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Points of Interest . Presented to Mission Beach Community Association by Councillor Jennifer Downs. 9 th August, 2011. If you did any of these things today:. Had a cup of tea Enjoyed a shower Flushed the toilet Drove to work or school Went to the library Stood in a bus shelter

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points of interest
Points of Interest
  • Presented to Mission Beach Community Association by Councillor Jennifer Downs.
  • 9th August, 2011.
if you did any of these things today
If you did any of these things today:
  • Had a cup of tea
  • Enjoyed a shower
  • Flushed the toilet
  • Drove to work or school
  • Went to the library
  • Stood in a bus shelter
  • Put something in the bin
  • Played at the park
foreshore management
Foreshore Management
  • Submission for $4.1 million submitted
  • Coconut Management – as previous – removal of dangerous palms only – as assessed by Arborists. Re-plantings as required by multiple species.
  • Coastal Stewardship Program. Looking for expressions of community interest – timed to commence just prior to wet season. Form was emailed to all groups.
  • Also Management Plan for Wheatley Creek in process.
bridges visual amenity and other matters
Bridges, Visual Amenity and other matters…
  • Wheatley’s Creek Bridge and new bikeway bridge timed to occur concurrently to provide efficiencies….estimated completion November. Wheatley Creek Bridge Closure from 31st August.
  • Woollies roundabout nearing completion
  • Commercial Heights corner – design being drawn up.
  • No allocation in budget for Streetscaping, however, work is progressing on new Planning Scheme for Cassowary Coast.
community recovery
Community Recovery
  • Community Recovery Advisory Group meets to check on communications to residents. Judy Heath of Mission Beach is local rep on this group. Advisory Group only.
  • New newsletter with printers – due out 3rd week August.
  • Work continuing on progressing insurance claims for community infrastructure – massive task.
waste news
Waste News.
  • $35 per tonne State Govt. Waste Levy – on Commercial and Industrial waste, and Construction and Demolition waste (disaster demolition waste exempt). Municipal Solid Waste exempt. i.e. householder Wheelie Bins
  • Timed to start 1st December, 2011. Compounding effect of Carbon Tax will add significant costs to managing waste.
  • Investigating composting strategies within Waste Review Strategy. (can reduce as much as 50% from the waste stream).
cassowary coast regional council

