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Report Tile. Employee Express (EEX) Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). UNITED STATES OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT . 2011. Employee Express is an easy, convenient system, developed to let you make changes on your own, anytime, anywhere. Employee Express.

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  1. Report Tile Employee Express (EEX) Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) UNITED STATES OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT 2011

  2. Employee Expressis an easy, convenient system, developed to let you make changes on your own, anytime, anywhere.

  3. Employee Express • Fully automated system that empowers Federal employees to manage their own discretionary payroll and personnel transactions • Available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week Website (508 compliant): www.EmployeeExpress.gov Interactive Voice Response System • Help Desk: EEXHELP@opm.gov or 478-757-3030 • Developed and governed by a User Board, representing 86 Federal organizations and over 700,000 employees

  4. Agency Populations that Use EEX • Department of Education 4,350 • Department of State 32,900 • Department of State Foreign Service Officer Retirees 16,450 • Department of Transportation 54,700 • Department of the Treasury 116,400 • Department of Veterans Affairs 253,500 • Department of the Interior 91,800 • General Services Administration 19,500 • National Aeronautics and Space Administration 18,700 • Office of Personnel Management 6,800 • Social Security Administration 65,000 • Small Agency Consortium 14,600 • Total 694,700

  5. System Security • Security Certified and Accredited (NIST) • EEX data is protected by firewall • File integrity and virus scanning on all equipment • Software tracks all web activity (used to detect unauthorized access) • Employees must use secure browser that encrypts data between user site and EEX web site • User access with unique Login ID/Password (secure input) • System times out to ensure user is working with current page and data • Account invalidated after 5 unsuccessful PIN attempts within 24 hours • Account invalidated after 15 months of inactivity

  6. Hit CFC Link in left column.

  7. Shows 2010 donation. If never donated, items would be “0” If you hit “Save” before selecting charities, all donations will be assigned to undesignated.

  8. Search charity and scroll down for results

  9. Add charities to cart. Search for more charities, simply repeat search steps.

  10. Insert donation amounts. Does the math for you.

  11. Must supply e-mail, phone & Agency for CFC & payroll records.

  12. Donor can choose to allow their name/info released to the charities. Also asks if Donor wants a Thank You gift.

  13. Review to confirm donation.

  14. Must confirm “Yes” or “No” “No” allows donor to make changes.

  15. Review PDF for print, or have info sent to your e-mail. Must hit “NO THANKS” to confirm pledge.

  16. Current EEX-CFC Pledge Card If you choose to view pledge card

  17. Current EEX-CFC Pledge Card CFC USE ONLY

  18. Date of report Campaign (PCFO) Identifier Campaign Name Department/Agency CPDF Code Agency Reporting Number Department/Agency Name Agency Division/Branch Name Payroll Office Number Date of Action Time of Action Employee Name Pledge Amount Designated Charities Code (up to 30 per donor) Designated Charities Name (up to 30 per donor) Amount of Donation per Charity Employee Work E-mail Address Employee Work Phone Number Employee Name Release Indicator Donation Amount Release Indicator Employee Home Address (Street 1, Street 2, Street 3, City, State and Zip Code) -- Employee home address will be blank if Name Release Indicator is No. Employee Home E-mail Address – Employee home e-mail address will be blank if name release indicator is No. Work Address (Fall Release) EEX-CFC Data Fields(excel) CFC USE ONLY

  19. Benefits of Future Enhancements CFC USE ONLY • Allow consistency in marketing within Federal agencies since the pledge completion information will be the same across the country • Reports in Microsoft Excel for PCFO’s allows for usability of data and uploads into possible other reporting software they may be using • Cost of system supported by participating Federal agencies • PCFO does not have to create a web site to utilize this system • Pledge card printing for donor documentation

  20. EEX-CFC Current Participants 3 Rivers/PA West Region

  21. Reports from CFC • CFC (Amy) will let Campaign Coordinator know who donated with a weekly report • Please ask donor if they would like their gift (silver/gold, etc) • On December 16, 2011 – CFC (Amy) will send final list. • There may be changes, so please keep final list. • All EEX pledges will be totaled into the final report the week of December 19. • No donor form is needed if donor gives via EEX

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