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Part Six : Placing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Part Six : Placing Strategy

Part Six : Placing Strategy

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Part Six : Placing Strategy

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  1. Part Six : Placing Strategy ( Chapter13-Chapter14)

  2. Distribution channel (marketing channel) (P.400) • A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user.

  3. (P.402) Distribution channel functions Information(信息) Physical Distribution(物流) Promotion(促销) Financing(融资) Contact( 联系) Matching (适应) Risk taking(风险分担) Negotiation(谈判)

  4. Physical flow (物流) Ownership flow (商流) Financial flow (金融流) Marketing flows (营销流) Promotion flow (促销流) Information flow (信息流)

  5. M C Customer marketing channels(P.403) • Channel 1 • Channel 2 • Channel 3 • Channel 4 M R C M W R C M W Jobber R C

  6. Business marketing channels • Channel 1 • Channel 2 • Channel 3 • Channel 4 M IC M D IC M R&S IC M R&S D IC

  7. 我国计划经济时期的商品分销渠道 进口商品 生产企业 一级站 二级站 三级站 外贸公司 极少数 大型零售店 少数大中型 零售店 一般 零售店 消费者

  8. 我国改革后的商品分销渠道 生产企业 自设销售 系统 中间商 交易市场 专卖与 直销 零售商店 消费者

  9. Channel conflict(渠道冲突)(P.404) Disagreement among marketing channel members on goals and roles --- who should do what and for what rewards. Include horizontal conflict and vertical conflict.

  10. 横向冲突(水平冲突)(Horizontal conflict) 企业销售部 区域A经销商 区域B经销商 客户 客户 客户 客户

  11. 纵向冲突(垂直冲突)(Vertical conflict) 企业销售部 区域A经销商 区域B经销商 分销商 分销商 分销商 客户 客户 客户 客户

  12. Vertical Marketing Systems(垂直营销系统) Manufacturer Manufacturer (P.405) conventional vertical(VMS) wholesaler Wholesaler Retailer Retailer Customer Customer

  13. VMS • Vertical Marketing System(VMS)(垂直营销系统) Corporate VMS Contractual VMS Administered VMS Wholesaler- sponsored voluntary chains Retailer cooperatives Franchise organizations

  14. 连锁经营的主要形式: 正规连锁:(Corporate VMS) 同一资本所有;总部直接控制;财务统一核算。 特许连锁:(Franchise organization) 契约加盟连锁;统一开展经营;财务分别核算。 自由连锁:(Voluntary chains ) 自愿连锁协作;实行统购分销;财务分别核算。

  15. Ownership Corporate VMS • Difference between the VMS types Combines through Contractual VMS Contract Administered VMS Size and power

  16. Horizontal Marketing System(水平营销系统) • A channel arrangement in which tow or more companies at one level join together to follow a new marketing opportunity。 Firm A Firm B Firm C Distribution channel Target markets

  17. Hybrid Marketing System(综合营销系统) • Multi-channel distribution systems in which a single firm sets up tow or more marketing channels to reach one or more customer segments。 Customer segment1 Catalogs,telephone Retailer Customer segment2 Producer Business segment1 Detailer Distributors Business segment2 Sales force

  18. Channel Design Decisions (P.443-447) Analyzing consumer service needs. Setting the channel objectives and constraints Identifying major alternatives. Evaluating the major alternatives. Designing distribution channel.

  19. Customer Company Company sales force • Types of industrial goods intermediaries Manufacturer’s agency Industrial distributors

  20. Intensive distribution (密集分销) As many outlets as possible Exclusive distribution (独家分销) Limited number of dealer have exclusive right to distribute Selective distribution (选择分销) More than one but fewer than all Number of marketing intermediaries (P.413)

  21. Channel management decisions (P.415) Selecting channel members. Motivating channel members. Evaluating channel members

  22. Retailing and Wholesaling • Retailing :All activities involved in selling goods or services directly to final consumers for their personal, non-business use. • Wholesaling :All activities involved in selling goods and services to those buying for resale or business use .

  23. Different Ways to Classify Retail Outlets Amount of service Self-service Limited service Full service Product line sold Specialty store Department store Supermarket Convenience store Superstore Hyper-market Category killer Relative Price Discount store Off-price retailers Catalog showroom Factory outlets Warehouse club Control of Outlets Corporate chain Voluntary chain retailer cooperative Franchise Merchandising Conglomerate (集成商) Type of Store Cluster Shopping mall Central business district Regional shopping center Community shopping center Neighborhood shopping center

  24. Non-store Retailing Direct Marketing Automatic Vending Direct selling

  25. Major types of Wholesaler Merchant Brokers and Manufacturers’ sales Wholesalers Agent Branches and Office Full-service wholesalers Brokers Sale branch & offices wholesaler merchants Agents Purchasing office industrial distributors Limited-service wholesalers cash-and-carry wholesalers truck wholesalers drop shippers rack jobbers…….

  26. Physical distribution(or marketing logistics) P.419 The tasks involved in planning, implementing, and controlling the physical flow of materials, final goods, and related information from points of origin to points of consumption to meet consumer requirements at a point.

  27. Major logistics functions • Order processing; • Warehousing ; • inventory; • transportation.

  28. Third-party logistics provider(P.425) An independent logistics provider that performs any of all functions required to get their clients’ product to market.