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Written By: Kenneth Oppel

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SKYBREAKER. Written By: Kenneth Oppel. PPT by: McKenzee Kell. Kenneth Oppel. Born August 31, 1967 Canadian Author Married with 3 children If he wasn’t a writer he wishes he could be a video game designer so he could still tell his stories. ( Oppel , FAQ). ( Oppel , FAQ). ( Oppel , FAQ).

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Written By: Kenneth Oppel

PPT by: McKenzee Kell

kenneth oppel
Kenneth Oppel
  • Born August 31, 1967
  • Canadian Author
  • Married with 3 children
  • If he wasn’t a writer he wishes he could be a video game designer so he could still tell his stories

(Oppel, FAQ)

(Oppel, FAQ)

(Oppel, FAQ)

(Oppel, FAQ)

characters protagonist
Characters: Protagonist
  • Matt Cruse
    • He is 18 years old
    • Studying to be a pilot
    • Has already found a new species, and many treasures
    • Is in love with Kate de Vries
    • Not made of money, very humble, athletic,
characters antagonist
Characters: Antagonist
  • John Rath
    • Pirate
    • Refined, upper class type
    • Will do anything to get what he wants
    • Has many ties to people with lots of power
    • Keen, good leader, power driven,
favorite character
Favorite Character
  • Kate de Vries
    • Curious, brave, clever, smart, stubborn and very determined
    • Class doesn’t matter to her, since she is in love with Matt
    • Wealthy but proves her worth
least favorite character
Least Favorite Character
  • Hal Slater
    • Captain on the skybreaker (Sargamatha)
    • Made his wealth, and his ship Sargamatha
    • Arrogant, always trying to put people down ex. Matt Cruse
    • Is trying to win Kate de Vries’ heart
plot summary
Plot Summary
  • Expostition
    • Matt Cruse is attending the Airship Academy and is placed on a low grade ship, to learn about navigation.
    • Kate de Vries is learning how to fly, and expanding her science skills by taking classes
    • Airships
plot summary1
Plot Summary
  • Rising Action
    • Flying on the Flotsam
      • An airship the academy made him take a voyage with to learn how to navigate the skies
      • Went through the Devil’s Fist, went to high and found the ‘Hyperion’
      • Matt is the only one who remembers the coordinates.
Rising Action Cont.
    • Meeting John Rath
      • Got asked to meet with him so discuss the coordinates of the Hyperion.
      • Matt found out that John Rath is a pirate and runs for his life.
      • Runs into Nadira Szpirsglas, who is a gypsy and wants to help find a ship and crew to fly to the Hyperion.
      • Goes and tries to talk to Kate (love) and finds her in the company of another man
      • Goes with Nadira to look at a ship and finds Kate at the same ship with the same idea, to look for the Hyperion and the mysterious treasure onboard.
    • After agreeing to fly together, they travel to the bottom of the world and find the hyperion.
    • While onboard they look for the treasure but don’t find what they are looking for.
    • John Rath shows up and Kate, Nadira, Matt and Hal are stuck onboard.
    • They find the real treasure which is a machine that converts the sun’s energy into power with no bad chemicals.
falling action
Falling Action
  • When they land, they find that the craft they escaped on had gold in a bag on the bottom, giving them all enough money to do what they want with it.
  • Is in the next book called


  • Around 1970, 40 years after the Hindenburg burnt to pieces in the sky.
  • France, and the skies: Gives the reader an idea of where everything is taking place.
  • The idea of ships being in the air, rather than on the sea.
  • Species still undiscovered, that are found in the sky.
  • A machine that create unlimited amounts of power, by the suns energy. (not like solar power)
Global Warming


Climate Refugees



global warming
Global Warming

"We live in constant fear of the adverse impacts of climate change. For a coral atoll nation, sea level rise and more severe weather events loom as a growing threat to our entire population. The threat is real and serious, and is of no difference to a slow and insidious form of terrorism against us." (Saufatu)


The countries facing the worst effects of climate change include Bangladesh, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Chad and Rwanda — poor nations already struggling with scarcity and famine, and with very little ability to mitigate climate change, adapt to it, or even relocate. (Fletcher)

The IOM report said many future climate refugees will flee to other poor countries already suffering pressures from climate change and instability, such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Central America, and parts of west Africa and southeast Asia. (Fletcher)

Tuvalu made a plea to the Australian government as early as 2000 to accept its people if their island became uninhabitable. True international action must include a massive transfer of funds to countries to allow them to adapt and cope with climate change. (Fletcher)



Nearly 150 million people, the equivalent of about half the US population, live packed in an area the size of Iowa. (Chu)
closer to home
Closer to Home
  •  Alaska, along the eastern and northern brim of Alaska, where all these ... Indian tribes live, they're moving right now. Their villages are falling into the ocean because the shore ice no longer exists during certain seasons. I interviewed one of them and he said, "You know, it's a little scary that within an hour you lose 30 to 50 feet of land." (Hughes)
Go to:

Climate change is the threat multiplier

for overpopulation, over-consumption

and lack of resources. Our mission, to

create a platform  that will illuminate

the facts on climate refugees and their

lack of international protection.


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