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  2. Why is this experience important? Sean Evelsizor person with disability created this as a college class project

  3. What is the Good Life? The Good Life training is Respect Based and focuses on strengths and possibilities The Good Life training challenges organizations to acknowledge there is no place in our work for coercion & control and that our focus and vision is on possibilities & quality of life for people we serve The Good Life is a training designed to: 1. Most importantly, to intentionally act upon a set of beliefs, actions and practices that help the people you serve to have good lives 2. To recognize the value and contributions of your organization’s employees 3. Improve relationships within the organization It’s about ALL of US

  4. SELF ASSESSMENT • Before you can recognize the strengths in others, first you have to be able to see the strengths in yourself

  5. 2 Stars and a Wish

  6. The Importance of Personality

  7. The Good You Give the tools to get the job done Dependable Meticulous Collect data Innovative Look toward the future Lively Brainstorm See the big picture Enjoy being at the top Work efficiently Organized Confident Symbolize harmony Wants everyone to be happy Good communicators Caring

  8. The Not So Good You Takes moods from others Decide from feelings Cannot deal with confrontation Passive Lots of data don’t know what to do with it Overly cautious Sometimes seems aloof Disappointed by others Outspoken Rigid Snappy Arrogant Handles conflicts aggressively Dislike structure/routines Unfocused Do minimal follow-up Surrounded by constant chaos

  9. SELF ASSESSMENT Why is Personality so Important? • We must understand the personalities of the people we serve in order to help them • We all have unique personalities • We are not always willing to change our personalities • We must understand each other in order to work together…Balance Is the Key

  10. You Are Not Expected To: • Be Perfect • Get along with everyone • Have all the answers • Control Behavior • “Change People” to fit what you want them to be.

  11. Find the strengths of the people served • Help the people served use their strengths • Use the strengths you have • Turn to others to use their strengths What you can “Take Away” from this

  12. Inspirational Team building Need some inspiration?

  13. What is an Ally? • An Ally is a partner, in a mutually beneficial relationship. The Developmental Disabilities professional known as an Ally receives reimbursement for the utilization of their skills and talents to support a person they serve to have a “Good Life”. • What does being an Ally mean to you?

  14. An Ally Makes Every Interaction Count! • “Never let anyone come to you without coming away better and happier”. • Mother Teresa

  15. What are the tools of an Ally?

  16. Tools of an Ally • Our thoughts about people we serve • Our eyes • Our ears • Our words • Our heart/feelings • Our touch • Our feet • Our time

  17. How will you use these tools?

  18. Five Fundamental Must Haves • Time • Space • Positive Tone and Words • Living in Their Shoes • Being connected •

  19. The Must Haves ALLY TOOL KIT • Things that are based in common sense • Things that are observable… concepts we can all practice • Developed from the key things people have done wrong • Must be practiced and reinforced every day… make them a part of your daily conversation

  20. Who would have thought that the color of your hat could say so much about a person?

  21. WHITE HAT White hat thinking is seen as : Indifferent Whatever Who cares It is all about the paycheck Just putting in time Can’t wait till retirement Focus is on self

  22. RED HAT Red hat thinking is seen as: Forceful Controlling Coercive Focus is on compliance

  23. GREEN HAT Green hat thinking is seen as: Supportive Helpful Optimistic Positive Ask thoughtful questions Looks for solutions Looks for strengths & abilities Focus is on possibilities & success

  24. BLACK HAT Black hat thinking is seen as: Negative Critical Sarcastic Pessimistic Only sees failure Focus is on the problem

  25. Guess What Color Hat they are wearing White; Red; Black; Green

  26. Just Putting In My Time

  27. What- ever

  28. A Good Life mentality means never judge a book by it’s cover. You ask why?........ •