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  2. Palm Sunday • On palm Sunday Jesus went to Jerusalem on a donkey, not a posh horse, a donkey. They kept saying “Hossana” The word Hosanna means save us.   They said this because Jesus was helping them and doing amazing things.  They wanted to praise Him, and they wanted Him to keep helping them.

  3. The Temple Jesus went to Gods home (temple) and he saw... Stalls everywhere! Jesus was furious, that furious He knocked the stalls over and shouted “get out!” Everyone got out quickly.

  4. The Last Supper • Before supper Jesus washed the disciples feet. After that Jesus and the 12 disciples ate dinner, the had bread repersented his body and the wine repersented. .

  5. Betrayed • After the last supper , Jesus took his 12 disciples to the garden of gethsenane . Judas came out of know where, then he kissed Jesus on the cheek and soldiers took Jesus away.

  6. Jesus meets Pontius Pilate The soldiers took Jesus to Pontius Pilate the Roman governor . Pilate didn’t want Jesus to die because he didn’t do anything wrong, so he had to do something, So he got the murderer ,Barabbas and got all the people to vote. So he said “who do you want to die” he pointed at Barabbas and everyone booed so he pointed at Jesus and everyone cheered so he had to kill Jesus.

  7. Jesus dies on the cross Jesus had a bad day he has been called names, crown of thorns forced on his head. The soldiers forced him to carry the cross up a steep hill . When Jesus was half way there a kind man helped Jesus carry it up the hill. Jesus was hanged up on the cross with nails on his hands, then he was left there to die. When he was dead they took him to the tomb with a big heavy stone behind it

  8. Risen 3 ladies went to the tomb to pray to Jesus but he weren’t there the stone was rolled away. First Jesus went to his mother to see her then he went to the 12 disciples then Jesus went to heaven

  9. My Poem Christ the Lord is risen to-day! Angels rolled the stone away From the tomb wherein He lay!  Little children, come and sing, "Glory, glory to the King, Christ the Lord of everything!"