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Exam Review:. Anglo Saxon & Middle Ages. England – Early Times. From England’s Prehistoric Past,… name the well known, ancient, mystical stone circle found near Salisbury. Stonehenge Which culture inhabits Britain from about 2,000 till the coming of the Romans? The Celts.

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exam review

Exam Review:

Anglo Saxon & Middle Ages

england early times
England – Early Times
  • From England’s Prehistoric Past,… name the well known, ancient, mystical stone circle found near Salisbury.
  • Stonehenge
  • Which culture inhabits Britain from about 2,000 till the coming of the Romans?
  • The Celts
Name the Celtic Tribes in the British Isles, …first those in Ireland
  • Gaels
  • Two Celtic Tribes of Scotland:
  • Scots and Picts
  • Which Celts are the inhabitants of what today is England?
  • Bretons
Language spoken by the Celts?
  • Celtic, of course
  • First Westerner to visit the Celtic Bretons in 55 BC. He leads his army from Gaul.
  • Julius Caesar
  • Who conquers the Celts in 44 AD and will occupy the Island for a 4 centuries?
  • Romans
roman occupation of britain
Roman Occupation of Britain
  • How long will the Romans stay in Britain?
  • 400 years.
  • What advantages does Rome provide?
  • Protection, a money economy, great trade with its entire empire, engineering skills, political advances, and many others.
What Roman Emperor walls off the Northern Celts?
  • Hadrian
  • What language do the Romans speak?
  • Latin
  • Why do the Romans desert Britain?
  • Rome itself is threatened
anglo saxon england
Anglo Saxon England
  • When do the first Germanic tribes come to the British Isles?
  • 449 AD
  • Name the 3 Germanic tribes who come to England?
  • Angles, Saxons, and Jutes
  • A silly Question, but what language do these Germanic tribes speak?
  • Germanic, but an older version…in England, this German becomes known as Old English.
Where do most of the Celts migrate to avoid the advancing Anglo-Saxons?
  • Wales and Cornwall in England, Brittany in France.
  • Name the Christian Celtic leader who attempts to fight off the pagan Germans.
  • Arthur
  • Kiera Knightly as Guinevere,
  • in this version a Pict.
Name for the wandering storyteller of the Anglo-Saxon folk.
  • Scop…sometime called a gleeman, bard, or minstrel
  • What was the favored alcoholic beverage of the Anglo-Saxons?
  • Mead
  • Where would you expect to hear a singing scop?
  • The Mead Hall
“True is the tale I tell of my Travels” shows what poetic device?
  • Alliteration
  • This line opens a famous fragment of the oldest poem composed in England...name it.
  • The Seafarer
  • Besides Alliteration, name another common characteristic of AS style Poetry.
  • Meter, with 4 heavy beats per line.
  • Trivia: That Pause between 2 and 3?
  • Caesura
Most famous work of AS Literature?
  • Beowulf
  • Genre of Beowulf?
  • Epic
  • Beowulf, a Prince of the Geats goes to the aid of this Danish King?
  • Hrothgar
Who is terrorizing King Hrothgar?
  • The monster, Grendel.
  • Can you name Hrothgar’s Mead Hall?
  • Heorot
  • In the next episode of Beowulf, after ripping off Grendel’s arm, who does Beowulf fight?
  • Grendel’s Hag of a Mother.
As an old King, who is Beowulf’s last battle against?
  • A dragon
  • Name the brilliant monk who wrote the Church History of Briton.
  • Bede
  • What descriptive term is almost always used as an epithet to Bede?
  • Venerable
Bede, as an orphaned youth up in Northumbria would have spoken what language?
  • Old English/ Germanic
  • As a monk, Bede composed his works in what language?
  • Latin
  • Including his Latin and Old English, how many language did Bede master?
  • At least 5.
Name the region of England that Vikings control from in the 9th century.
  • The Danelaw
  • Name the AS King who repels the Viking invaders?
  • Alfred, the Great
  • What work of literature/history is attributed to King Alfred the Great and his scholars?
  • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
  • Who takes a vow of chastity and does not produce an heir for his throne?
  • Edward the Confessor
  • Who is the Saxon who takes the throne upon the death of Edward?
  • Harold ( know his last name?)
  • Godwinson
  • Who fights Harold for the throne?
  • William the Conqueror
Where does the Battle take place in 1066 in which William defeats Harold?
  • Hastings
  • What is Harold’s death wound?
  • An arrow through the eye
  • What cultural group fights for William?
  • Normans
  • What language do the Normans speak?
  • French
  • Scholars of the Anglo-Saxon Period, you should stop here.
  • Beyond this is Medieval Literature to be covered after the New Year dawns.
  • If you wish, re-do up to this point.
the middle ages in england
The Middle Ages in England.
  • What two languages will blend between 1066 and 1400 to bring us a recognizable Middle English?
  • Old English (German) & French
  • Name the genre/form of literature where short rhyming poems are put to music. They tell stories.
  • Ballad
In a popular ballad… Who follows the King’s orders and drowns at sea.
  • Sir Patrick Spens
  • In a popular ballad… she rejects Sir John Graham who dies of a broken heart. She too then dies.
  • Bonnie Barbara Allen
Who has to “get up and bar the door?”
  • The Goodman
  • How many ghostly visitors come to the Wife at Usher’s Well?
  • Three
  • Name the popular pilgrimage site in Southeastern England.
  • Canterbury
Who was martyred at Canterbury in 1174 by Henry’s knights?
  • Thomas A’Beckett
  • Who is the author of The Canterbury Tales, in which pilgrims tell tales?
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • What language does Chaucer use?
  • Middle English
Who pens “Le Morte D’Arthur?
  • Sir Thomas Mallory
  • Name someone defeated in battle by The Knight of the Fountain.
  • Grifflet, Arthur.
  • Who tells Arthur the scabbard is more valuable than the sword Excalibur?”
  • Merlin
Holy Wars against Muslims.
  • Crusades
  • Long, long war between England and France?
  • 100 Years War.
English king who is victorious at Agincourt in the 100 years war.
  • Henry V
  • French girl who was a heroine in the 100 years war.
  • Joan of Arc
  • Another name for the 30 years civil war 1455-1485 which ends at Bosworth Field.
  • War of the Roses