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why is a name so important n.
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Why is a name so important? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why is a name so important?

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Why is a name so important?
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Why is a name so important?

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  1. Why do we feel the need to correct someone when the mispronounce our name? In what way does our name express something important about who we are? Important Names Mi'kmaq: mee-gmaw Anishinabe: a-nish-na-beh Haudenosaunee: how-den-o-show-nee These aboriginal names have been adopted to the English language in order to reflect proper pronunciation. Why is a name so important?

  2. Read the story on p. 10-13 Mise’I and Membertou

  3. Answer the question on p. 10 beside the image Why do you think the Mi’kmaq designed portable structures to live in? Homework:

  4. The Mi'kmaq culture had a very close relationship with the land and they depended on their hunting grounds in order to feed the people of their community. The Saqamaw was the leader in Mi'kmaq society. Who is the leader in Canadian society? How do we determine who the leader is in Canada? The Saqamaw's were chosen by council of elders that had chosen him and they would also advise him on how to make decisions. There were 7 districts of Mi'kmaq's and each district would send their Saqamawand these Saqamaw's would then make up the Grand Council. These Grand Council's would make decisions about where the Mi'kmaq could hunt, fish and where they could camp. The Mi'kmaq were semi-nomadic. This meant that they would travel to different areas depending on the season. The tribe would live near the coast in the summer but they would travel inland to the forest in the winter time. Why do you think they would choose to live in these areas? Mi'kmaq

  5. http://www.muiniskw.org/pgCulture1a.htm Mi'kmaq

  6. Read the story on p.15-18 Anishinabe:

  7. The leader of the Anishinabe was the ogimauh. The ogimauh was chosen by consensus. This means that everyone agreed on the choosing of the chief. The Anishinabe tribe was divided into 7 clans (Dodems) and each had a different responsibility. These clans all worked together and each clan had a different responsibility. Each clan had their own responsibility. Midewin Society: These were people who had special gifts as spiritual leaders and healers. Anishinabe:

  8. Read the story on p.20-23 Haudenosaunee

  9. Stay in one place for a long time – only move when they have to (live in long houses) Agricultural Hoyaneh = leader Clan mothers Cared and respected the Earth/Mother Nature Played a role and everyone helps out Spiritual connection with the earth Role of women – powerful!! Grand Council decided if they went to war Haudenosaunee

  10. Comparison chart