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Resume writing

Resume writing

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Resume writing

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  1. Resume writing 1. Revision: Applications 2. Resume

  2. Revision: Applications A letter of application, also called a cover letter or face letter, is written for a job or admission to a university. 1.make clear what specific job you want to get or what particular program you intend to major in and where you get the information about the vacancies.

  3. 2.need to explain your qualifications, including relevant educational background, working experience, and any other information that highlight your unique qualities. may ask for possible interviews and refer your reader to your resume and letters of recommendation. 4.letters of application are important types of writing fro both college students and those who are changing positions.

  4. Guidelines 1.Written on the best quality paper you can afford. Remember that it is usually discarded at once if it is written (1) in pencil or red ink; (2) On wrinkled or dirty paper; (3) on stationery with a letter-head that has been crossed out; (4) On brightly colored or perfumed stationery; (5) On odd-sized or odd-shaped stationery; (6) on a post card. 2.Not longer than one page of A4. 3.Typed, unless the job advertisement suggests otherwise.

  5. 4.Personalized, if possible. Find out the name and the job title of the person that you are writing to. If it is a woman, check whether she is Miss, Mrs. or Ms. . 5.Business-like in language and standard in format. 6.Carefully checked for the correct use of grammar and spelling.

  6. Four important parts • Purpose • Self-introduction • References • Request for an interview Four requirements • Courtesy(respect others) • Confidence • Brevity • Appropriateness(only fact, do not criticize nor exaggerate)

  7. 应聘对外销售经理(翻译) 尊敬的史密斯小姐: 对贵公司招聘对外销售经理一职,敝人极有兴趣。 敝人33岁,过去几年,敝人作为一名经理助理(负责欧洲的销售),在一家软饮料公司工作,这家公司主要的生意在德国。 现在,敝人愿意在更多的地区做生意,且愿意担负更多的管理责任。 若您能给我一份有关此工作之描述与一份对候选人要求之简介,敝人将不胜感激。 您忠实的 王萍

  8. Translation: 应聘对外销售经理 My Dear Miss Smith; I am interested in your advertisement for an Export Sales manager. I am 33 years old and for the last several years I have been working as assistant manger (European Sales) with a soft drinks firm trading chiefly in Germany. Now I would like to travel more widely and to have more managerial responsibility. I should be glad if you would send me a job description and a brief outline of the candidates of employment. Yours truly,

  9. Writing assignment • Suppose you are going to graduate this coming June and you intend to continue your study in a Graduate School of a Foreign University. Write a letter for admission and scholarship to the university.

  10. Dear Sir: I am writing to ask that you send me the application form for the Graduate School and any other pertinent information that you feel important to me. I am interested in working towards a MA degree in the field of American studies. In June this year, I will graduate from the department of English in Xi’an Foreign Language University with a BA in English Linguistics and literature. I am very much interested in going abroad to obtain an advanced degree. American studies has always interested me. I would great appreciate it if you would forward the necessary materials (financial aid if possible) and relevant information at your earliest convenience. Sincerely yours, Li Jiafan

  11. Resume writing (curriculum vitae) guidelines samples practice

  12. Resumes The word resume is a French word meaning “summary’. It is a concise summary of your qualifications for a job in tabular form, which is enclosed in a letter of application. It mainly includes 4 categories of information: personal data, educational background, working experience, and reference lists.

  13. A great resume: 1.Determine who is reading your résumé 2.Write what the reader wants to hear 3.Make your résumé easy to read 4.Write a résumé with substance & depth

  14. Main parts in a resume • Personal details (name, birth date, nationality, marital status, address, telephone • Education • Work experience • Publications • Awards and scholarships • Memberships and community service • References

  15. Guidelines 1.Be typed out on good quality paper in a clear typeface. 2.Be concise. Aim for no more than two A4 pages. 3.Have no chronological gaps. An employer will regard them with suspicion. 4.Present the educational background and working experience in reverse chronological order. 5.Emphasize relevant skills, achievements and experience. 6.Be truthful. 7.Use power words, e.g., achieved, produced, established, implemented, formulated, etc.. 8.Be thoroughly checked for accuracy.

