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  1. Narrative My Favourite 3 Narratives The Giver by Lois Lowry The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel Definition: A story or an explanatory of occurrences

  2. Plot The Plot is the events that occur through the narrative Climax (Jud shoots Casper) Rising Action( he gets a bird and hides it) Introduction( tells reader what happened before) Sudden Ending The Three Types of Conflict Internal External Relational The Seven Types of Conflict Character vs. Character Character vs. Nature Character vs. Machine Character vs. Self Character vs. Supernatural Character vs. Society Character vs. Destiny The Plot In My Story Conflict External Conflict Character versus Character

  3. Settings A setting is a introduction to a story that interprets place, time, weather, customs and sometimes atmosphere. Where?(where the story is taken place): United Kingdom, burial of Kes When? (When is the story taken place): 1969 Weather?(what was the climate): Pouring Rain Custom?(what was there custom): Yorkshire Customs and accents

  4. Atmosphere Atmosphere: The atmosphere is the mood or feeling of the story and also the emotional quality. The atmosphere will develop over the course of a novel. Beginning: In the begging, the atmosphere is disquiet because Casper is having a hard time in school and with Jud. Middle: In the Middle, the atmosphere is fondness because he find ways to overcome his troubles. He makes a relationship with a new friend and another Kestrel. End: In the End, the atmosphere was sacrifice because he enamcipated the bird to let it live instead of himself.

  5. Character The protagonist is the main character of the story that take place in a big part of a book. The antagonist is the villain or the snag that prevents the protagonist from achieving. The protagonist in my story is Casper because he tries to live a pleasant life in school and get a good job. Jud is the antagonist in my story because he is bullying Casper and striving to make his life barren. Dynamic and Static Characters: Dynamic Characters are characters that change over the course of the novel Static Characters are characters that finds one thing to do throughout the story In my story, Casper is the Dynamic character because he has to work his way around drawbacks and find new ways to improve. Jud is the Static learner because he sticks to one job in my story and it is to get revenge for not betting on the horse. Very few qualities.

  6. Theme The theme is the central idea or key point of the story. The theme in my story is sacrifice because he gave up his life for a Kestrel that he loved

  7. Point of View My story is third person. It is limited omniscient which means the narrator only know one’s thought but different from first person

  8. Literary Devices Literary devices are phrases that makes it easier for the reader to apprehend and visualize the description. Example one(personification): He could hear the cries from KES(after he was killed and buried) Example two(simile):When coach saw Casper come in, he tossed him the dirty oversized used PE kit that smelled like a wet goat.

  9. How I revised my story Parent editing Peer editing And went over the seven elements of narrative to revise my story and add literary devices