are parents always the ones to turn to n.
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Are Parents Always the Ones to Turn to? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are Parents Always the Ones to Turn to?

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Are Parents Always the Ones to Turn to? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are Parents Always the Ones to Turn to?. Pre Med Advice By: Monzer Haj-Hamed. Pre-Med Route. Challenging and tough Very competitive

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are parents always the ones to turn to

Are Parents Always the Ones to Turn to?

Pre Med Advice

By: Monzer Haj-Hamed

pre med route
Pre-Med Route
  • Challenging and tough
  • Very competitive
  • The students who wish to apply to medical school are faced with a chaotic procedure that only gets more challenging and complicated as time goes. (Walton 1994).
a question arises
A question arises…
  • Well if it’s tough to get into medical school and it’s only getting tougher, then…

Who should students turn to for sponsorship in pre-med?

Theory: Students need to turn to their professors and their advisors for pre-med advice, sponsorship, and literacy.

world summit on medical education
World Summit on Medical Education
  • School professors from general sciences (bio, chem, phys) and physicians met and drafted a curriculum that pre-med students should accomplish (Walton 1994).
  • This means that students need to turn to professors for pre-med literacy
american psychological association
American Psychological Association
  • The APA says medical school students should accept students who display intelligence and that intelligence is displayed through scholastic success, e.g the Medical College Admission Test-MCAT (Tutton 2002).
  • MCAT is based on physical sciences which are taught by the same professors who attended the World Summit.
dr stephen manuel asst dean of admissions at uc medical school
Dr. Stephen Manuel, Asst. Dean of Admissions at UC Medical School
  • A good candidate for medical school would have a strong background in research, clinical experience, and academic achievement. Students also should refer to advisors for help
  • Research is usually conducted by the same professors who teach the students physical sciences
    • This further proves the point that students need to turn to professors for pre-med literacy
charlie scruggs pre professional advising center ppac
Charlie Scruggs, Pre-Professional Advising Center (PPAC)
  • Most students end up focusing too much on academic achievements and display a weakness in their desire to pursue medicine
  • To fix this, students need to get involved in research, shadowing, and experiential learning
  • To get help with this, students need to turn to their pre-med advisors for the initial framework, then focus on everything else
conclusions on what the professionals have to say
Conclusions on what the professionals have to say…
  • Dr. Manuel, Medical Education Summit, and American Psychology Association:
    • College professors can provide valuable insight and opportunities for pre-med students to better their resumes
  • Charlie Scruggs and Dr. Manuel
    • Students should always see an advisor before taking any step forward in their pre-med career
field research what the students have to say
Field Research: What the students have to say…
  • Ten random students, varying gender and race surveyed
  • All students said they get sponsorship from parents or themselves
    • None used their professors
    • The sponsorship they obtained from parents was mainly aid in their coursework. This confirms Charlie’s statement that students focus too much on academic achievement
  • The anti-sponsors varied from themselves to their friends and financial reasons
  • Students feel that the best people to turn to for sponsorship are themselves or their parents
  • The professionals believe strongly that students need to turn to professors and advisors for sponsorship
  • The anti-sponsors include students themselves, friends, and financial reasons
appendix a survey questions
Appendix A: Survey Questions
  • Why are you studying pre-med?
    • Money
    • To help people
    • The body interests you
    • Other____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Who is the ideal example of what you are trying to become?
    • _____________________________________________________
  • Who do you see as your sponsor? Why? (helps you whether it be educationally or financially?)
    • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Does anything harm you or hinder your quest to complete Pre-Med?
    • If yes, what? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • How do you see your pre-med peers? (e.g acquaintances, enemies, etc.)
    • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
appendix b interview questions
Appendix B: Interview Questions
  • From what you have heard from your students, what do you think they focus on the most when trying to get into medicine?
  • What should they focus on instead?
  • Who do you think students should turn to for sponsorship in pre-med literacy? Why?
  • Is there anything around that can anti-sponsor them or harm them in their quest?
  • How should students interact with each other?
works cited
Works Cited
  • Manuel, Stephen. Advising appointment. 4 April 2012.
  • Scruggs, Charlie. Personal interview. 29 May 2012.
  • Tutton, P., & Price, M. (2002). Selection of medical students. British Medical Journal, 324(7347), 1170-1.
  • Walton, H. J. (1994), World summit on medical education and continuing education. J. Contin. Educ. Health Prof., 15: 40–47. doi: 10.1002/chp.4750150106
the end
The End

A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.-Horace Mann