Book II Unit 6 Text Comprehension Text Structure Questions Answering

  11. Structure Analysis Central topic: Central topic: The influence of names on people (Names can affect people’s life.)

  12. Main ideas of each paragraph Para. 1: Para. 2: Para. 3: Para. 4: Para. 5: Debbie does not feel good about her name. Her change of name helped bring success to her career. It is important to have the right name because it suggests certain qualities. Names are attached to specific images. Names with a positive sense can work for people, even encourage new acquaintances.

  13. Main ideas of each paragraph Para. 6: Para. 7: Para. 8: People are sometimes guilty of name stereotyping in relation to names. Prejudices against or in favor of certain names can affect students’ classroom achievements, objectively graded IQ and popularity with their peers. If you think your name does not suit you, you can change your old name.

  14. (Para. 1-3) 1. According to the woman, what helps her get the publishing job? >>> Questions Answering substitute her middle name for …

  15. (Para. 1-3) 2. What did she do before she got the job? >>> former waitress

  16. (Para. 1-3) 3. Why can the name change make the difference? >>> add self-confidence to talents

  17. (Para. 4) 4. Which name bothers the art critic a lot? Jane, Joe, Arthur or Adrian? Why? >>> average Joe; not qualified to be …

  18. (Para. 5) 5.What did the woman feel when she knew the impressive man was Harry? Why? >>> ill at ease; turn down a blind date with him because of his name

  19. (Para. 6) 6.What’s the personality of Julian? What about Rory ? >>> Julian: active Rory: quiet and thoughtful

  20. (Para. 7) 7. Why do some students do better than others? >>> appealing names

  21. Difficult Sentences Paraphrase Translation

  22. Book II Unit 6 1. As His Name Is, So Is He! (Title) 1. as…so 表示类比 • 有其师必有其徒。 so is the pupil As is the teacher, _________________. • 你怎样对我,我也将怎样对待你。 As you treat me, so I shall treat you.

  23. Translation Book II Unit 6 • I suspect that if I were a more refined Arthur or Adrian, the name would have appeared complete. (L.29). • I think that if my name were Arthur or Adrian, which suggests that a person with the name is well-educated and polite, my full name would have been printed in my by-line. If I were…, sb./sth. would have done 如果我稍微明智点, 我应该能料到这次尝试会失败。 If I were any wiser, I would have expected the failure of this attempt.

  24. Book II Unit 6 • Though most of us would like to think ourselves free from such prejudiced notions, we’re all guilty of name stereotyping to some extent. (L.38) • Though most of us would like to think that we don’t have such prejudiced notions, to some degree, all of us are wrong having too-simple ideas or imaegs about people and attaching to them the qualities suggested by their names. Though most of us…, we’re all…to some extent.

  25. Translation Book II Unit 6 虽然我们大多数人看上去很高兴,其实大家在某种程度上都有些失望。 Though most of us seemed happy, we were all disappointed to some extent.

  26. Book II Unit 6 WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS English to Chinese Word Using

  27. fill out an application form take sb. seriously identify people more qualified to be a player encourage new acquaintances Book II Unit 6 English to Chinese • 填写申请表 • 认真对待某人 • 识别人 • 更适合做运动员 • 有助于结识新朋友

  28. Book II Unit 6 1. qualify (L. 26) v. have or give (sb.) the qualities,training, etc. that are suitable or necessary Tom is well qualified for the job. 汤姆很有资格做这份工作。 Translation 我觉得您还不够律师的资格。 Key I am afraid that you are not qualified enough to be a lawyer.

  29. Book II Unit 6 Oil is industrially refined. 燃料油是经工业提炼而成的。 2. refine v. (L.29) 1. make (sb./sth.) more elegant 2. make pure or improve esp. by removing unwanted material e.g. Delia has been refined. You can’t imagine how elegant she is now. 德丽娅现在变文雅了。你想像不到她现在多优雅。

  30. Book II Unit 6 3. award ( L. 52) v. give esp. as the result of an official decision n. [C] sth. awarded 奖品 Translation 由于他为国家做出的重大贡献,他获得了最高奖。 Because of his great contribution to the country, he won the highest award. Because of his great contribution to the country, he was awarded the highest prize.

