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Clue Project Overview

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Clue Project Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clue Project Overview

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  1. Clue Project Overview Jack T, Adam B, Ben I

  2. Information on CLUE Power point • This is a Who did it with what and where

  3. Suspects • Mr. Green • Ms. White • Mrs. Peacock • Cornel Mustard • Professor Plum • Ms. Scarlet • Wadsworth (Butler) • Jesus Worshiper (Man)

  4. Victims • Police Officer • Telegram Lady • Abandoned Car Man • Cook • Yvette • Mr. Body

  5. Death Of Police Officer • When the power went out, Ms. Scarlet knew the Cornel Mustard was now with her, she went downstairs into the study. She wanted to break open the lock to the cabinet that held the weapons, but it was already opened. She took the lead pipe and silently killed the police officer.

  6. Death Of Yvette • When Ms. White was not with her searching partner (Wadsworth) she went downstairs and turned off the power. Then she went to break open the the lock, but it was already open. She took the rope and strangled Yvette.

  7. Death Of Abandoned Car Man • When All of them were hanging by the door to throw the key to the cupboard away. The man with the abandoned car came and asked to use the phone. When they were in the huddle, Mustard took the cupboard key out of Wadsworth’s pocket and he switched it with another one. When they split up into groups, he split up from Mrs. Scarlet, he went and went into the study. Then he opened the cupboard with the key and grabbed the Wrench. Then he went to the conservatory and He went through the secret passage to the lounge and killed the man.

  8. Death of Cook • When they were eating dinner, Mrs. Peacock mentioned that the mea they were having was one of her favorite recipes, The meal, I believe, is not in Washington DC. The cook was the one to tell Mr. Body all of her secrets. Later, when they went to the billiard room to Yvette, Mrs. Peacock ran through the hall into the kitchen and stabbed the cook with the knife.

  9. Death Of Mr. Body • When Mr. Body turned off the lights. Professor Plum tried to shoot the gun at Mr. Body. Then when he found out that he missed he claimed that someone try to steal the gun from him and shot it. He told everyone that he was dead even though he knows he wasn’t dead. When they went to inspect the kitchen for the cook, he stayed back. Mr. Body got up and ran into the hall while being chased by Professor Plum.he killed Mr. Body for real without anyone knowing and threw the body into the bathroom.

  10. Death Of Telegram Lady Mr. Green took the gun from the chandelier during the power outage. He then went to the door when it rang and shot the telegram lady. He did it because he wanted to kill the Abandoned car man but he did not want the lady to interfere with his plans. But then the power went back on and was not able to kill the man in the lounge. Then he threw the gun back under the chandelier to cover his tracks.

  11. Conclusion In conclusion our group thinks that everyone was the killer except for Wadsworth(butler).