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From Zero to Silverlight in 75 Minutes

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From Zero to Silverlight in 75 Minutes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DEV209. From Zero to Silverlight in 75 Minutes. Paul D. Sheriff President – PDSA, Inc. [email protected] Paul.About. Paul D. Sheriff ( [email protected] ) President of PDSA, Inc. Author, speaker, architect Custom software development, developer tools Software Audits

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Presentation Transcript
paul about
  • Paul D. Sheriff ([email protected])
    • President of PDSA, Inc.
    • Author, speaker, architect
    • Custom software development, developer tools
    • Software Audits
  • Developer tools
    • Haystack Code Generator
    • .NET Productivity Framework
  • Silverlight defined
  • Key XAML concepts
  • Styles and resources
  • Demos
    • Creating a UI using XAML
    • Creating styles
    • Basic business controls
    • List and container controls
silverlight defined6
Silverlight Defined
  • Plug in to browsers
    • Windows/MAC/Linux (Apache)
  • Runs on all major browsers
  • Requires users to download Silverlight
  • Build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)
    • Subset of .NET Framework available
    • Data access via XML/services
      • No system. Data namespace
    • Some client-side resource access
silverlight defined7
Silverlight Defined
  • Used in combination with ASP.NET
    • ASP.NET still used for broadest reach
    • Silverlight for specialized functionality
  • Silverlight 4 offers offline capability
    • Can run on desktop
    • Partial or extended trust modes
silverlight defined8
Silverlight Defined
  • Main parts of Silverlight app
    • App.xaml
      • Tells application where to start
    • MainPage.xaml
      • The default main page
    • Other .xaml pages as needed
      • Any other functionality you need in your app
    • Web page on which to host Silverlight app
    • .xap file = compiled app, downloaded to client
uses of silverlight
Uses of Silverlight
  • Perform animation in web browser
  • Better UI than possible with ASP.NET
    • Easier to code than using JavaScript/AJAX
  • Use C# or VB instead of JavaScript
  • Present data to user in rich format
    • Access via web service, WCF, REST, etc.
tools you will use
Tools You Will Use
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Expression Blend (Optional)
    • Helps with layout & animation
  • Silverlight Toolkit (Optional)
    • Download from
  • XAML (pronounced zammel)
  • Declarative markup language
  • Similar to HTML or ASP.NET
  • Used for…
    • User interface
    • Data binding
    • Styles
  • Use C# or VB for coding
basic building blocks
Basic Building Blocks
  • User control
    • Basic building block for re-usable code
  • Grid
    • Container for controls
    • Can define row and columns
    • Can constrain height & width
basic building blocks14
Basic Building Blocks
  • StackPanel
    • Container for controls
    • Does not constrain height and width
  • ListBox
    • Very flexible
    • You will use this a lot
  • DataGrid
    • Editable grid
basic building blocks15
Basic Building Blocks
  • Other normal UI controls
    • TextBlock – display text (similar to a label)
    • TextBox
    • Button
    • RadioButton
    • ComboBox
    • CheckBox
    • etc.
margins and padding
Margins and Padding
  • Use margins and padding
  • Set left, top, right, bottom
    • Example: margin=“10, 2, 5, 4”
    • Starts at left and goes clockwise





styles and resources19
Styles and Resources
  • Move attributes to resources section
  • Can be placed at control or app level
  • Factor out width, margin, etc.
  • Similar to a CSS file in a web application
input display controls
Input/Display Controls
  • Typical input and display controls
    • Text block
    • Check box
    • Radio button
    • Password box
    • Image
    • Media element
input display controls23
Input/Display Controls
  • Input and display controls
list controls
List Controls
  • Controls for display lists
    • Combo box
    • List box
container controls
Container Controls
  • Controls that contain other controls
    • Border
    • Tab
    • Scroll viewer
  • Silverlight gives you rich UI for web
    • Cross-platform
  • Easier to code than AJAX/JavaScript
  • Easier to code than Flash
  • Use VS.NET, Blend and C#/VB
thank you
Thank You
  • Sign up for Haystack Webcasts
  • Sign up for Paul Sheriff's Inner Circle
    • Lifetime membership
    • Over $2000 worth of ebooks, video, etc.
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sample code
Sample Code
    • Get free Silverlight video
      • Silverlight XAML for the complete novice – Part 1
  • ** Haystack Special **
    • Special price: $499
    • Use code: TECHED11
    • Valid until: 6/30/2011
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