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Palestine slogan is the slogan used by the Palestinian Authority, and consists of a punishment-Masri, who was used by Saladin. In the middle of the Palestinian flag colors. It should be noted that many Arab countries use the same logo with Egypt and there is a difference in the colors of the flags.


Palestine Culture:

The name of the country is given in 2nd century C.E. by the Romans to the area which is currently the Middle East and is located on eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea in the west of Jordan. The name Palestine is derived from Greek word Palaestina which means the “Land of the Philistines”, the maritime natives that settled in the small coastal region in the northeast of the Egypt, which is today is known as the Gaza, near about the 12th century B.C.E. It is also known as Holy Land, the countryis scared by the Jews, Muslims, and Christians.



Palestine lies on the south west of Asia on the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Coast. Thus, it lies in the heart of the so called ancient world, namely, Asia, Africa and Europe, which makes it a land bridge linking Asia with Africa and the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with the Indian Ocean.

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AreaPalestine lies on the western edge of the Asian continent and the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean Sea. The geographic location has historically given Palestine religious, cultural and economic importance as it joins the three continents of the ancient world. This is a land at the crossroads of history and the heart of a global network of land, air and sea routes.


PopulationToday's Palestinians are direct descendants of the Arab people and share their culture, language and history.Recent history has been far from generous with the Palestinian people. Due to imperialism and the continued colonization that the Palestinians have had to endure in the past 50 years, the majority of the Palestinian people live in the Diaspora. Palestinians number approximately 9 million of which more than 4 million in the Diaspora and around 3.7 million are residing in the West Bank and Gaza. Over 1.4 million Palestinian live inside the Green Line Area (1948 Occupied Territories). Population growth rate in the Palestinian Territories is around 3.3%. 

The capital of palestine jerusalem
The capital of Palestine(Jerusalem )

Jerusalem is a beautiful area that is probably the most contested city in the entire war. It is an area fought over by Muslims, Chrisitians and Jews. In Jerusalem (the capital of Palestine), their is one of the most holy sites known to Islam, the Dome of the Rock. Which is a mosque believed to have been the place where a prophet descended to heaven. It was built in 705 CE, making it one of the oldest sites in history.

Al aqsa mosque
Al Aqsa Mosque

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Education in Palestine:

The education in the territories of Palestinian is offered by the private sources, government and UNRWA.



The Dabke dance is marked by synchronized jumping, stamping, and movement, similar to tap dancing. One version is performed by men, another by women.


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