internship 21 1 2 5 2014
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Internship 21/1-2/5-2014

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Internship 21/1-2/5-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internship 21/1-2/5-2014. Child Connection Trust Supervisor: Eva Scherer Internship: Anna Hansson. Thank you Eva!.

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internship 21 1 2 5 2014


Child Connection Trust

Supervisor: Eva Scherer

Internship: Anna Hansson

thank you eva
Thank you Eva!
  • I will start to say Thank You for accepting me as your first internship in your organisation! It has been an really good and intensive journey with you. When I arrived at the airport I felt that it was just a beginning of something big. And I had right, it was big. And with that I mean with everything. I have learned so much and you have opened up so many doors for me. You have let me meat so many knew people and I am very grateful for that. I have also learned more about my self and other people.
airport 21 1 2014
Airport 21/1-2014

When I arrived to Auckland the journey had just started.

I was so excited and I could feel that so was you to.

You and your daughter Suza picked me up and we went straight away to Kawai Purapura.

Auckland, NZ

kawai purapura
Kawai Purapura

It was a beautiful place and I had a really good feeling when we arrived.

We didn’t take it easy from the beginning, it was a knew place, knew job and of course internship.

course children massages children 22 1 23 1 2014
Course Children massages children 22/1-23/1-2014

It was 2 days of learning and practice.

The course gave me a really good start of my internship.


Thank you for bringing me to Devonport in the beginning of my internship. It was a very good day with nice weather and I learned me a lot.

raw food at kawai purapura
Raw food at kawaipurapura

One of Shared Meal in Woofer's kitchen.

We had a really good meal how Brian made on Tuesdays at KP. (February)

familywork in hendersen
Familywork in hendersen

You and I went to visit Ian at Familywork in Hendersen.

It was a interesting meeting, and he explained a little about how you can do to help families.

February, 12/2-2014

happy valentines day at kp
Happy valentines day at kp

Shared meal

And dancing

February, 14/2-2014 <3

eva had a presentation in woman club
Eva had a presentation in woman club

It was a really nice evening and nice food.

Eva did a presentation about what children need..after the presentation we practice CMC.

my little house in kp
My little house in kp

It felt that I was in the forest

Here I stayed from February to April. Colin and Eva helped me to install a office with a real computer. We had plenty of meetings here and I learned a lot.

eko festival february 21 22 2
Eko festival february 21-22/2

One Workshop with drums

Evas Workshop, CMC

toodlers day out
Toodlers day out

Pacific Islands women from Tonga helped us with some nice clothes!

So nice picture, I just love it!

Thank you for a very inspiring day Eva.

bruce lipton
Bruce lipton

Wow, that was a good lecture. He touched my heart.

His lector was about our journey in life and that our life is not so hard live if we dont;’t complicated it so much. He talked about the honeymoon effect. 5/3-2014

one three hill
One three hill

You showed me the park in one three hill. It was a very nice park with a lot of people and a nice vieu.

pasifika festival
Pasifika festival

Eva took me to Pacifica Festival here in Auckland. It was something about every pacific Island, plenty of food, dancing and children how was drumming.

A memory for my life!


foster care keyassets
Foster care, keyassets

You gave me the opportunity to go for a 2 days course in foster care. Here I could compare with my skills from Sweden and I learned a lot about how they work anfd think here in NZ in social service. Thank you again Eva.

They had a nice sculpture inside.


massey university
Massey university

I went to a lecture about how it is to work with different group as a Social worker. It was nice to meat students how is reading SW here at the University.

The lecture was very interesting, and I learned a lot again!

howick museum
Howick museum

It was a good day in Howick museum and I learned a lot of the history here in NZ

We also went to school that day.

presentation at ymca
Presentation at ymca

My first presentation was about “understanding Parental Bonding”

My presentation felt so natural, and I am so happy that I could do this presentation. It was one of my biggest goal with this internship. Wow, what a day!

auckland city hostel
Auckland city, hostel

My last week I spend here in Auckland city in the old city.

Thank you Eva for all the help with my accommodation here in NZ during my internship. You have been very help full!

thank you again eva
Thank you again eva

It have been a really good internship, thank you so much!

I wish you all luck with your book and with all your good job you do for the children and families. I hope we work with projects in the future!