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Supplier Services SME Supplier Adoption Services BSN

Supplier Services SME Supplier Adoption Services BSN. www.commerce.net/supplier_services. Agenda. The Problem The “Correct on Capture” Concept The Proposal About CommerceNet. The Problem. Structured content is key to eCommerce, yet all participants still struggle to manage it

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Supplier Services SME Supplier Adoption Services BSN

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  1. Supplier Services SME Supplier Adoption Services BSN www.commerce.net/supplier_services

  2. Agenda The Problem The “Correct on Capture” Concept The Proposal About CommerceNet

  3. The Problem • Structured content is key to eCommerce, yet all participants still struggle to manage it • Product content is a particularly difficult problem for small to medium suppliers to manage • Without greater supplier adoption of small and medium suppliers, the ROI on eProcurement and eSourcing initiatives will not be realized • More Disturbing Facts: • Only 12% of trading partners present products online • Only 33% of their products are offered online • Only 20% of products are represented by accurate, trans-actable content • - AMR Research “Estimates are 80-105 days and $120k-$200k to integrate one supplier.” ”Product content costs the ‘supply chain’ $60 to $80 per SKU to create, manage, and use.” AMR Research - AT Kearney

  4. What’s Needed? • Simple, low cost “correct on capture” tools for SMEs • Open source template forms for all product categories • Tools for suppliers to easily customize and extend forms • Tools to import existing supplier data into templates • Output is tab delimited files and XML, “open” output • A registry of product templates and forms • Education and support on the “correct on capture” of content process

  5. Agenda The Problem The “Correct on Capture” Concept The Proposal About CommerceNet

  6. “Correct On Capture” Concept • Excel template based • Supplier download forms for product categories • Templates have predefined columns for product attributes • Columns have predetermined values in pull-down menus • Suppliers can extend pull-down menus • Suppliers can extend form column headings • Supplier can import existing data into template • Template data can be converted to tab delimited or XML files

  7. Forms Registry Prototype 1) Supplier browsers UNSPSC taxonomy hierarchy 2) Supplier finds category and Subcategory for product 3) Supplier clicks “download” button, not shown, to download form

  8. Template Prototype Predefined column headings from form Drop down menu items limiting selection

  9. Agenda The Problem The “Correct on Capture” Concept The Proposal About CommerceNet

  10. Proposed Project: SME Correct on Capture Toolkit • Building upon the prototype from the CommerceNet funded Stanford project, tools for SME suppliers to enable the “Correct on Capture” of product information • Key Components of the “Correct on Capture Tool-Kit” • Web Services enabled supplier registration • Template browsing and selection • Excel Template download • Mapper for importing existing Excel SS • Forms Editor for SME supplier to extend/modify template • Web services API for open creation and publication of “forms” • Email notification • Base of 100 to 200 “Forms” from UNSPSC taxonomy • Tested with 10 to 20 suppliers • Initial testing of registration/forms and browser/editor-mapper download

  11. 1 2 3 4 5 Proposed Project Phases 7 6 Support of Operation Beta Phase Design Phase Test Phase Product Launch Development Phase Deployment Phase Initial Proposal Phase Web Hosting Software Product doc and on-line tutorials Release version of “CoC” Editor Final Docs- User & Tech Bug fixes Betq version of “CoC”* Editor Prelim Docs Forms Dev Test Plan Web Svc Hosting kit Training and support services Architectural Spec- Software Design Spec Functional Spec Forms Dev training Prototype Marketing – Market Announcement Requirements Analysis and Specifications Supplier Survey Distribution channels and website Hosting Registration Download Notification Pilot Phase: 4-6 months Planning Phase: 14-16 weeks in duration *“CoC” = Correct on Capture

  12. Potential Follow On Projects and Sponsors • National Association of Manufacturers • Recommendations to all membership • DOC • Funding of follow-on forms • NIST • Web based training seminars • ONCE hosted business registry • SBA Involvement • ECCMA

  13. Next Steps • Help to sponsor the “Correct on Capture” BSN Pilot as a first step in enabling lower cost SME supplier adoption • Promote “Correct on Capture” to your supplier community • Work with CommerceNet/ONCE to support the template data upload for your supplier hub • Assist with form development for your industry

  14. Kerry Lamson CEO ONCE ph:(925) 381-5633 klamson@connect-once.com Chuck Shih BSN Program Manager CommerceNet ph: (415) 519-1951 chuck_shih@commerce.net Contacts Take Advantage of this Opportunity Now, Contact us Today

  15. Agenda The Problem The “Correct on Capture” Concept The Proposal About CommerceNet

  16. Founded 1994 - The first industry association for Internet Commerce Neutral, non-profit, global Business and technology Vision - Transforming the Internetintothe “CommerceNet” The largest open network of business services Real-time, collaborative business processes Spontaneous global trade Mission – Catalyzing eCommerce through collective action Pilots Reference architectures and technology roadmaps Research Investments Strategic partnerships Value Proposition Distribute risks and costs Share knowledge and resources Accelerate ROI About CommerceNet

  17. An Evolving Vision eCommerce First Commercial Website, Internet Shopping Network First Secure Web Transaction, Secure Mosaic Using SHTTP First Commercial Internet Transaction Using e-mail 1997 – 2002 eMarketplaces 2003 - Beyond Business Services Networks 1994-96 Websites 1992-93 e-mail

  18. An Evolving Vision eCommerce First XML Based Business Services First Service Oriented Reference Architecture for eCommerce - eCo First XML Based eCommerce First eCommerce Privacy Initiative, TRUSTe First Secure Payment Card Transaction, SET 2003 - Beyond Business Service Networks 1997 – 2002 eMarketplaces

  19. An Evolving Vision eCommerce Next Generation Internet for Real-Time Business Business Services Networks 1997 – 2002 eMarketplaces 2003 - Beyond Business Service Networks

  20. Business Service Network Project Tenets • Business Model - A BSN project will provide significant ROI for all participants and create one or more new "business services" which can be added to a shared "business services" grid. The projects will also give participants insight into how to market and sell a subscription based "business service." • Participation - The effort at hand requires collective action and is primarily an industry-focused initiative. The project is truly open (i.e.: No single vendor or channel master or gatekeeper) and open to multi-participants. • Funding - CommerceNet will provide project seed funding, but expects other participants to help sponsor the project. CommerceNet may also invest in potential commercial opportunities created by the project. • Technology - The projects can validate emerging Web Services approaches, standards, and technologies. The pilots will also contribute to some aspect of the eCo II architecture and consist of a mix of mature and unproven technologies.

  21. Current and Recent Projects • Business Implications of Web Services.CommerceNet and The State of California's Next Generation Internet (NGI) Program will uncover the impact that Web services can have on business, including easier integration, the potential for savings in time and cost, and the importance of increased capabilities.(http://www.commerce.net/news/2002/121002.html) • Device.Net Project.Device.Net aims to address business processes will encompass these connected devicesthese, capitalizing on the most recent advancements in web services technologies. (http://www.commerce.net/projects/devicenet/index.html) • Integrated Catalog Service Project. CommerceNet has brought together Stanford University and ONCE (formerly the Global Trading Web Association) to create a global B2B service that allows sellers to publish product catalog data once across a federation of marketplaces and gives buyers customized views across a wide range of sellers. (http://www.commerce.net/projects/ics/index.html) • Global Trade Management (GTM).Global Trade Management is a set of initiatives focused on proof of concept pilots in the financial services sector. (http://www.commerce.net/ )

  22. Supplier Services SME Supplier Adoption Services BSN www.commerce.net/supplier_services

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