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CHILE PDS. Photojournal A pictorial scrapbook of our trip June, 2012. At the airport…. Our first meal, cazuela . Bookmarks given to BSC students by University Mayor Students. Chilean peso notes and coins. 500 pesos is equal to about $1 US. The majestic Andes.

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chile pds



A pictorial scrapbook of our trip

June, 2012


This is from the Museo de la Memoria y los DerechosHumanos (Museum of Memory and Human Rights). It was so powerful!  It says:We cannot change our pastThe only thing remaining is to learn from what we livedThis is our responsibility and our challenge.


Santiago, seen from the top of San Cristobal. Notice the smog in these pictures. The smog is worst in the winter, and is the source of significant health problems in the Chilean population.

statue of the virgin mary top of san christobal the principal religion in chile is roman catholic
Statue of the Virgin Mary, top of San Christobal. The principal religion in Chile is Roman Catholic.

The metro. Stations are large, clean, and frequently house works of art. Fares vary in price by time of day traveled, and are higher during peak usage periods.