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SAP Organization Change Management (OCM) Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP Organization Change Management (OCM) Toolkit

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SAP Organization Change Management (OCM) Toolkit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAP Organization Change Management (OCM) Toolkit. EXAMPLE OCM SUCCESS PRACTICE (H): Work Impact Analysis. Work Impact Analysis. PROCESS. ROLES. IMPACTS. Complete Consistently Ordered. Roles consistent across processes (SSC, field, Headquarters)

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SAP Organization Change Management (OCM) Toolkit

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    1. SAP Organization Change Management (OCM)Toolkit EXAMPLE OCM SUCCESS PRACTICE (H):Work Impact Analysis

    2. Work Impact Analysis PROCESS ROLES IMPACTS • Complete • Consistently Ordered • Roles consistent across processes (SSC, field, Headquarters) • Roles responsibilities clear (single, shared) • Understand preparation and workload by role • Major impacts: • Training (Hands on) • User work aids • Communications • Leader agreement/awareness • Executive approval • Organization preparation GOAL: A complete, consistently-ordered process list, an agreed collection of work roles and a clear summary of Project X impacts for each major business organizationbased on changes to operating practices (what is the impact to staffing, decision making and skill requirements at the business site?)

    3. Sample USER ROLE Mapping Steps Define Roles based on Business Process Map current positions to Roles • Map Training Courses and Roles • Validate Courses and Local Training Schedule Identify gaps between current positions and Roles Capture questions/discussion points from Gap Analysis • Resolve with Project and Execution Teams, or • Escalate to Steering Comm't, and if necessary Client Sr Mgt Committee • Update role template and/or document exceptions • Communicate changes to Training Assess/document impacts of activity/role changes Communicate changes to employees prior to training • New activities to be performed post go-live • Current activities no longer performed post go-live • Current activities that will continue to be performed

    4. Sample Role/Training Design Process Activity Roles Activities NationalBusiness Roles Process Sub-Process Activities Training Curriculum Courses Designed and Assigned by Role SAP Local Composite Roles Regional Business Roles Ongoing Impl & Process Team Input Business Role Descriptions

    5. Impact: Define formal communication procedures between The business and SSC Impact: SSC needs training on numerous LMOU’s special rules and on how to use the JBM module Impact: Manual work in the Field Case Example HCM Analysis – Work Impacts Impact: No decision on who would provide advice to Local staff