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Digital Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Communication

Digital Communication

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Digital Communication

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  1. Digital Communication By Alexis Ghigo

  2. What is Digital Communication? • Digital communication is getting a piece of data from an electronic device to another. There are many ways to get one to another. Usually, people send things by phone. If you think that is it, well, you are wrong.

  3. Digital Communication accesses! • CellPhones • Cell Phones get their sending done by sending text messages or sometimes even phone calls! • Emails • People also get their messages through by email. They usually hop on their computers, write their friend with a digital letter and picture and send it away for them to read! *Online Gaming Websites *People also go onto gaming websites. Gaming websites allow others to communicate to each other and play games with friends. You could also get digital communication by using your game systems too!

  4. Rules to Digital Communication • When using Digital communication, you must be very careful. You need to make sure who you are sending it to and it is the right person to send it too! • Use the phone, computer and E-mail right, or you could mess something up

  5. Don’ts of online use. • DO NOT say mean things to others that can be hurtful to them. That is called Cyber bullying. You could get in a whole lot of trouble for it. • DO NOT use the internet inappropriately. Once you put something up, it can never ever be erased! Even if you get a new phone or computer, it cant be erased! For instance, don’t go on a school website and post this. It is unnecessary and it will be on your school record. • DO NOT go on any websites you should not be on unless you are old enough. Stay on your age appropriate websites. • DO NOT talk or chat with people online that you do not know. They could be someone dangerous. They might say they are as old as you, but some of them lie. If you don’t know who they are, don’t add them as a friend.

  6. Do’s of online use • DO stay on the age appropriate websites. Go on only what you are allowed to go on! You wont get in trouble and your teacher and parents will be happy! • DO have fun! Just make sure where you are having fun online is a safe place! You can have tons of fun on appropriate sites! • DO make sure others are safe online too! Spread the word around to do what you are supposed to do online! • DO get on the computer every once and a while. But, still make sure that you are staying active and having fun offline. Read a book, or play with friends! You don’t just need a computer for fun!

  7. Other Digital Communication Websites. • Did you know we have websites for our digital communication accesses? Well if you don’t here are a few examples. BUT REMEMBER… you have to be old enough to be able to sign up for them. • • •

  8. Review! Cell phones, gaming websites, and emails are examples of digital communication Do only good things online and on cell phones. It can never be erased! Remember to second check who you are sending the message to. You could not realize it, and it could be sent to someone else. Don’t waste time on computers and cell phones, do other things offline. Play with friends, or read a book!

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