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Internship Report

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Internship Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internship Report. A report on the Internship done at Saath Charitable Trust. By Shalini Pal Roll no. : 644 Batch 2014 4 th January 2012. OBJECTIVES To facilitate access to government or private services, facilities and information to the urban and rural poor.

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Internship Report

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A report on the Internship done at

SaathCharitable Trust

By Shalini Pal

Roll no. : 644

Batch 2014

4thJanuary 2012



  • To facilitate access to government or private services, facilities and information to the urban and rural poor.
  • To build the capacity for women and youth and link them with markets and jobs
  • To provide market based solutions to each member of a vulnerable family.

Its Reach

Reaches more than

1.5 Lakh Households

in Gujarat and Rajasthan


Aim of the Internship

  • To secure a challenging, full time position in an NGO that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and competitive
  • To be able to deliver to the bottom-line in whatever work I do
  • To understand the dynamics of the society that one day we would ply our trade in

My role as an Intern

  • Appointed to work for their RDC team that deals with Research, Documentation and Communication required for the organization.
  • Made visits to the areas and districts where Saathworks
  • Wrote case studies for them
  • Voluntary work
  • Organized a few visits.

Task 1

Website Profile


Task 2



Task 3

Case Studies

Visit to Saath Cooperative, Behrampura

Visit to Saath Cooperative, Juhapura

Visit to Saath Cooperative, Vasna


Task 4

Visits Organized

Visit by IIM students

Visit by Mahindra United World School

Visit by Journeys for Change


Task 5

Blog Updates


Task 6

Editing and Creating Reports

  • Proofread and edited a research report made on Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence program; got it printed and distributed as well.
  • Wrote 2 monthly reports for Project ‘U’, one comprising of only statistical data and other one was an overall detailed report
  • Helped them a little with annual report as well

Task 7


  • Assigned the job of making a brand new presentation for Saath Charitable Trust with new updated content which can be shown to people visiting Saath office.

Task 8

Voluntary Work

  • Teaching the children at Balghar Distributing stationery to children Children reciting poem

Interacting with the children Helping children write on their slates

Teaching children how to write


Challenges Faced

  • Getting correct information on time from several sources, while writing content for the newsletters and website profile
  • It was little tough, time consuming and tiring to find villages located on the outskirts of the city while developing case studies
  • Managing and coordinating the entire visit alone
  • Teaching and handling children between the age group of 3-6 years was also challenging

New Things Learnt

  • Improved upon my writing skills
  • Learnt how to make official reports (statistical as well as summarized reports)
  • Learnt Newsletter writing
  • Practically learnt Event Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management


  • Saath has the potential to expand in other villages and states and should look forward to this in the upcoming year.
  • They need to upgrade and improve upon some of the programs that they are running, like one of the CFS centers was poorly maintained and more than 30 children were accommodated along with the teacher in a very small room. These things should be taken into consideration and the children should be provided with better facilities.
  • Regular visits should be made to the villages they work in, in order to make sure that things are in place and administered properly.


  • Gave me a better insight into the present situation of the society that we live in and taught me how we can help the needy people in our society through simple steps
  • Offered me platform to showcase the skills that I acquired in college as well as in my life and positively helped me throughout my internship
  • Provided me with hands on practical experience about the kind of work that is expected from an employee in the office and the level of standard that the current market demands
  • Taught me how to overcome challenges that I faced during the internship and how to take over a project all by myself