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Digital Communication Recording. Presentation to OST 16 November 2004. Summary. FRSG WP 04-01 Proposal from FRSG New Design New Manufacture Retrofit Letter to ICAO The way Forward. FRSG WP 04-01. This WP is an interim report, the second one (previous was FRSG WP03-05 Sept 2003)

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Digital communication recording

Digital Communication Recording

Presentation to OST

16 November 2004


  • FRSG WP 04-01

  • Proposal from FRSG

    • New Design

    • New Manufacture

    • Retrofit

  • Letter to ICAO

  • The way Forward

Frsg wp 04 01
FRSG WP 04-01

  • This WP is an interim report, the second one (previous was FRSG WP03-05 Sept 2003)

  • Situation has considerably improved since last year

  • FRSG has now a defined proposal agreed with the manufacturers and under discussion with AEA

Technical details of proposal
Technical details of Proposal

  • Based on Technical Standard of ED-112

  • Based on JAA CNS-ATM SG interpretation of ICAO standards

  • Differentiation among three categories of Aeroplanes:

    • New Design

    • New Manufactured

    • Retrofit

  • Digital Communication Applications (CNS-ATM environment)

New design
New Design

For aeroplanes first type certificated on or after [1 January 2008] those digital communication applications listed in Table A of Appendix 1 to JAR-OPS 1.728 that are capable of being used.

Recording Requirements in Table A

Current design new manufactured
Current Design/New Manufactured

From [1 January 2010], for aeroplanes first type certificated before 1 January 2008 and first issued with an individual certificate of airworthiness on or after 1 January 2010 those digital communications applications listed in Table B of Appendix 1 to JAR OPS 1.728 that are capable of being used.

Recording Requirements in Table B

Introduction of datalink after 2012
Introduction of Datalink after 2012

From [1 January 2012], for aeroplanes which are modified to introduce any new or additional digital communication application type(s) listed within Table B of Appendix 1 to JAROPS 1.728 on or after [1 January 2012], the required recording content associated with those additional application type(s).

Recording Requirements in Table B

Requirement chart
Requirement Chart

All aircraft

any new or additional digital communication application

New Manufacture

New Design





  • Not parameters, but Digital communications applications, i.e.:

    • CPDLC;

    • ADS-B and –C;

    • Graphics

    • Air Operation Control (AOC) messages

  • The amount of memory needed may vary among applications

  • The requirement must be analysed for each digital communication application.

  • Service provider

The way forward
The Way Forward

  • Next FRSG Meeting three targets:

    • Further reading

    • AEA position

    • FAA opinion on this proposal

    • RIA

  • Official presentation to EQSG and OST for NPA


  • No ETSO for Eurocae ED-112. EASA involvment is needed

  • Applications conceived on a local/regional basis (ADS-B)

  • Recording requirements variable with the type of application.

  • ICAO standards will be overdue. Since they are not realistic FRSG defined a draft letter which is included in WP 04-01

Recording aeronautical operational control messages
Recording Aeronautical Operational Control Messages

JAR–OPS 1.195 Operational Control [ ]

(See AMC OPS 1.195)

An operator shall:

[(a)] [ ] Establish and maintain a method of

[exercising operational control approved by the

Authority; and

(b) Exercise operational control over any flight

operated under the terms of his AOC.]

ACJ OPS 1.195

Operational Control

See JAR-OPS 1.195

Operational control means the exercise by the operator, in the interest of safety, of responsibility for the initiation, continuation, termination or diversion of a flight.

Those messages should be defined during the operator approval

Draft letter to icao
Draft letter to ICAO

  • Reshape the standard in order to divide the introduction of recording of digital communications into three categories of aircraft: new type design, new manufacture, and retrofit of already in service aeroplanes;

  • Consider to further move into the future the related deadlines: not before 2008 for new type design; not before 2010 for newly manufactured;

  • Reassess under the cost/safety benefit perspective the case of already in service aircraft in order to establish a class of applicable aircraft along with realistic dates for retrofit;

Recommendations to icao
Recommendations to ICAO

4) Verify a real commitment from the Contracting States to introduce the standards into their regulation to avoid the insurgence of competition issues

5) Modify the standards so that for ADS based applications the scope of recording should be determined by each regulatory Authority on the base of dedicated considerations.

6) Advice competent ATS Authorities/ Regulators to include the cost of modification or replacement of CNS/ATM recorder in the cost benefit analysis which is usually madebefore the introduction of datalink applications.