Cassowary Coast Regional Council

2011/12 Budget Highlights

general overview
General Overview
  • Revenue base affected by limited growth, impacts of cyclone & constrained govt funding
  • Financial pressures include:
    • Wage & salary costs (negotiating new EB)
    • Increases in electricity & insurance costs
    • Funding needs for asset mtce & renewal
    • Altered NDRRA arrangements for day labour costs
    • Additional debt repayments for loan borrowings
rating issues
Rating Issues
  • Annual valuation by DERM– no significant changes but some individual impacts from site values
  • No changes to differential rating structure
  • Legislative requirement to complete integration of rating structure this year, applies to separate rates in former council areas
  • Separate rates apply to all properties
  • Former levies replaced by a Transport Infrastructure levy & an Environmental Management levy
rates charges
Rates & Charges
  • General rates increase by approx 3.8%
  • Minimum general rate increased from $932 to $968
  • Increases will not be uniform due to new valuations
  • Sewerage charges increased based on scheme requirements, Innisfail 9.8%, Mission Beach 5.1%, Tully 9.1%
  • Water charges increased by approx 5%
  • Garbage charges – no increase in Northern area and reduction of $20 in southern area
rates charges cont d
Rates & Charges Cont’d
  • Separate levies applied uniformly across the region:
    • Transport Infrastructure levy $97 per assessment
    • Environmental management levy $147.30 per assessment
    • Replaces previous road levy, waste management levy & environment levy applied in former council areas
  • Council Pensioner remission continues to be a maximum of $300
  • 15% discount on general rates paid within 30 days
  • Overall increase in rates & charges approx 3.94% compared to last year, increases will not be uniform due to separate levies
highlights corporate services
Highlights – Corporate Services
  • $145K to conduct 2012 council elections
  • $40K to establish customer service function at Cardwell Library
  • $800K for replacement of current core software system with new system – One Business solution
  • $250K to redesign and replace part of roof – Tully Civic Centre
  • $100K to install generator – Tully Civic Centre
  • $100K to undertake refurbishment of office layout – Tully Civic Centre
highlights works
Highlights - Works
  • $6.228M ontransport management activities
  • $47.956M on asset repair & restoration under NDRRA, including $30M to commence works from Cyclone Yasi
  • $500K for improvements to Innisfail & Tully depots
  • $14.747M for rehab & improvement works as follows:
    • $6.214M for roadworks
    • $7.561M for bridges (includes completion of Jubilee Bridge)
    • $972K for pathway works
  • $2.8M for upgrade of marine facilities - $2.75M for upgrade of sections of Flying Fish Point Rock wall
highlights community services
Highlights – Community Services
  • $633K for tourism activities including operation of VICs
  • $1.507M for operation of Library services
  • $849K for cleaning & mtce of public conveniences
  • $357K for operation & mtce of public swimming pools
  • $180K for improvements to Tully aerodrome
  • $1.285M for completion of Theodore St units, Tully
  • $100K for upgrading works – Frogs Hollow, Mission Beach
  • $100K for purchase of retractable seating – Innisfail Shire hall
highlights parks natural environment
Highlights – Parks & Natural Environment
  • $1.813M for park & open space management
  • $783K for management of natural environment, including $499K for land & pest management
  • $145K for upgrade/replacement of park assets including:
    • $30K for replacement of play equipment at Tom Johnston Park
    • $100K for upgrade of day use area at Bingil Bay
  • $110K for replacement of footbridge over Midge Creek, Lugger Bay on Kennedy Walking track
  • $75K for improvements at Goondi Bend Sporting complex
highlights water
Highlights - Water
  • $10.23M to complete upgrade works on Innisfail Water Treatment Plant
  • $250K for completion of works on Fenby gap reservoir
  • $310K for completion of works on new water intake – Bulgun Creek
  • $150K for design of 250mm trunk water main from Innisfail WTP
  • $100K to install flow meters - Innisfail
  • $92K for renewal & replacement of water infrastructure in southern water supply area
highlights sewerage
Highlights - Sewerage
  • $22.945M for completion of the Innisfail Sewerage Treatment Plant (partially carryover funding)
  • $2M for continuation of works for Cardwell Sewerage Scheme
  • $1.6M to undertake Stage 2 of Tully sewerage upgrade
  • $455K for renewal & replacement of sewers & manholes – Innisfail & $408K for Tully
  • $500K for replacement of sewerage pump station no.16 – Innisfail
  • $200K for renewal of sewerage pump station Wildsoet St, Tully
highlights planning environment
Highlights – Planning & Environment
  • $765K for costs associated with environmental health functions
  • $355K for animal management & control activities
  • $593K for environmental protection activities
  • $948K for general planning operations
  • $247K for strategic planning activities including development of the new Planning Scheme
  • $518K for building & plumbing/drainage assessment, inspection & enforcement activities
highlights waste management
Highlights – Waste Management
  • $100K to undertake development of a new waste management strategy for region
  • $680K for waste collection activities & $1.474M for waste disposal activities in northern part of region
  • $465K for waste collection activities & $1.354M for waste disposal activities in southern part of region
  • $100K for landfill remediation activities
  • $45K for improvements at Stoters Hill Waste landfill & $60K for improvements to Tully Waste landfill
budget summary operating
Budget Summary - Operating
  • Total Revenue - $120.8M
  • Total Expenses - $111.8M
    • Wages - $23. 2M
    • Material & Services - $68.9M
    • Depreciation - $17.6M
    • Finance Costs - $2.1M
  • Surplus of $9M due to timing issues with recovery of expenses from 2010/11 for NDRRA works – Cyclone Yasi
budget summary capital
Budget Summary - Capital
  • Total Capital Works & Debt Redemption - $70.18M
  • Includes significant carryover works from 2010/11 Budget for major capital projects
  • Works includes:
    • $15.13M for roads, bridges & pathways
    • $29.49M for sewerage
    • $12.18M for water
    • $4.58M for community facilities, buildings & depots
    • $6M for other capital works
    • $2.8M for debt redemption
capital summary cont d
Capital Summary Cont’d
  • Proposed funding for capital program:
    • Grants & Subsidies - $33.25M
    • Council revenue, carryover funding & Reserves - $31.98M
    • Loans - $2.48M
    • Developer contributions - $2.47M