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Resume Writing

Resume Writing

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Resume Writing

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  1. Resume Writing

  2. What is the Purpose of a Resume? A resume is a summary of your past employment history, education and accomplishments and skills. The purpose of a resume is to present aspects of yourself to a potential employer. A resume is a tool to market and sell yourself to an employer! It is the tool that when paired with an effective cover letter can help to get you an interview.

  3. What can a Resume do? Help you clarify your value as an employee and prepare yourself for the job search process Offers a summary of your qualifications to a potential employer At an interview, it can be used as a reference for the interview to ask questions and for the interviewee (you) to answer questions.

  4. Resumes should…. Be one to two pages long On clean, white paper Be error free – no grammatical or typing mistakes Neatly typed and formatted Be relevant – do not include irrelevant or outdated information Be accurate of your skills and qualifications and tailored to the job that you are applying for Do not use fancy graphics (unless applying for a graphics position)

  5. Tips for Writing an Effective Resume Use verbs to describe your experiences and skills. For example: achieved, developed, trained, demonstrated. Spell out words in full, for example use Street not St. Avoid using “I,” if possible Include enough information to be clear and relevant without being to wordy. Address the needs of the employer and what they have asked for in the job ad. Ask yourself, does my resume match the job ad? Avoid using templates.

  6. Types of Resumes Chronological Resume – lists education and experience in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Preferred if you have work experience. Skills Resume – highlights skills and accomplishments. Good to use if you have limited formal experiences.

  7. Tools • The NSCC library has many books dedicated to job searching. Look through a few to find a format that suits your needs and style. • There are also many websites dedicated to job searching. A Google search of “resume writing” will bring up hundreds! One good one is: • • Also, module 3 of your careers course has a resume outline to help you get started.