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Overview. The National Interagency Incident Management System Wildland Fire Qualifications System Guide, PMS 310-1: ( thus referred to simply as NWCG 310-1)

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  • The National Interagency Incident Management System Wildland Fire Qualifications System Guide, PMS 310-1: (thus referred to simply as NWCG 310-1)
  • Key Driver: all members of NWCG required to comply in support of National Response Framework (NFR) and National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • USFSPolicy: one part of USFS F&A Quals Guidedefers back to NWCG Position Task Book Completion as part of position qualification process

NWCG: establishes numerous basic wildland fire standards for all membership agencies

A few examples:

Fireline Handbook

Incident Response Pocket Guide

Incident Business Management Handbook

310-1 Wildland Fire Qualifications System Guide

This includes the Position Task Book (PTB) Design and Use

history lesson
History Lesson

310-1 & Taskbooks system started in 1993

There have been 8 revisions since 1993 (moving target)

310-1 establishes minimum position standards for:

Required Training

Prerequisite Experience

Fitness Levels

USFS Fire & Aviation Qualification Guide (9 revisions since 1993)is based on 310-1, but has additional agency specific requirements.

(Anthony & Greg will address this issue)

position task book ptb
Position Task Book (PTB)


USFS Fire & Aviation Qualification Guide

Chapter 2, pt 1:

“ The successful completion of a position task book during the appropriate number of evaluation assignments is the indicator of qualification.”

Performance based system. Individuals evaluated on demonstrated abilities related to the incident assigned to each time out.

why ptbs
Why PTBs

Key Drivers on Limitations:

No focus from NWCG or USFS to train people on the PTB system.

Criteria to be a “good” PTB evaluator?

Criteria for “quality” assignments?

In effect for 20 yrs, people at all levels still confused.

All Risk direction has diluted specific fireline performance requirements

(TLFD has 48 tasks, 4 W & 3 W/RX = 14%)

Higher level positions need higher complexity incidents

Busy vs Slow season, Local/Regional/National

Availability to take assignments off forest