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CLUE Framework

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CLUE Framework. Interim September 17, 2013 Mark Duckworth draft-ietf-clue-framework-11. Framework Agenda. Switched captures in multipoint Roles Editorial suggestions #33 Security #35 framework and data model consistency #36 encoding and encoding group parameters

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Presentation Transcript
clue framework

CLUE Framework

Interim September 17, 2013

Mark Duckworth


framework agenda
Framework Agenda
  • Switched captures in multipoint
  • Roles
  • Editorial suggestions
  • #33 Security
  • #35 framework and data model consistency
  • #36 encoding and encoding group parameters
  • #43 remove consumer choice attributes
  • #44 remove detail about ack’ing Advertisement
switched captures next steps
Switched Captures – next steps
  • We still have fundamental open issues regarding an important class of scenarios from the use cases and requirements documents
  • draft-duckworth-clue-switching-example-01 points out some issues, suggests solutions, but still needs work
  • draft-groves-clue-multi-content-00 raises many questions and suggests solutions, but hasn’t had any discussion yet
  • Need more discussion on the email list before updating individual drafts or any working group documents
  • includes tickets #19 and #26
roles next steps
Roles – next steps
  • draft-groves-clue-role-clarifications-00
  • Email discussion started, need more input on the list
mary s suggestions
Mary’s suggestions
  • Email list discussions Mary started
  • Make Framework Standards Track (currently Informational)
    • use MUST and SHOULD etc., in some cases
  • Various proposals for clarification
  • Next step – Mark to incorporate the suggestions, and continue email discussion for items that don’t appear to be settled yet
33 security
#33 security
  • Framework should mention security threats
  • Mary said she will start
  • Input from group would be helpful
35 framework and data model consistency
#35 framework and data model consistency
  • Recent updates to both documents bring them in line
  • This will be an ongoing task to keep them consistent
  • Keep open for now, as reminder to keep them consistent for any new changes
  • No immediate action required
36 computational complexity parameter
#36 computational complexity parameter
  • Discussed at IETF87
  • Framework should say there are Encoding parameters that are codec-specific
    • framework should not itemize or give detail on codec specific parameters
  • Remove max pixels per second from Encoding Group constraints
    • this is codec-specific. There is no good way to use this in a way that applies to different codecs in the same encoding group.
  • Mark to propose specific changes to framework
    • will need some corresponding changes to data model
43 remove idea of attributes with consumer choices
#43 - Remove idea of attributes with Consumer choices
  • Problem: Provider can Advertise multiple values for scene-switch-policy, and Consumer can choose in the Configure message
    • email list discussion has pointed out unintended complications and side effects of this
  • Solution: do not allow Consumer to choose the value. Provider can Advertise different Captures with different values, just like all the other attributes.
  • Mark to propose specific change to framework
    • will need corresponding change to data model also
44 remove detail about ack ing advertisement with a c onfigure
#44Remove detail about ack’ing Advertisement with a Configure
  • From IETF87 discussion – details should not be in the framework
  • Mark to propose specific change to framework