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Technology Deployment Plan

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Technology Deployment Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Deployment Plan. Juan Ortega 12/15/09 NTS490. Small Private University. Justification/purpose to deploy biometrics:. The university decided to come to the 21’st century and upgrade the already implemented biometrics. Newer biometrics devices have a higher accuracy rate.

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Technology Deployment Plan

Juan Ortega



Small Private University

Justification/purpose to deploy biometrics:

  • The university decided to come to the 21’st century and upgrade the already implemented biometrics.
    • Newer biometrics devices have a higher accuracy rate.
    • Access-control system
    • Potential for newer biometric devices.
  • The new biometric devices will be used for in various facilities around the campus such as:
    • Resident Halls
    • Athletic facilities
    • Limit dining-hall access
Technology being implemented

Fingerprint Recognition

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Small sized
  • Low power
  • Fairly accurate
  • Easy-to-use

The best biometric device to implement for this specific scenario would be fingerprint recognition.

  • Number of ridges and valleys on the surface of the finger.
  • Ridges are the upper skin layer segments of the finger and valleys are the lower segments.
  • The ridges form so-called minutia points ridge endings.
  • The uniqueness of a fingerprint can be determined by the pattern of ridges and furrows as well as the minutiae points.

Fingerprint biometrics. Retrieved December 15, 2009 from biometricnewsportal Web site:


Because the previous biometric implementation happened in 1972, much of the installation, configuration, and operational processes will need to be modified for this new technology.

  • The previous biometric deployment policy would also need to change, but the main principles will remain, some of them are:
    • Public acceptability
    • Practicality of capture
    • Practicality of deployment
    • ROI

Biometrics Deployment of Machine Readable Travel Documents. Retrieved December 15, 2009 from aclu Web site:

Factors to Deployment

Location of the centralized access-control system.

Total cost and the ROI must be calculated.

Compatibility with the current infrastructure.



Training and user acceptance.

Identify individual tasks

with the installation of equipment/software/hardware

Remove old biometric devices

Identify the locations where a biometric device is needed.

Depending on the device, some need to be screwed as a door handle, while others are just for identification.

If the devices are wireless, a wireless access point needs to be establish prior to the implementation.

Software for identification and verification needs to be installed.

Verification process begins to ensure all equipment and software is installed properly.

  • Installation Plan
    • Make sure everything's installed.
    • Everything’s tested
  • Training Plan
    • Initial user training for the biometric.
  • Communication Plan
    • Clear, timely and consistent communication.
  • Schedule
    • Maintenance
  • Other deployment documents
    • Risk Assessment
    • Deployment Design