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assonautica italiana


Established in December 1971, thanks to an initiative of numerous Italian Chambers of Commerce with the aim of promoting and supporting the development of recreational boating and boat tourism, is now composed of 2 Regional and 43 Provincial districts (along with their pertaining Chambers of Commerce), UNIONCAMERE (the National Association of Chambers of Commerce), UCINA (the Association of Boat Building Industry) and The Centre “G.TAGLIACARNE” (Economic Research Center).

Assonautica soon will be abroad with AssonauticaEuromediterranea developing recreational boating and tourism among Europe and the Mediterranean. 


Being the Chambers of Commerce System’s operating arm regarding the Sea Economy subject, developing the economical promotion of recreational boating and boat tourism

Engaging operators, professional associations and people interested in this development since the boat tourism is considered an essential asset to our economical system.

Working as a connection and mediation between public and private spheres.

Being an authoritative spokesman for the nautical consumer base by pursuing a policy of services, training, communication, innovation and participation.

assonautica puglia


Established in 2002, Assonautica Puglia is composed of the 5 Provincial Associations of Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto along with their pertaining Chambers of Commerce.

It answers to its charter member, Unioncamere Puglia the Regional Associations of Chambers of Commerce.


Performing as a regional-wide propelling action, stipulating agreements with regional authorities and organizations. An action essentially based on creativity and planning both oriented to appraise the natural assets of a Region with 800 km of coastline.

Contributing to the promotion and development of the national objectives and goals

Working and supporting, in collaboration with the regional Chambers of Commerce System, the coordination of the provincial associations’ activities.

upcoming projects


In cooperation with Puglia dal Mare (the nautical department agency of Regione Puglia), Unioncamere Puglia and DistrettoProduttivodellaNautica da Diporto(representing more then 140 regional companies in the range of the Sea Economy)

We have developed 4 experiential and sustainable tourism projects which aim at the revalorisation of the nautical world.

Simple and smart: promoting and matching two typical regional “pleasures”, boat sailing and territorial culinary delights.


Selecting and promoting regional excellences: culinary delights, handicraft items and tourism.

Ourpromotionalprojectduringfairs, exhibitions, boat shows, conferences, eventsand regattas.

Assonauticaitaliana takes actively part with its own devices, stands and corners where it organizes introductions, happy hours and expo shows.

The sailors, like their Greek ancestors in the past used to do in the name of friendship and cultural change, carry these products: harbour to harbourspreading the knowledge of their land, cultural heritage and territorial excellence. They become “territorial Ambassadors”

All the departments of Assonautica are involved: producers, medias, helping the exchange of information and products’ trading.


Experiential tourism offer aboard a Gulet- traditional Turkish boat - that combines perfectly the equipment of a regatta boat with the high comfort of a sailing ship.

From the North to the South, it will cover various emotional journeys diversifying this offer from the classic “cruising holiday”

The customer becomes a crew member- learning from qualified sailors the main secrets of this discipline - and food taster of regional  culinary delights thanks to certified chefs and sommeliers

Professional photographer and video-maker will provide a photo book of the “PUGLIA2SEA” experience. Galleries and videos will also be available online.

The Gulet’sroute will be followed on a virtual map by a tracking GPS.

Booking and information available on website and smartphone’sApp


Three hours of total relax sailing in the enchanting framework of Puglia’s coastline.

Sailing time at the sunset or a pleasant swimming in our crystal clear waters, enjoying a food taste of regional culinary delights selected by certified chefs and sommeliers.

Having at your disposal a crew of experienced sailors members of the F.I.V’s (Italian Sailing Federation) that will take care of the security and elucidate all the secrets of this discipline and the sea culture

Aprofessional photographer and video maker will provide to all customers a photo book of the “APULIA WINE&WIND” experience. Galleries and videos available online.

Booking available by phone, on our website or through the APULIA WINE & WIND mobile app


A dynamic- smart- safe direct nautical rental service, organized and managed trough an online booking operating system and a smart phone App.

All the boats are guaranteed by the AssonauticaAuthority

How it works:

Step 1.The Ship Owner, goes to the website, inserts his offer and the boat’s features

Step 2. The Assonautica’sAuthorityaccepts it after accurately inspecting the boat and evaluating the offer. Boats are inspected every 6 months

Step 3.The Usercan browse the different offers online or on his phone and once decided contacts directly the Ship Owner and negotiate the charter with him.


Sea & Land Blog Trip – June 2013

10 Travel Influencers (bloggers, photographers, video-makers, social media stars)

1 week in the lovely Province of Brindisi, in the sunnyheel of Italy

Enjoyingour Sea & Land:

  • 1 Food & Wine Festival
  • Biking Itineraries
  • Nature and Seaside
  • Sailing on board of the Brindisi – Corfuregatta, becoming part of the crew!
  • 1 Event in Corfu(Greece)

Brindisi is MY Destination


Destination Marketing Platform

  • Residents are the best Ambassadors of a Destination!
  • Geo-localizedpostsuploaded on a Map of the Province of Brindisi
  • Interaction with Social Networks
  • Local Guide written by Locals

Brindisi is MY Destination




Fair WindsEverybody!

Giorgio Attolini

Emma Taveri