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potawatomi tribe from lower part of michigan n.
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Potawatomi tribe from lower part of Michigan PowerPoint Presentation
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Potawatomi tribe from lower part of Michigan

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Potawatomi tribe from lower part of Michigan
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Potawatomi tribe from lower part of Michigan

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  1. Potawatomi tribe from lower part of Michigan By Rochelle, Madysen, and Sophie http://www.tmealf.com/DH/potawat.html

  2. How did they interact with other tribes? • The Potawatomi tribe were close allies with two tribes. • The two tribes were: Ojibwa and Ottawa. • They frequently fought with the Iroquois tribe. • They also fought with the Sioux tribe. • They did not meet the French setters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Shabbona_(chief)1.jpg

  3. http://www.potawatomilanguage.org/virtualmuseum/viewnmai.php What were the roles of men women and children? • Potawami women roles are: Potawami women were farmers and did most of child care. They also cooked! • Potawami men roles were: men were hunters and went out to war to protect their family. • Both genders partied story- telling, art work, and music. They also did traditional medicine. • Roles of children: children played , went to school, and helped around the house. They liked to go hunting fishing and camping outdoors.

  4. What were their legends and fables? • We found a lot of legends! Here are a few. • 1. Nanboozhoo, Nanboozhoo is the benevolent culture hero of the potawami tribe. • 2. cipiapoos , Nanboozhoos brother who was killed by the water sprits. • 3. nokmess, pronounced noke- muss, Nanboozhoos wise old grandmother. • 4.Winggido, and evil man eating sprit.

  5. http://www.native-languages.org/houses.htm What kind of homes did they live in? • Potawami lived in wig wams. • They also lived in rectangular lodges with bark covering. • Now in our days potawami live in modern houses and apartments like us!

  6. http://www.usd116.org/mfoley/pot/food.html What kind of food did they eat? • The Potawatomi were collectors and gatherers of animals and plants for food. • The Potawatomi learned how to farm from neighboring tribes. • The Potawatomi liked the taste of a seed-bearing grass called wild rice. • They raised beans, peas, squash, tobacco, melons and corn. • Tobacco, though not a food item, was an important plant to the Potawatomi.

  7. What they wore Potawami women wore long deer skin dresses. Potawami men wore breechcloths, leggings, and deer skin shirts. The potawami did not wear long head dresses. Potawami men would shave there hair to the Mohawk style instead. http://www.potawatomilanguage.org/virtualmuseum/viewnmai.php

  8. What was the skill? Men’s skill was going hunting and going out into war. Woman's skill was cooking ,farming, and child care Childs skill, going to school, playing, hunting, fishing, camping out doors, and helping around the house!

  9. We got the info from • http://www.bigorrin.org/potawatomi_kids.htm