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Biodiversity. Irianna Torres. Endangered organism .

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Irianna Torres

endangered organism
Endangered organism

An organism that is endangered is the giant panda there are around 1,500 giant pandas on earth. A female panda has around 1 or 2 cubs. When a cub is born it weighs 5 ounces. They are born like a pinkish color, but then start to develop their color (lack white) later on They can live around 30 years. They weigh around 75 to 135 kilometers. It eats bamboo and other plants . Pandas don’t really like being with other pandas that much they usually chill alone.


Giant pandas come from china.

Their habitat is mountain forest

They live in a green place where

there are many trees bamboo

grass and other. They live in a temperate zones .

what they eat
What they eat

Pandas eat different plants. But they mainly eat is bamboo (99% of the time)

For the panda to be full it takes around 28 ponds of bamboo

They also eat birds and rodents, but very little of it.

w hy are they endangered
Why are they endangered?

Where they live is being cut down by humans the forest that grow bamboo have decreased in growth due to many thing ex deforestation and because bamboo take very long time to grow . Pandas eat mostly bamboo and since the growth in bamboo has decreased then pandas wouldn’t get much bamboo and so they were dying fast.

w hat is being done to help the giant pandas
What is being done to help the giant pandas?

The Chinese banned any one from cutting trees down, that they use to eat and what they use for other thing like shelter. And the pandas in zoo’s are being token care of really good. There are about 100 pandas in different zoo’s in the world. Another way people try to not make pandas go extinct is by breeding them. Also people help by donating money .

h ow does not having pandas affect humans
How does not having pandas affect humans ?

If pandas go extinct it wont affect us much in a bad way because they don’t do really anything to help out the environment they are just there

How do pandas affect humans?

They don't, again, affect humans having them they are just there . They just eat and sleep/chill most of the time.


Why I chose this animal is because they were the most interesting to me out of all the other endangered animals. Not only that but they were also the cutest and most adorable animals to me.