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  1. CIMON TOUCH 2006. 01

  2. Introduction • Excellent Durability • The mobile CPU of the TOUCH gives excellent durability under industrial environment. • Fanless cooling system make the TOUCH more durable. • Various I/O Channels • Ethernet Ports • Serial Ports • Parallel Port • USB Ports • VGA Port • Keyboard/Mouse Port KDT SYSTEMS

  3. CIMON-HMI S/W 내장 Touch Panel Computer Introduction • CIMON HMI included • The CIMON TOUCH includes The CIMON HMI/SCADA • If you choose a CIMON TOUCH for your SCADA system, you can reduce cost, KDT SYSTEMS

  4. Introduction • Interconnection • The CIMON TOUCH can connect with upper system (i.e. DBMS or SCADA) • The CIMON TOUCH can communicate with various field controllers. KDT SYSTEMS

  5. Introduction • Useful Applications • Line/Facility monitoring • Roll of Cell PC: gather data and store it • You can install any software you want KDT SYSTEMS

  6. Specification KDT SYSTEMS

  7. Specification KDT SYSTEMS

  8. Specification KDT SYSTEMS

  9. Hardware: CPU • CPU: VIA Eden ESP 10000 • Speed: 1.0 GHz • FSB: 133 MHz • The maximum power requirement of CPU is 7W. This CPU is fit to fanless system. KDT SYSTEMS

  10. Hardware: Memory • North Bridge: VIA CN400 • Capacity: 512 MB (up to 1GB) • Type: DDR-SDRAM PC3200 DDR 400MHz • The maximum data transfer rate is 3,200MB/sec. A Hi-speed memory make all software more faster. KDT SYSTEMS

  11. Hardware: Graphic • UniChrome Pro IGP integrated in VIA CN400 VT8625 • Graphic Memory: 32 MB shared • It’s powerful graphic performance make the CIMON TOUCH play two MPEG4 video files at a time. KDT SYSTEMS

  12. Hardware: LCD Panel • TFT LCD Panel from LG.Philips LCD • Resolution: 1,024 x RGB x 768 • Number of Colors: 16.2M (15”) • Number of Colors: 262,144 (12.1”) KDT SYSTEMS

  13. Hardware: Touch Panel • 5 wire resistive type touch panel • High Optical Transmittance: 80% • Durability • Surface Scratching: 1million times (250gf,60mm/s) • Surface Pitting: 35,000,000times(250gf, 2times/s) • A USB touch panel controller is included. KDT SYSTEMS

  14. Hardware: Storage • CF: 2GB • (T12CS, T15CS) • HDD: 40GB • (T12CH, T15CH, T15CX, T15CP) • A anti-shock HDD bracket protects HDD from mechanical vibration and shock. KDT SYSTEMS

  15. Hardware: VGA Port • One VGA Port to connect with a CRT. • If you connect with a CRT, CRT displays a image same as LCD. • If you extend your desktop using Windows desktop extension function, CRT displays a part of extended desktop view. KDT SYSTEMS

  16. Hardware: USB • Four USB 2.0 ports are include. • You can connect and access USB mass storages. • The CIMON TOUCH can boot from USB-DRIVE, USB-CD, USB-FDD, USB-HDD • Various external storages can be used. KDT SYSTEMS

  17. Hardware: Ethernet • 10 BaseT / 100 BaseTX • You can choose T15CX or T15CP to use two channels of Ethernet. KDT SYSTEMS

  18. Hardware: Ethernet • If you choose T15CX or T15CP which has two channels of Ethernet, you can separate a network for computer systems and a network for field controller to distribute and reduce network data traffic. KDT SYSTEMS

  19. Hardware: Serial Port • One RS-232/422/485 Convertible Port. • One more RS-232 Port • T12CS, T12CH, T15CS, T15CH • Three more RS-232 Ports • T15CX, T15CP KDT SYSTEMS

  20. Hardware: RS-232/422/485 • You can select one of RS-232/422/485 using function select switch. • It is easy to cable to plug type 5P connector for RS-422/485 communication. KDT SYSTEMS

  21. Hardware: RS-485 • RS-485 auto toggle function is supported. • You can select the delay time after transmitting last data to closing channel in three step using DIP switch. • You can connect or disconnect internal termination resister using DIP switch. KDT SYSTEMS

  22. Hardware: T15CX & T15CP • Parallel Port 1CH: T15CX, T15CP • If you want to use parallel port to connect a printer, you must choose T15CX or T15CP. • One of SPP/Bi-Directional, EPP/SPP, ECP, ECP/EPP can be selected. • CD-ROM: T15CP • If you want to use CD-ROM, you must choose T15CP • One PCI slot: T15CP • If you want to use PCI card, you must choose T15CP KDT SYSTEMS

  23. HMI for TOUCH • The CIMON TOUCH include the CIMON HMI for TOUCH only. • This type of HMI works properly only in the CIMON TOUCH • If you install and run it, HMI run in demo mode. • Users must install HMI for TOUCH to CIMON TOUCH. KDT SYSTEMS

  24. OS: Windows XP Embedded • Windows XP Embedded (XPE) is a kind of Microsoft Windows XP Professional for embedded systems. • Components of XPE are identical with those of XP Professional. • XPE has EWF to protect disk volume. KDT SYSTEMS

  25. OS: EWF • EWF is a powerful function to protect disk volume supplied by XPE. • EWF is more reliable than such a solution of third party. • EWF commit help you to use EWF function. KDT SYSTEMS

  26. OS: EWF • When you will setup Windows, install programs or write files on C: volume, new data will be stored in EWF volume not in C: volume. • If you will restart TOUCH/PPC, old data will be restored in C: volume. • If you want to save new data, you must run EWF commit. Then the TOUCH/PPC will be restart and new data will be saved. KDT SYSTEMS

  27. OS: EWF • After installing program, run EWF commit without reboot. If you don’t, installed program will be removed. • After change Windows configuration, run EWF commit. If you don’t, changed configuration will be removed. • After creating new files or folders, run EWF commit. If you don’t, new files or folders will be removed. KDT SYSTEMS

  28. Reliability • Operation Temperature: 0~50 ℃ • High temperature test: CPU usage 100%, 60℃, 24hours • Low temperature test: Start at -10℃ • EWF function test • ON/OFF test: 10,000 time without file system fail • Anti shock HDD bracket • Start after dropping 1m height, each 5 direction, 10 times KDT SYSTEMS