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Training & Management Assistance Branch. <Client Name > Project Kick-Off Meeting for <TITLE OF PROJECT> with <Contractor> <Date>. Report Tile. Project Manager Name, Title, Telephone. UNITED STATES OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. Message from the President.

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  1. Training & Management Assistance Branch <Client Name > Project Kick-Off Meeting for <TITLE OF PROJECT> with <Contractor> <Date> Report Tile Project Manager Name, Title, Telephone UNITED STATES OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT

  2. Message from the President “Government likes to begin things - to declare grand new programs and causes. But good beginnings are not the measure of success. What matters in the end is completion. Performance. Results. Not just making promises, but making good on promises.” - George W. Bush

  3. Meeting Agenda • Introductions/Meeting Objectives • Contractual and Working Relationships • Roles and Responsibilities • Key Points of Contact • Management Plan Format • Project Discussion • Next Steps

  4. Meeting Objectives - Alignment • Clarify Expectations - Who will do what as we work together during the project • Validate Project Requirements – Do current requirements differ from those in the SOO/SOR • Collect Government-Furnished Information – What policies, procedures, or materials will assist the contractor in preparing the Management Plan • Lay Foundation for the Management Plan– What are the desired outcomes of the project

  5. Contractual Relationships Client Contractor OPM/TMA Subcontractor (if applicable)

  6. Roles and Responsibilities

  7. Roles and Responsibilities (cont’d)

  8. Key Points of Contact Agency Name Name of Agency Point of Contact Phone: Email: Contractor Name Name of Contractor Project Manager Phone: Email: OPM/TMA Project Manager Name, Title Phone: Fax: Email:

  9. Management Plan • Proposal • Review Meeting • Documented Agreement • Working Document • Introduction • Purpose, End Products • Plan Assumptions • Task Descriptions • Activities, Interim and Final Deliverables • Labor Costs, Periods of Performance • Administrative Information

  10. Client’s Tips for Success • Ensure SME’s are identified and fully engaged • Avoid “Scope Creep” • Pay attention to number and duration of review cycles • Involve key decision makers at the front end • Changes to previously approved deliverables may impact cost and timelines • Notify TMA about task changes to ensure Management Plan is revised

  11. Client’s Tips for Success (cont’d) • Provide consolidated, actionable feedback on deliverables • Contact TMA immediately for assistance with mitigating problems

  12. Contractor’s Tips for Success • Do not work at risk • Clearly articulate project and task assumptions in the Management Plan • Provide sufficient task and deliverable descriptions to justify costs

  13. Contractor’s Tips for Success (cont’d) • Ensure that subcontractors understand TMA policies and procedures (if applicable) • Notify TMA of scope changes and revise the Management Plan accordingly • Notify TMA of changes to key project personnel • Contact TMA immediately for assistance with mitigating problems

  14. Project Authority • Who authorizes work orders to be issued Note: Work orders must be issued before work begins, including travel and Separately Priced Items (SPIs) • Who should receive amendments to the Management Plan Note: The management plan must first be reviewed by the TMA Project Manager before being sent to the client unless otherwise specified – this includes amendments to the plan

  15. Project Authority (cont’d) • Who authorizes changes to Management Plan Note: Only the Client can authorize changes to the Management Plan. • Who should sign Deliverable Acceptance Forms Note: TMA requires that a draft deliverable meet at least 80 percent of the specific requirements of the final deliverable. If the submitted draft does not meet the 80 percent standard, the submitted draft deliverable will not be acceptable.

  16. Project Discussion • Clarification of requirements related to SOO/SOR • Who will provide access to people and government-furnished materials • What is the protocol for contacting Subject Matter Experts (SME)

  17. Project Discussion (cont’d) • Communications protocol • Length and number of review cycles • What is project timeline

  18. Next Steps • Quote for Management Plan should be provided within 1-3 business days • TMA Management Fee • Estimated delivery date of Management Plan • Management Plan Review Meeting

  19. Next Steps (cont’d) • Other Action Items • Security clearances • Work site • Equipment • Anything not addressed in the SOO/SOR that could impact cost, schedule, or quality

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