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Arcadia ::Our Team. Bob. Tom. Arjuna. Eileen. Patrick. Faculty Advisors: Chris Klug, Craig Lipchin, Shawn Walters. Arcadia ::Our Client. Craig Lipchin and Shawn Walters, co-founders. Arcadia ::Our Mission.

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Arcadia our team
Arcadia::Our Team






Faculty Advisors: Chris Klug, Craig Lipchin, Shawn Walters

Arcadia our client
Arcadia::Our Client

Craig Lipchin and Shawn Walters, co-founders

Arcadia our mission
Arcadia::Our Mission

To create a game prototype that allows players to readily download and play their favorite 80’s games.

Storyboards splash screen
Storyboards::splash screen

Storyboards first time users
Storyboards::first time users

Storyboards characters

Storyboards returning users
Storyboards::returning users

Storyboards 2d list mode
Storyboards::2d list mode

Storyboards 3d arcade
Storyboards::3d Arcade

Isometric camera with zoom and rotate capabilities

Storyboards spokesperson


“Charlie” pushes the cart around the arcade (simple A.I.) and will have idle animations running until approached.

“Charlie” and his pushcart

Storyboards spokesperson1


  • The spokesperson is the host of this world, called X-Arcadia

  • He is also the in-game representative of the X-Arcade

  • He needs to be able to sell items (real or virtual) to the player

  • Should incite nostalgia for the 80’s

  • How will we accomplish this?

Charlie at his pushcart

Based off of store from Zelda

Characters spokesperson


Characteristics of “Charlie”:

  • Male, age 15-16

  • Thinks he’s cool

  • Is a game fanatic

  • Frivolous, carefree, excited to have the coolest job ever!

  • Physical attributes- gangly youth, 80’s fashion

  • Motivation: works at the arcade so he can save up to buy a car

Another concept for “Charlie”

Storyboards exiting game
Storyboards::Exiting game

Walk character through exit door to quit game

Go talk to “Charlie” and quit from there




Choose character



Characters style of avatars

Characters::Style of avatars

Visual style camera angle

Visual Style::Camera angle

Closer isometric view (below)

Isometric far-off

View (above)

Visual style rendering options

Visual Style::Rendering options

Upside: Very fun feel, no need to worry about losing people in almost-realism

Downside: Panda does not support cellshading

Cell shading ( lined, unlined )

Visual style rendering options1

Visual Style::Rendering options

Upside: can go with either cartoon-style or more realism (also, supported by Panda)

Gradated shading

(omni-directional ambient light with some directional lights)

Visual style color palettes

Visual Style::Color palettes

For in-game and startup interfaces

Tech overview


  • Environment (designs: 2d,

  • isometric, full 3d)

  • Interactions with environment

  • (type depends on design)

  • Launching arcade games in emulators.

Tech rendering engine
Tech::Rendering Engine




Conclusion: We are going with Panda 3d

Why? It’s all about the scope. 

Tech priority list

Priority 1

Launching Mame & other emulations

Arcade machine placement (as well as other items)

X-Arcade guy (simple A.I. etc.)

Loading Screen (launch flash?)

Priority 2

Characters, walking avatars

Ticket counting

In-Game “shopping”

Sounds and music

Priority 3

Environment: decorations, lights, and other objects

Shopping, downloading games

Skeeball mechanics

Priority 4

Package code into .exe

Download -> simple X-Arcade Installer

Importing games

Priority 5

Networking Multiplayer

Tech::Priority List