  16. Sample 1 Name: Marguerite P. van Doorslaaer Address: (Office) modern & Classical Languages, Hoyt Hall 533, Laramie, Wyoming 82070 (home) Route 1, Box 824, Laramie, Wyoming 82070 Telephone: (307)742-6095 Citizenship: USA

  17. Present position: Assistant Professor in French, Department of modern and Classical Languages, university of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming 82070 Education: B.A. 1945 University of north Carolina Major: Anthropology

  18. M.A. 1955 University of north Carolina Major: Anthropology Ph.D. 1965 University of Texas Major: Anthropology Languages: Native French speaker; English Travel: Europe, Africa, Near East Experience: 1955-1957 Designer, Museum of the University of Michigan

  19. 1957-1960 1962-1965 1965-1967 ………………………..

  20. Sample 2 • Resume of Edwin A. Neal Personal Details Date of Birth: Sept. 18, 1960 Nationality: American Marital Status: Single Sex: Male Passport No.: 8025707

  21. Address: 4321 Locke Street Zachary, LA 70791 U.S.A. Telephone: 001-825-456-7890 E-mail:

  22. Education 1996---1999: Ph.D. in American Studies at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 1989---1991: M.A. in Educational Management at Louisiana State University, specializing in Higher Education Syllabus Designing

  23. 1978---1982: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY Work Experience 1994---1996: Taught EFL in Germany 1992---1994: Taught English/Creative Writing at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

  24. 1988---1989: Taught Listening and Speaking Courses at Shanghai Foreign Language Institute, China 1986---1988: Worked as administrative assistant at Potomac Personnel, Rockville, MD & Temps & Co., Rockville, MD

  25. 1984---1986: Customer Service representative at Library Video Company, Bala Cynwid, PA 1982---1984: English Teacher at Shukutoku Junior College, Saitama-Ken, Japan Major Publications “The Cultural Situation of the Afro-American Youth.” American studies International 15 (Summer 1998): 18-23.

  26. Functional Issues in American Education. New York: Viking, 1992. Interests Sports, badminton, and table tennis Playing the guitar and listening to music Reading extensively Meeting people from other countries References upon request

  27. A Resume of Li Ming Personal Details Date of Birth: May 28, 1962 Nationality: Chinese Marital Status: Married Sex: Female Address: P.O. Box 518 Xi’an Foreign Language University Xi’an, Shaanxi 710061 P.R.China Telephone: 029-5309530 E-mail:

  28. Education 1993-1996: Ph. D. in American Literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China 1988-1991: M. A. in English at Bowling Green State university, Bowling Green, OH, U.S.A. 1980-1984: B.A. in English Language and Literature at Sichuan Foreign Language Institute, Chongqing, China.

  29. Work experience 1996-present: Associate Professor at Xi’an Foreign Language University, teaching British and American Literature 1991-1993: Lecturer at south China Normal University, Guangzhou, teaching English Writing, Reading, and English literature 1984-1988: Assistant Sales Manager at Shaanxi Medical Import & Export Company, Xi’an

  30. Major publications ……1998 ……1997 ……1996 ……1992 Experiences & hobbies ……. ……. ……. References upon request.

  31. Time for you to write your own resume!

  32. Cards and Certificates • Guidelines of cards: 1.facts such as the occasion, time and place must be made clearly. 2.the handwriting should be clear and at least readable. 3.If you are writing a card as a letter, remember the guidelines of the respective types of letter writing in the previous units. 4.the salutation and complimentary close are decided by the levels of familiarity.

  33. New Year Cards and Christmas Cards May Happiness brighten your Holidays and remain with you Throughout the New Year

  34. May you have the spirit of Christmas which is Peace the gladness of Christmas which is Hope the heart of Christmas which is Love

  35. Birthday cards Dad, because of your love And encouragement, I’ve learned some Valuable lessons… You taught me to work hard, To try to do my best. To stand up for what I believe in. I owe so much to you Thank you for being the best Dad Any daughter could want Happy Birthday

  36. With love, Darling On your birthday Describe my love? As well Pour out the ocean In a shell Or count the stars… There are no words To eloquently say, You are my life--- My everything

  37. Practice • Design cards by yourself: • A card to your teacher • A card to your best friend • A card to your family members • A card to your boyfriend / girlfriend

  38. Invitation cards • Guidelines • State the nature of the occasion, the place, the time clearly and accurately • In western culture, when one is invited to a social occasion, the spouse is usually included. If the host knows that the person being invited is single, he may indicate that a guest can come along. • Reply the invitation as soon as possible.

