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Journal Entry:

Journal Entry:

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Journal Entry:

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  1. Journal Entry: List 5 traditionally male tools. Then list 5 traditional female tools. How do they differ? Why do you think of these things? Explain.

  2. Battle of the Sexes!

  3. Question for the Boys Remove rough skin • What do you use a pumice stone for?

  4. Question for the Girls Solids • In a game of pool, which balls are the low numbers, solids or stripes?

  5. Question for the Boys The Train • What do you call the long back section of a dress that trails along the floor?

  6. Question for the Girls A Screw • What would us use a Philip’s Head on?

  7. Question for the Boys Calvin Klein • In the fashion world, what do the initials CK stand for?

  8. Question for the Girls Detroit Lions • The Dallas Cowboys and what other NFL team play every Thanksgiving?

  9. Question for the Boys Edward Cullen • In the book, Twilight, who is the love interest of Bella Swan?

  10. Question for the Girls Six • How many Rocky movies are there?

  11. Question for the Boys Apples • What fruit comes in the following varieties: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Fuji?

  12. Question for the Girls Football • What sport would you be playing if you “ran the option?”

  13. Question for the Boys Pedicure • What is the equivalent of a manicure for the toes?

  14. Question for the Girls Corvette • What kind of car is this?

  15. Question for the Boys Handwriting • Calligraphy is a style of what?

  16. Question for the Girls Nascar Racing • Which sport is Jeff Gordon associated with?

  17. Question for the Boys girls just want to have fun • What is the name of this 80’s song sung by Cyndi Lauper?

  18. Question for the Girls Urinals • What do boys’ bathrooms have that girls’ bathrooms don’t?

  19. Question for the Boys Friendship • What does a yellow rose signify?

  20. Question for the Girls Zamboni • This resurfaces ice hockey and skating rinks, what is it called?

  21. Question for the Boys A Loofah • What do you call a rough textured sponge designed to massage and remove dead skin?

  22. Question for the Girls Ferrari • What major car company uses a prancing horse as it’s trademark?

  23. Question for the Boys Ross • On the TV series Friends which character wrecked his own wedding by calling his bride the wrong name?

  24. Question for the Girls The uprights • What’s another name for the goalposts in football?

  25. Question for the Boys Cuticle • What do you call the piece of skin at the base of your finger or toe nail?

  26. Question for the Girls 50/50 Grind • In skateboarding what is it called when you ride on a rail?

  27. Question for the Boys Ballet • What would you be doing if you were wearing points?

  28. Question for the Girls Stud Finder • What is this?

  29. Question for the Boys Eyelash Curler • What is this called?

  30. Question for the Girls 1st Baseman • Who wears this glove in baseball?

  31. Question for the Boys 1920 • In this year, woman finally got the right to vote in the United States.

  32. Question for the Girls Float, Sinker, Lure • If you're sport fishing, often you have a lure that floats, but you want it to be slightly under the water. From the fishing rod towards the end of the line, what is the correct order of lure, float, and sinker?

  33. Question for the Boys Harriet Tubman • This woman led the "Underground Railroad" which helped slaves during the reconstruction make their way to free states. • Maya Angelou • Susan B. Anthony • Harriet Tubman • Harriet Beecher Stowe

  34. Question for the Girls Knife • Jim Bowie, who died at the Alamo, had a brother who invented a famous what?

  35. Question for the Boys edges get soft and less defined • What happens when lipstick "feathers"?

  36. Question for the Girls Curly • Complete this trio of boyhood heros. Moe, Larry and…

  37. Question for the Boys Stiletto • What is the slimmest type of heel on a shoe?

  38. Question for the Girls Trout • Rainbow, brown, brook, and steelheads are types of what?

  39. Question for the Boys Tankini • What is a cross between a one-piece and a bikini?

  40. Question for the Girls Your Back • If you are picking up a heavy weight from the floor, after bending your knees, what is essential you keep straight to avoid injury?

  41. Question for the Boys Apple • Where on the face is the main place for blush to be applied? • Apple • Jaw line • Upper Eye line • Chin

  42. Question for the Girls Spark Plugs • Bosch, NGK, and Champion are brands of what?

  43. Question for the Boys Jane Austen • Who wrote these books: • Pride and Prejudice • Sense and Sensibility • Persuasion • Emma

  44. Question for the Girls Coat, pants, vest • In the USA a three piece suit consists of what?

  45. Question for the Boys Ken • What is Barbie’s boyfriend’s name?

  46. Question for the Girls A Tie • A windsor knot would be found on what?

  47. Question for the Boys Sugar, spice, and all things nice • What are little girls made of?

  48. Question for the Girls 2-Stroke • Pre-mix fuel goes into what type of motor?

  49. Question for the Boys Madonna • Who was the Material Girl?

  50. Question for the Girls Baseball • The term "Drop the Ball" is a slang term meaning to fail in one's responsibilities. Which of the following predominantly male sport does it come from?