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Color occurs when light in different wavelengths strikes our eyes. Objects have no color of their own, only the ability to reflect a certain wavelength of light back to our eyes. As you know, color can vary in differing circumstances. For example, grass can appear gray in the morning or evening or bright green at noon.


Colors appear different depending on whether you view them under incandescent, florescent or natural sunlight. Colors also change according to their surroundings. You can see this by looking at the color squares below - the reddish outline box is the same color in all the examples.




Yellow Orange

Yellow Green



Blue Green

Red Orange



Red Violet

Blue Violet



Primary pigment colors - red, yellow and blue. All other colors are derived from these three hues.

  • Secondary pigment colors - green, orange and purple are created by mixing the primary colors.
  • Tertiary colors - yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green are the colors created

by mixing the secondary


color and space
Color and Space
  • Certain colors have an advancing or receding quality, based on how our eye has to adjust to see them. Warm colors such

as red, orange or yellow seem to

come forward while

cool colors such

as blue and green seem to recede slightly.

color schemes
Color Schemes
  • Monochromatic-This color scheme involves the use of only one hue. The hue can vary in value, and black or white may be added to

create various shades or tints.

  • Analogous-This color scheme involves

the use of colors that are located adjacent on the color wheel. The hues may vary in value. The color scheme for this site is analogous, with the colors varying only slightly from each other.


Complementary-This color scheme involves the use of colors that are located opposite on the color wheel such as red and green, yellow and purple, or orange and blue. Complementary colors produce a very exciting, dynamic pattern. 

creating your own c olor w heel
Creating Your Own Color Wheel
  • Pick any shape(triangle, square, star, butterfly, or a cross). Whatever shape floats your boat. Hey, your

shape could be

a boat.

You will use this shape as for the 12 colors on your wheel.

  • Use the circle cutouts have created to make a perfect circle on your paper. Make sure to center your circle on the page!
  • Draw 12 of your shapes equally spaced around your circle.
  • For each primary and secondary color be sure to make your shape come forward and go backwards for your tint and shade.
  • You will be given the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. Fill every fourth shape space with one of these three colors.

Next mix each primary with another primary to create the three secondary colors. 1+1=2

  • Then mix each primary with the each secondary color to its left and its right to create the 6 tertiary colors. 1+2=3
  • Use the white and black you were given to mix one tint and one shade for each primary and secondary color.
  • Now you can put it on the drying rack to dry, but don’t forget your name on the back!
  • After it is dry, go around each shape using a black Sharpie marker.

Now you have your very own color wheel!