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Talon Technology Deployment Proposal

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Talon Technology Deployment Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Talon Technology Deployment Proposal. St. John Vianney High School. Technology Committee Goals.

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Talon Technology Deployment Proposal

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talon technology deployment proposal

Talon Technology Deployment Proposal

St. John Vianney High School

technology committee goals
Technology Committee Goals
  • The Technology Program at St. John Vianney High School will help provide a motivating and stimulating learning environment to promote student achievement in which technology has both a supporting and transparent role.
  • Identify a solution to improve student access to necessary technologies;
  • Identify and plan for a long term budget commitment to technology;
  • Create a 21st century learning environment ;
  • Determine Vianney’s position on student/family-provided 1-to-1 vs. VHS-provided student devices.
  • Keys and Goals of Technology at Vianney
    • Accessibility
    • Reliability
    • Curriculum Enhancement
where vianney is headed
Where Vianney is headed…
  • A new kind of student
  • A new kind of Teacher
  • A new Pedagogy
    • Digital Literacy
    • Media Literacy
    • Global Literacy
  • Upgraded Curriculum
    • Technology infused curriculum
    • Technology expands the possibilities of student learning and teaching .
  • Contemporary Instruction

Current Environment:

  • Currently have 4 fully-functioning, dependable laptop carts
  • 60 dependable desktops in 2 computer laps
  • 9 Academic Departments divided in to 4 Academies


  • Purchase 2 additional “laptop” carts for 2013-14 (est. $30,000)
  • Purchase 2 additional “laptop” carts for 2014-15 (est. $30,000)
  • This would bring the total number of carts to 8, one for each department (PE not included)
  • Total computers=300 by 2014. (240 laptops/60 desktops) nearly 2:1 ratio
  • “Laptops” would be discipline specific based on the department's goals. Ex: Ipads, Macs, Google Chrome books, etc.
  • Opportunity to teach students on a variety of devices(Mac, windows, etc..)
  • Opportunity to grow and enhance our curriculum.
  • Technology would not be in the student’s hands 100% of the time.
  • Likely viewed more favorably than 1-1
  • Vianney would not be committed to one device long-term as via leases and contracts as technology changes.
  • More on-site control vs. BYOD
  • Should help monitor damage better within the departments.
  • More collaboration amongst teachers by departmentalizing the school and having Academies near each other.
more advantages of technology
MORE Advantages of Technology
  • Increases engagement because of immediate excitement, control, and interactivity.
  • Transfer of engagement and interaction can flood into other aspects of the curriculum, especially when deliberately planned by the teacher.
  • Increases classroom teaching and learning time when intrusive routines can be minimized.
  • Increases likelihood of completion of academic work.
curriculum possibilities because of technology
Curriculum Possibilities BECAUSE of Technology
  • Teleplays
  • Podcasting
  • Skype


•Grant Proposals

•Web Pages

•CAD Blueprints

•Web 2.0 Tools

•Video Conferencing in World Languages

•Media Criticism

•Second Life

• Podcasts

  • Video trailers
  • App creation
  • Blogs
  • Text messaging as note taking
  • Facebook
  • 1000 more we could list or DON’T KNOW
administration school commitment
Administration/School Commitment
  • Continued Budgetary support
    • infrastructure and devices
    • Long-range replacement plan
  • Continued Professional Development Support
    • Training
    • Release Time
    • In-House Professional Development, etc.
teacher commitment
Teacher Commitment


  • Each Academy and Department develops a KWL Chart in conjunction with Technology Department to help aid in planning future Professional development
    • Ex: Online, Hardware, software, possibilities, etc.
  • Each teacher completes an individual technology assessment.


  • Each teacher completes the free Google online training modules…..

Summer 2013

  • Each teacher commits 3 days in summer to discipline based technology training.

2013-14 School Year

  • Each teacher will develop 1 technology based units/per course for 2013-14
  • Each teacher commits to 20 additional hours of technology based PD throughout the school year.