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School Rep Training PowerPoint Presentation
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School Rep Training

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School Rep Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Rep Training
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  1. School Rep Training Rachael Thornton Student Voice Coordinator

  2. Exercise Look at the quotes around the room, choose your favourite quote in relation to the student voice

  3. Student Voice Introduction to the area of Student Voice

  4. Session Objectives By the end of the session, you will be able to: • Explore the area of student voice • Understand the University Structure • Under stand the Student Representation System • Identify student engagement in terms of the QAA and the SWS • Feel motivated in the role!

  5. Session Objectives • Which quote did you choose? • Student Voice is about listening to students; understanding the issues (and how they affect them) and making the University see how things could be changed for the better. • Jack Digby – Sitting on committees to tick boxes is not representation, whereas meaningful representation is about reflecting student opinion and leading their voice forward! • Oxford Dictionary Representation is ‘the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone’

  6. Leading with Lollipops • • Can you think of a lollipop moment?

  7. Partnership • The key to the Student Voice being heard, listened to and incorporated is partnership! • Partnership Agreement revised June 2014 • You are a member of the School committee- don’t be afraid to speak up!

  8. Student Rep System • Course reps represent the views of students on their course to the academics on their course. • School Reps are just like Course Reps, but represent everyone in the School instead of just on their course. • The president is the sabbatical officer who works closely with Student Reps and is responsible for the Education committee which School Reps attend. This is a sub committee of council.

  9. Where we are now • Student Voice Coordinator recruited September 2014 • 576 Course Reps last year • School Reps introduced as a pilot 2 per school • A lot of difference between schools • Role needs further defining • Board of studies not working • Representation policy created and passed May 2014 • Research students

  10. Student Rep System Policy • Outlines the responsibilities of the University, students and the Students’ Union • School Reps- continuation of pilot • Online elections • Introduction of Staff Student Liaison Committees 3 times a year • Staff Facilitators

  11. Who sits where? Senate SU President Student Experience Committee (SEC) Su President , Student Voice Coordinator Academic Quality and standards Committee (AQSC) SU President Education Committee President, School Reps School Quality and standards committee (QSEC) School Reps School Student Experience Committee (SSEC) School Reps School Forum School Reps , Course Reps Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) Course Reps

  12. School Forums • Prior to the school level committees • All Course Reps • Go through the agenda • Ask for general feedback • Take minutes

  13. School level committees • QSEC and SEC usually on the same day • Both attend or take a strand each • Speak up! • Preparation is key!

  14. Education Committee • Chaired by the President • Opportunity to feed in what's happening in each school, discuss commonalities, gain feedback and plan campaigns • We have a budget this year! • Provide support and student opinion to the president • Report written about the work of each committee • 2 places on scrutiny committee available!

  15. QAA In the academic sense the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) define student engagement as: • improving the motivation of students to engage in learning and to learn independently • the participation of students in quality enhancement and quality assurance processes, resulting in the improvement of their educational experience.(Chapter B5 Quality Code)

  16. Education • HER in Autumn 2015, important year at the University and an important time to engage with students and listen to the student voice! • Student Written Submission- student account of what students think of their experience • Mock held this year to assess ‘areas of risk’

  17. How can you work together? • How can you gather student opinion? • How can you engage students in the process? • How can you work as a team?

  18. Looking ahead • Help at Freshers fair • Run training! • Attend the next Education Committee • Hold a student forum • Have a meeting with me to go over the agenda • Have the meetings • Report back to school reps • questions speak to Rachael or email