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Collaborate, Communicate, Connect

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Collaborate, Communicate, Connect. Leslie Dick CTE Summer Conference 2013. National Consortium for Health Science Education. Our Vision Collaboratively define and advance the framework of health science education Our Mission Provide leadership and professional

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collaborate communicate connect

Collaborate, Communicate, Connect

Leslie Dick

CTE Summer Conference 2013

national consortium for health science education
National Consortium for Health Science Education

Our Vision

  • Collaboratively define and advance the framework of health science education

Our Mission

  • Provide leadership and professional
  • development for health science education through collaboration among education, healthcare industry, policy makers, and professional organizations

Our Core Values

  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Career Development
  • Health Science Framework
  • Standards for Quality
  • Education for Future Health

first day ideas1

Health Science Education Scavenger Hunt

Your class assignment drop box on Gaggle

Please write the correct answer and where the answer was found

(must have where answer was found in order to receive credit – what topic is the answer found on the school website)

When are current event summaries due?

Articles used for the current event assignment cannot be older than……?

What is the class fee?

First Day Ideas
  • Create your own QR codes at
  • Scavenger hunt
    • On your website
  • Get to know you speed dating
  • Small group collage
    • Need magazines, scissors, posterboard,


get to know you bingo
Get to Know You BINGO
  • Find someone who can pat their head and rub their stomach simultaneously. Learn what else they can do.
  • Find someone who might like to be someone from history for a day. Learn what they think it would be like.
  • Find someone who remembers a favorite game from his or her childhood. Learn how to play it.
  • Find someone who has the same size thumb as you do.

Assigned seats based on matching

systems with diseases / structure /


  • Fold the paper in half (width – hamburger style)
  • Now fold it again in the same direction (length – hotdog style)
  • Make an addition fold (width – hamburger style)
  • Open the sheet of paper to half and make one cut (tear) from the folded edge to the first folded line (half way).
  • Open the paper then fold over to form a diamond, then push the sides.
  • Push the sides to form and fold your book.
  • Customize your book at
positions and planes
Positions and Planes
  • Gummy Bear Dissection
    • Materials needed:
      • Large gummy bears work best…2 per student
      • Plastic knife per student (scalpel)
      • Post it note per student (dissecting tray)…2 per student
      • Gloves

Discuss anatomical planes, positions, etc

Have students follow your instructions

to “dissect” one gummy bear then

have them use proper terminology to

lead their partner in dissecting the 2nd


brain and meninges
Brain and Meninges
  • Play-Doh Brains
    • 1 cup water
    • 1/4 cup oil
    • Mixing bowl
    • 3 cup flour
    • 1 cup salt
    • Rubber spatula
    • Food coloring
  • Orange Head
lung capacity
Lung Capacity
  • Total lung capacity activity
    • Large balloons (9” – 15”)
    • String
    • Ruler
    • Calculator
  • Snickers Skin
  • Dear 16 year old me video on YouTube
  • Candy clots
  • Hematocrit tube
  • Heart on the floor
    • Christmas lights = electrical activity
legal and ethical
Legal and Ethical

Medical Ethics Case Studies


Video from You Tube …contract scene from Little Mermaid

medical math
Medical Math
  • Gallon Castle…ppt
  • Metric Mania Hunt
  • Metric Olympics
crime scene
Crime Scene

Murder Scenario

This weekend there was a meeting in my room consisting of Joanne Fevang, David Laughinghouse, Katie Iwanski, Kim Miller, Denise McCulloch, Rachel Rutledge, Haywood Mull and Adam Daniels. Around 10 am I came into my room to work and found the crime scene. The police were called and the area was taped off. You are to assemble in teams of four. The group is to be divided into the following roles: spokesperson, photographer, evidence collector, note taker. You are to investigate and find the following information:

  • Who was murdered
  • Who is the murderer
  • Why was this crime committed
  • When is the time of death
  • You must provide physical evidence supporting your claims...3 pieces of evidence. To collect evidence you must first get a warrant…you need probable cause to ask the judge, Mrs. Dick, for a warrant. You have until the middle of class on Friday to conclude your investigation.
websites apps
Websites - Apps
  • QR codes –
    • url shortener
    • Gives QR code when url is shortened
  • Sockpuppet app for ipad and iphone
  • Educreations (interactive whiteboard) app
  • Story kit app
  • Comic touch app
  • Appshopper (lists free apps)
  • Cramberry (flash cards)
slide17 (3D ppt templates)

  • Drchrono (ipad) app
  • Micromedex drug info app
  • Stop motion app

  • Google drive
  • (online poster)
  • (animated clips)

  • (free website creator)
  • (temporary photo album)
  • (chatroom with no log-in required and limited time open)

Google chrome for faster downloading

  • Khan academy
  • Mayo clinic (click on multimedia) – good for student research
  • Ted Talks –
  • Top 100 tools for learning -
  • Media Presentations –

Word Clouds -

  • Bubble clouds and brain maps -
  • Free technology for teachers -
  • Tools for schools -
  • Enrichment activities –

contact information
Contact Information