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Unity . By : Raylene Ward and Natalia Mercedes. Why unity is important?.

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By: Raylene Ward and Natalia Mercedes.

Why unity is important
Why unity is important?

Unity holds your design together both visually and conceptually. It emphasizes your concept and theme and helps communicate your message to your reader. Through unity your elements aren’t competing with each other for attention. They are working together to reinforce your message. Through unity your design will be seen as a single complete piece, as a whole and not a group of disparate parts.

Unity adds order to a design. Too much unity can be dull and lifeless, however. Variety adds interest and energy to a design. Too much variety makes your design chaotic and difficult to read. A balance between unity and variety must be sought.

Two kinds of unity
Two kinds of unity.

-Visual unity – for example a group of elements all aligned to a common axis

-Conceptual unity – for example an image of a diamond, a mansion, and a pile of money might be unified around the concept of wealth

How to explain unity
How to explain Unity

Unity is art, it has texture, form, space, shape, etc. It may be the subject matter that consistent throughout the artwork, Or the emotional tone. Anything that is used or repeated over the entire artwork will give it Unity.

The example of this picture of unity
The Example of this picture of Unity.

The different color butterflies are all together with

an calm colour around them. The art was used with paint.

The picture is harmonious and the colors balanced.

Visual understanding
Visual Understanding.

Unity helps organize a visual image, facilitating interpretation and understanding.

  • This visual is confusing. It is hard to see the relationships between the

  • various parts.

With better unity, the visual is now organized and easier to understand.

Archive an unity
Archive an Unity.

1)Unity can be achieved through the use of similar shapes. 1.

2)Unity can be achieved through the use of a common pattern.


3)Unity can be achieved through the use of a common background.



The photo has a monochromatic scheme, the principal color is blue but is has different values, so that makes it harmonious and balanced.

This photo is unified because it isn’t clear and

Harmonious, you can’t really see what’s on the photo

At the first sight.