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Christ, Our Priest

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Christ, Our Priest. One Lord, many roles. “ Right hand of Majesty ” – King. “ Spoken to us ” – Prophet. “ Purged our sins ” – Priest. Priest : one who can offer sacrifices that God will accept. Hb.1:1-3 Hb.2:17, merciful, faithful High Priest. I. Christ, Our Priest.

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one lord many roles
One Lord, many roles

“Right hand of Majesty” – King

“Spoken to us” – Prophet

“Purged our sins” – Priest

Priest: one who can offer sacrifices that God will accept


Hb.2:17, merciful, faithful High Priest

do we need a priest
Do we need a Priest?

Sin separates from God, Gn.3; Is.59

Man needs a way back

OT sacrifices could restore God’s favor

♦Animal blood: provisionalforgiveness, not actual

OT priesthood points to Christ

blood sacrifices
Blood sacrifices

*Gn.4, first recorded blood sacrifice. Hb.11:4

*Ex.12,passover lamb

*Lv.1:10, male w/o blemish, kill (11)

*Is.53:7, sacrificial Lamb

type antitype

OT Priests


Not unclean, Lv.21:9…

Holy, Hb.7:26

Consecrated, Ex.29:4…

Mt.3; Hb.9:26

Atonement, Lv.16

Only one, Hb.9:7-14

Tabernacle, Hb.9:6-7

Church, Hb.10:21

Judge, Ps.82:6

Authority, Mt.28:18

Successors, Hb.7:23

Lives, Hb.7:24, 28

the branch
The Branch

Priest on throne

If perfection came by Levitical priesthood, why need another priest afterMelchizedek?



  • Hb.7:…11, 15
jesus could not be priest on earth
Jesus could not be priest on earth

So what?

*Hb.7:12-14; 8:4

*Great High Priest (Hb.4:14) over house of God (10:21)

1. Tempted, w/o sin, Hb.4:15

2. Mercy, Hb.4:15-16

3. Advocate, 1 Jn.2:1-2

1 jesus was tempted w o sin hb 4 15
1. Jesus was tempted w/o sin (Hb.4:15)
  • Being tempted, He sympathizes
  • Being sinless, He pleads


  • Only He who resists temptation to the end knows its full weight
1 jesus was tempted w o sin hb 4 15 2 mercy hb 4 15 16
1. Jesus was tempted w/o sin (Hb.4:15)2. Mercy (Hb.4:15-16)

*Mercy when we need it most

  • Forgiveness of sins
  • Pity for wretched
  • Undeserved favor
1 jesus was tempted w o sin hb 4 15 2 mercy hb 4 15 16 3 advocate 1 jn 2 1 2
1. Jesus was tempted w/o sin (Hb.4:15)2. Mercy (Hb.4:15-16)3. Advocate, 1 Jn.2:1-2

*Intercession: petitioning God (praying) on behalf of another

  • Moses for Israel, Nu.14:11-19
  • God knew everything Moses told Him
  • God must be asked. Mt.6:8; 7:7-11
  • God loves; wants to forgive. Ps.86:5
1 jesus was tempted w o sin hb 4 15 2 mercy hb 4 15 16 3 advocate 1 jn 2 1 21
1. Jesus was tempted w/o sin (Hb.4:15)2. Mercy (Hb.4:15-16)3. Advocate, 1 Jn.2:1-2

Satan prays (asks) for Peter

Peter casts deciding vote (Lk.23:34)

Jesus inter-cedes (asks) for Peter

*One who appears in another’s behalf, mediator, intercessor, helper (Hb.7:25; 9:24)


jesus sat down in heaven hb 8 1
Jesus sat down in heaven, Hb.8:1

8:2 – minister . . . truetabernacle

1Hb.8:5, heavenly

2Hb.9:11, good things ‘that have come’

3Hb.9:14, blood that purges…

●Not rest, 10:12 . . .

→power (8:1)



I. Christ, Our Priest

II. Christ Sacrifices Himself

self sacrifice



Cap. punishment


  • Mk.10:45, substitution (Gn.22:13)
    • His suffering for ours
  • Jn.1:29, Lamb ‘of God’ –
    • Priest is also sacrifice (sin-offering)
  • Ro.3:25-26, propitiation – a means of expiation (satisfaction)
sin justice demands satisfaction
Sin (justice) demands satisfaction



He gave Jesus as propitiationto satisfy justice.

Ro.3:25; Jn.1:29; 3:16; Hb.2:10

Christ’s death: propitiatory sacrifice

First effect: satisfies holiness/wrath

Sacrifice not necessary because God is disinclined to love sinners


I. Christ, Our Priest

II. ChristSacrifices Himself

III. Is Christ Your Priest?

satan god jesus
Satan, God, Jesus

Satan accuses

Jesus died, was raised,nowadvocates /intercedes



Rv.1:5-6 1 Pt.2:9


1. Jesus, King: all powerful to save

  • Power alone not enough

2. Jesus, Priest: sacrificed to save

  • Unjust to forgive w/o satisfying law
  • Requires sacrifice