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Training Passport Program. Beth Patrick Director, HR and Risk Management Ace Hardware Home Centers, Inc. Training Passport Development. History and p rogram overview Identified key areas for development One area was onboarding New associates are a huge investment of time and money

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Training passport program

Training Passport Program

Beth Patrick

Director, HR and Risk Management

Ace Hardware Home Centers, Inc.

Training passport development
Training Passport Development

History and program overview

  • Identified key areas for development

  • One area was onboarding

  • New associates are a huge investment of time and money

  • Worth investing in a step-by-step process that is easy, measurable and accountable

    Leave today knowing

  • How to replicate this program in your own store

  • How the program works, tips for success and how we have overcome obstacles

  • How this program is integrated with an associate 60 day review


Introduce new associates to the Ace store and set the stage for their success

  • Essential skills and behaviors to perform their job at a high level

  • Passport is learner driven

  • Focused on providing amazing customer service and reinforces behaviors of Helpful 101 and metrics of Vision 2020

  • Measurable, accountable and models the “tell, show, do” training style

How does it work
How does it work?

New associate is given Training Passport on their first day

  • Must have the Passport physically with them at all times while working (not in locker, not in car)

  • Can wear the Passport with break-away safety lanyard or keep it in a pocket

  • Associate puts their name, hire date and review date (60 day) on the front of the Passport

How does it work1
How does it work?

  • Each page of the Passport starts easier and gets more challenging

  • Associate masters each item in the Passport and demonstrates mastery to a Manager or Training Coordinator

  • When Manager or Training Coordinator is confident the associate has truly learned the item, they sign off/initial the Passport (reverse accountability)

  • Remember “Tell, Show, Do”

  • Store Specific Items” section-training topics that may only be specific to certain stores (hunting/fishing licenses)

What goes along with the passport
What goes along with the Passport?

  • “Magic Question” button worn on vest or apron

  • S.A.L.E.S. process expectations card

    ALL associates and managers wear the button and have a card to reinforce positive behavior

Managers training coordinators
Managers & Training Coordinators

  • Motivate seasoned associates to be helpful and encouraging as new associates ask for their help

    • Working hard to accomplish training objectives in a specific time frame

  • Plan for first 7 days

    • Mentor Program and Sample New Hire Training Schedule

  • 2 week “check in’s”, schedule on calendar

    • Make sure on track with the Passport

    • Meeting or exceeding expectations

Managers training coordinators1
Managers & Training Coordinators

  • Support, coach, encourage, delegate

  • Rotate associate to all areas of the store to continue learning/mastery

  • Award certificate and bonus check and make it a celebration in front of other associates and customers if possible

Seasoned associates mentors
Seasoned Associates/Mentors

  • Run through all of the items in the Passport with seasoned associates

    • All new associates are being taught the same way by all involved

    • Do all seasoned associates know all of the items in the Passport?

    • Could this be a good teaching opportunity as a “refresher” for seasoned associates?

  • Mentors

    • Support, coach, encourage, delegate

    • Give feedback to Managers/Training Coordinators

What is the expectation
What is the expectation?

Passport is a tool for associates to know what is expected of them and by when

  • Training Passport is to be completed by the associate in their first 60 days

  • Serves as 60 day review

  • Teach associates they are responsible for taking the initiative to complete the Passport

  • Not in this alone: entire store team is behind them with mentors, training coordinators and management

60 day review
60 Day Review

60 Day Training Evaluation

  • Walk the sales floor with associate

  • Have them demonstrate their skills on the Training Evaluation*

  • Ask questions from the Passport

  • Verify their mastery of items signed by a Manager or Training Coordinator

    Successful completion of the Passport by 60 day review

  • Completion certificate and a $50 bonus

  • A pay increase at 60 days is not automatic

  • Merit raise may be given to associates demonstrating abilities far above expectations

    *Training Evaluation template from Kathy Fujiwara, Pioneer Ace Hardware-Hawaii

Tips for success
Tips for Success

  • Training Coordinators

  • Communication binder

  • Visual motivation

  • Strong mentor program

  • First 7 days

  • 2 week “check in’s”

Overcoming obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles

  • Too busy

  • Training does not fit the position the associate was hired for

  • Seasoned associate knowledge and training responsibility

  • Printing costs

  • Associates who do not complete the Passport at 60 days

    • Assess the contributing factors

    • Plan for completion

    • Progressive discipline

      • Coach, verbal warning, written warning

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Determine if this program is a good fit for your store and get the ball rolling!

  • Get your management team excited and on board with the process

  • Designate Training Coordinators

  • Be sure to “tell, show, do” as you teach new associates the skills they need to be successful

  • Reap the reward of having a staff that is cross trained and sees the importance of creating an amazing customer experience

  • Stick to the program even when it is the busy season to get the maximum return on investment with a well trained staff

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