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Clue Mystery Puzzle

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Clue Mystery Puzzle. A Ghostly Murder. Clue Mystery Puzzle. Characters: Dr. Black (The Dead Body) Miss Scarlet Colonel Mustard Miss White Reverend Green Mrs. Peacock Professor Plum Mr. Taupe the family solicitor (lawyer) Hogarth (the butler). Dr. Black’s death.

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clue mystery puzzle
Clue Mystery Puzzle

A Ghostly Murder

clue mystery puzzle1
Clue Mystery Puzzle
  • Characters:
  • Dr. Black (The Dead Body)
  • Miss Scarlet
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Miss White
  • Reverend Green
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Professor Plum
  • Mr. Taupe the family solicitor (lawyer)
  • Hogarth (the butler)
dr black s death
Dr. Black’s death
  • Dr. Black was found dead by hanging
  • Dangling between the first and second floors of his mansion
  • His servant, Hogarth found him
  • He normally slept on the balcony with a book
  • He died the night of a party in which all of his friends were there.
  • He knew he would be murdered. He made a video to tell his friends.
  • He said he saw murder in his friends eyes.
  • He doesn’t name his killer, in case he was accidently wrong.
  • Link to ASL
the will
The Will
  • Five of Mr. Black’s 6 friends will receive money from his estate upon his death.
  • The murderer will not receive money
  • The 6 guests MUST stay in the house until they solve the murder or
  • NO ONE will get any money.
  • This is called “disinherited”
  • Link to ASL
how to solve the murder
How to solve the murder
  • Somewhere in the house is a hidden box
  • The guests must find the box
  • Inside the box is a clue
  • The clue will point to the killer!
  • The puzzle IS a picture of the inside of this box.
  • ASL Link
miss white
Miss White
  • She works for Mr. Black as a housekeeper
  • All of her friends mistakenly thought she used to be married to Mr. Black
  • She was NOT married to Mr. Black
  • Her friends laughed at their mistake
  • Professor Plum was late, he didn’t find out his mistake.
  • Mrs. White has been stealing from Mr. Black
  • Mrs. White gave a Vase to her sister which she stole.
colonel mustard
Colonel Mustard
  • Colonel Mustard sold forgeries of paintings to Dr. Black
  • This means he cheated his friend out of money.
miss scarlet
Miss Scarlet
  • Miss Scarlet is a computer genius.
  • She helped her friend put his financial accounts online.
  • His important financial accounts started to disappear.
  • She said she didn’t know why.
  • She lied.
  • She was stealing from him.
mrs peacock
Mrs. Peacock
  • Mrs. Peacock is Mr. Black’s neighbor.
  • She drew a fake 200 year old map.
  • This map showed Mr. Blacks swimming pool and tennis courts on HER property.
  • This was not true.
  • But she forced Mr. Black to “buy” it from her to keep his pool and tennis courts.
  • This is also stealing.
reverend green
Reverend Green
  • Reverend Green wrote a book called Sermons from a Country Parson.
  • It was a best seller and made a lot of money.
  • Reverend Green stole the sermons from Mr. Black’s father’s journals.
  • He did not give Mr. Black’s father credit for authorship.
  • This is called plagiarism.
  • It is also called stealing.
professor plum
Professor Plum
  • Professor Plum lost money in a business deal with Mr. Black
  • He started a Roulette-A-Meal diet program
  • Everyone who gave him money for this program lost their money
  • Professor Plum also skimmed 22% off the top.
  • This means he stole money from his friends,
  • Including Mr. Black.
  • A loyal servant
  • He did NOT kill Mr. Black
  • He did notice Mr. Black’s sleeping pills were low the night before he died
  • He suspects someone put them in Mr. Black’s wineto make him tired.
the search for the box
The Search for the Box
  • All of the friends searched all night but no luck.
  • They went to bed.
  • Professor Plum says he saw the ghost of Mr. Black in the hallway carrying a candle.
  • Miss Scarlet sais she saw Mr. Black’s ghost in the kitchen.
  • Everyone was scared that he came back to haunt them.
  • Hogart found the box in the attic the next day.
  • ASL Link
and the murderer is
And the Murderer is…
  • Use the magnifying glass to read the answer in the back of the clue story book.
  • Hint: The killer stole the box, removed the REAL Clue and put in a fake clue.
  • ASL Link
more hints if you are stuck
More Hints if you are stuck
  • Hint: Did you see a wedding ring in the box?
  • Hint: But Mrs. White Never married Mr. Black
  • Hint: Who didn’t know that?