  31. Translation 想来杯咖啡吗? Key Do you feel like a cup of coffee? Book II Unit 6 4. feel like doing sth. (L3) have a wish for e.g. Do you feel like taking a holiday now?

  32. Translation 他们正以暴力取代对话。 Key They are substituting violence for dialogue. Book II Unit 6 5. substitute … for … (L6) 以…… 代替 …… e.g. They didn't like rice, so we substitute bread for rice.

  33. Translation 这座小镇的特色是有很多老房子。 Key Many old houses are characteristic of the small town. Book II Unit 6 6. be characteristic of (L16) forming or showing the character of *characteristic n. special mark or quality What characteristics separate English from American? 英国人和美国人的性格有何不同? e.g. Rainy days are characteristic of June.

  34. Translation 她父亲永远不会同意她和你结婚。 Key Her father will never approve of her marriage to you. Book II Unit 6 7. approve of (L18) agree on e.g. Parents approved of what we were doing.

  35. Translation 这消息使她安心了。 Key The news set her heart at ease. Book II Unit 6 8. at ease (L37) comfortable, without worry e.g. — His legs were nervous, but his mind was at ease. — She was ill at ease with strangers.

  36. Translation 没能帮上忙,我感到很内疚。 Key I was guilty of not being able to help you. Book II Unit 6 9. be guilty of (L39) 1) feel uncomfortable for wrong-doings e.g. I feel guilty of not having written to you.

  37. Translation 他犯有谋杀罪。 Key He was guilty of murder. Book II Unit 6 9. be guilty of (L39) 2) have done … wrong e.g. He was guilty of an important false judgment.

  38. Translation 我工作缠身。 Key I am stuck with much work. Book II Unit 6 10. be stuck with (L58) 因 …… 而无法脱身/解脱 e.g. We were stuck with relatives who came to stay unexpectedly. Cf. stick to :He is a man with determination; he sticks to what he believes in.

  39. Book II Unit 6 Summary

  40. Book II Unit 6 Summarize the passage using the tips below. 1. make a difference 2. lead to success 3. suggest qualities 4. specific images 5. a positive sense 6. name stereotyping 7. prejudices against 8. affect one’s evaluation

  41. Book II Unit 6 Summary The author describes ways names can make a difference. After changing her name Debbie into Lynne, a woman is now very successful in her career. Although changing one’s name does not necessarily lead to success, names are indeed very important in people’s life, because they can suggest qualities. And names are attached to specific images. A name with positive sense is good for a person and can encourage one to have new friends.

  42. Book II Unit 6 Summary But sometimes people make the mistake of name stereotyping and have prejudices against or in favor of certain names. Such prejudices may affect instructors’ or examiners’ evaluation of students’ classroom achievement, objectively graded IQ, achievement tests and also student’s popularity with their peers.

  43. Book II Unit 6 Writing • Structure Analysis • Tips for Writing • Your Task

  44. Book II Unit 6 A Paragraph of Comparison Sample: ( Para. 7, Section A)

  45. Book II Unit 6 The main idea:People’s names are related to their achievement or behavior. Point A:affect classroom achievement Comparison:grades on the same essays written by boys with good names and bad names; Result: lower Point B:other sources of classroom difference Comparison:1)performance of girls with appealing names and less appealing names; 2) popularity of the girls is related to their names; Result: better

  46. Tips for Writing: • Decide how many comparisons will be made. • Try not to start a new comparison before getting a result from the previous one. • List parts to be compared. • Choose familiar verbs and adjectives and develop your sentences on them.

  47. Your Task Write a paragraph of comparison. • Topics: • Friendship and love • Studying in China and Abroad

  48. Book II Unit 6 Post-class tasks

  49. Book II Unit 6 I. Idea Sharing Is there any relationships between name and personality?

  50. Book II Unit 6 Keys to the exercises • Vocabulary III. ( P. 135 –136) 1. confessed 2. reserve 3. professional 4. impressive 5. latter 6. convey 7. qualify 8. refined 9. substitute 10. approval