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Therapeutic Touch

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Therapeutic Touch. Kangaroo Holding. Kangaroo Care. Developing attachment in the NICU Skin to skin contact is the most preferred intervention to decrease neonatal morbidity and mortality Short term goal- maintain temperature. Kangaroo Care. Began 1980’s in Bogata, Columbia

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therapeutic touch

Therapeutic Touch



kangaroo care
Kangaroo Care
  • Developing attachment in the NICU
  • Skin to skin contact is the most preferred intervention to decrease neonatal morbidity and mortality
  • Short term goal- maintain temperature
kangaroo care3
Kangaroo Care
  • Began 1980’s in Bogata, Columbia
  • Practice spreading worldwide because of benefits
    • Germany- if baby under 500 grams
    • South Africa- opportunity for breastfeeding
    • Zimbabwe- mortality reduced 40%
  • Now practiced in 25 developing countries and many industrialized countries
  • Benefits to the infant;
    • Breathe better
    • Regulate heart rate- reduces dramatic increases
    • Analgesic effect
    • Doubles sleep time
    • Increased mouthing movements
  • Many other benefits;
    • Improve breast feeding- duration increased by 8 weeks
    • Promotes breastfeeding
    • Supports growth and development
    • Thermoregulation
      • Mother is preferred heat source
      • Neutral thermal range with skin contact
      • Mother adapts body temp for newborn
  • Shown to have positive effects on mother-infant bonding, stress reducing for both
  • Improves birthing experience for mother and father
  • Mothers demonstrate more maternal affection behaviors
  • Provides tactile comfort and verbal interaction
  • Enhanced father participation
  • Decreases maternal post partum depression
women s health
Women’s Health
  • Promotes a mother’s sense of confidence and independence
  • Enables woman promote the health and well being of her and her child
  • Will initiate the bonding pattern
  • Most nurses did not view kangaroo care as an added burden
  • Main goal is support parental confidence and competence
women s health8
Women’s Health
  • Nurses need to be there to provide information and offer support especially LBW babies
  • Fewer nurses needed to assist with normal term infants
  • Some nurses may feel frustration
  • Nurses feel benefits of kangaroo care can result in less workload for staff
potential risks and concerns
Potential Risks and Concerns
  • These are intensive care patients with multiple precautions noted.
  • Nurses often concerned with accidental dislodgement of lines, mechanical ventilation, etc.
  • Required monitoring and appropriate education for both mother and father
  • Education of the benefits of kangaroo care is a pivotal role for the nurse providing care
    • Nurse self-awareness regarding kangaroo care
  • Immediate skin to skin contact with mother post delivery
    • Dry baby put on hat and diaper, place on mother with warm blanket
  • Obtain APGAR scores, place I.D. bands
  • Vit K and Erythromycin after feeding
  • Other assessments after feeding
  • Skin to skin contact for first 24 hours of life and beyond
  • Minimize tasks that remove baby from mother immediately after birth
nursing implications
Nursing Implications
  • Promote education, parent teaching
  • Effortless and no cost considerations
  • Consider condition of infant
  • Staff assistance to prevent dislodging infusion lines
  • Organizational support- guidelines and protocols
nursing implications16
Nursing Implications
  • Nurse educator-
    • teaching principles in prenatal classes
    • Discuss fundamental role
    • Use of visual aids, reading materials
    • Discussion board, phone call follow-up
  • Nursery nurse-
    • Front line educators
    • Adequate rest and pain management
    • Documentation on discharge paperwork
nursing implications17
Nursing Implications
  • Pediatric nurse-
    • In-service on kangaroo care
    • Modifications to environment
  • Community health nurse-
    • Required in order to take practice beyond the NICU
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