  39. Patterns and phrases • Mr. And Mrs. …request the pleasure of Mr. And Mrs. …’s presence at dinner / at a buffet / at a reception at…a.m. / p.m. on (time) in …(place). • r.s.v.p. / RSVP / Please reply. • We cordially invite you and your guest to a reception honoring sb. From…(time) to …(time) in …(place).

  40. We are pleased to invite sb. to visit… . • It is our pleasure to invite sb. to …(place). • Mr. And Mrs. …have the pleasure of accepting the invitation to dinner at …(time), on…(date), at… (place). • Thank you very much for your kind invitation to the reception on (date). We are looking forward to it with great pleasure.

  41. I am sorry to tell you that I am not able to come to your party because of some previous arrangement. I would love to have a gathering with you some other time. • I appreciate your kind invitation to the buffet dinner this coming Saturday. However, I have to say that I can’t come because of some health problem. • It is with great regret that I am writing to tell you that I can’t come to your farewell party. However, I hope to see you before you leave.

  42. translation 为庆祝中华人民共和国成立五十周年 谨订于一九九年九月三十日(星期四)十八点三十分 在西安香格里拉金花大饭店花园宴会厅举行 国庆招待会 敬请光临 陕西省人民政府 一九九年九月三十日 请您在第五桌入席

  43. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The founding of the People’s Republic of China The Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government Requests the pleasure of your company At a reception On Thursday, September 30, 1999, at 18:30 At the garden Ball Room, Xi’an Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel Your table number: 5

  44. The 100th anniversary of Shandong Agricultural University is coming. Imagine you are the secretary of the Present’s Office and write an invitation card to the former graduates of the school for the celebration. • Suppose you, a former graduate of Shandong Agricultural University, received the card and write two answers to the invitation, one is an acceptance, and the other a refusal.

  45. Certificates • Definition: printed statements or documents issued by someone or an organization in authority, that may be used as proof or evidence of something. • Classification: certificates of honor/recognition, graduation certificates, certificates of qualification, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

  46. 普通高等学校 毕业证书 中华人民共和国教育部制 No. 00455333 学生 王静 性别 女, 一九 七六年八月九日生,于一九 九五年九月至一九九九年 七月在本校英语专业四年 制本科学习,修完教学计划 规定的全部课程, 成绩合格, 准予毕业. 校(院)长: 杜瑞清 校名: 西安外国语学院 一九九年七月一日 学校编号: 99380071 照片

  47. Graduation Certificate General Institutions of Higher Learning Photo Ministry of Education People’s Republic of China No: 00455333 Wang Jing, female, born on August 9th, 1976, has studied English as her major in this university from September 1995 to July, 1999. She has been permitted to graduate upon completing all the courses with satisfactory results in accordance with the undergraduate program. President: Du Ruiqing Institution: Xi’an Foreign Language University July 1, 1999 School Serial No. 99380071

  48. 公证书 (93)西证字第5894号 兹证明前面的(93)西证字第5894号公证书的英文译文 内容与中文原文内容相符. 中华人民共和国陕西省西安市公证处 公证员 熊安章 一九九三年六月十八日 I X 07967849

  49. CERTIFICATE (93) Xi Zheng Zi, No. 5894 This is to certify that the English translation of (93) Xi Zheng Zi, No. 5893 certificate is in conformity with the original attached hereto. Notary: Xiong Anzhang Xi’an Notary Public Office Shaanxi Province The People’s Republic of China June 18, 1993 I X 07967849

  50. THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINANOTARY PUBLIC OFFICE, HAIDIAN DISTRICT, BEIJING I, ……, Notary Public Officer of Haidian District, Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, hereby certify: That the annexed English text has been compared with the Chinese original, of which it purports to be a translated version, and that same is full, true, and correct. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I execute this certificate and affix the seal of the Notary Public Office Haidian District, Beijing, the People’s Republic of China this ninth day of February, 1998 _______________________________ Notary Public Office