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PDS Web Pro PowerPoint Presentation
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PDS Web Pro

PDS Web Pro

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PDS Web Pro

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  1. PDS Web Pro • Custom Web Design • Quick Implementation • Powerful Patient Portal Option • Powerful Tools on Standard Website • Click to see Home page example

  2. Custom Web Design with basic template layout. Click to see “News & Events”

  3. All page examples are optional except for the home page. They can be renamed or added based on your preference Click to see “Services”

  4. Photos and text in this white area are easily edited in a word processor style editor. Click to see “Locations”

  5. Some pages such as this one are built using forms that maintain certain elements that are used to customize your website based on your clinic. Click to see “Contact Us”

  6. The “Contact Us” page allows you to list departments or people that can be emailed messages from the website. You maintain the list and the email address is not displayed on the web page. Click to see “About Us”

  7. The “About Us” page is built from forms filled out about each provider. There are several layouts you can use to display the providers based on your needs. Click to see a provider detail page.

  8. Element of text that appear in the white area are set up for your specific design. Elements such as font size and color are set up at the time your site is designed . Click to see “Patient Portal”

  9. A Patient Portal site is a powerful tool. It requires a secure in-house web server that communicates with your PDS Server. Click to “Login”

  10. When a Patient logs in they can change to any family member if they are a parent or guardian. Click to see “Select a Patient”

  11. Each patient listed under that Parent or guardian are shown” Click to set patient to“Annie Bonannie”

  12. The clinic can decide which of the applications they can provide to the patient. Click to see “Billing Services”

  13. In “Billing Services” the patient can see their balance, make a payment online and see current and past statements. Click to make a payment by online check.

  14. The patient fills out their account information and clicks to preview the information. Click to see the payment preview screen.

  15. The patient may either submit the payment or edit the information at this point. Click to submit the payment

  16. Click to go to the menu

  17. The payment goes directly into Cortex to be processed by the operator. Click to see a billing statement

  18. In Cortex past statements are archived for a full year. These are available to the patients online. Click to see as list of available statements

  19. In this example the patient has three past statements available Click to see an E-Statement

  20. An E-Statement reproduces all of the data contained in a paper statement Click to scroll

  21. Click to continue

  22. Click to return to the Menu

  23. Patients are now able to see all of their future scheduled appointments Click to see “Search for Appointments”

  24. Important information about the appointment is displayed along with the option to send a cancellation request. Click to return to the menu.

  25. A patient may also request an appointment online. Click to see “Request an Appointment”

  26. The first step is to choose a provider. If the preferred provider is specified in Cortex it will be displayed by default. You may also choose to bypass this screen if the preferred provider is specified. The patient may also see a pop-up window of the providers bio at this point. Click to see the Bio

  27. Click to continue

  28. Click to continue to the calendar option

  29. Available days are pulled directly from the providers schedule in Cortex. You may also set up a certain number of available slots that must be open before it will be displayed as available on the Portal. Click to see the “Request Form”

  30. Most of the information is pre-filled. Click to submit the request.

  31. Click to continue

  32. The “Prescription Refill Request” and “Ask a Medical Question” applications are similar to the Request an Appointment” Application The other Application displayed is a powerful and secure messaging system. Click to see “Read Messages”

  33. Using Cortex Messaging, secure messages can be sent to the patient. This is a vast improvement over sending PHI over regular email, a HIPAA violation. A patient can read new and read message Click to see a list of “Read Messages”

  34. Click to see message detail

  35. In this example, the reply button is enabled. This option can be specified at the time of composing a message in Cortex. Click to “Reply”

  36. Click to continue

  37. Click to continue

  38. Patient Forms are a powerful time saving feature, for you and the patient. Click to see “Download Forms”

  39. A list of forms available to the patient are displayed here explaining what the form is and when it should be filled out. Click to see the form

  40. When you site is setup we will convert up to 10 Word or PDF documents into a format that can be filled out and printed online Click to Continue

  41. Click to log out

  42. If you would like a more detailed demonstration call 800.283.7543

  43. PDS Web Pro – Web Site Features • Custom Pages • Contact Us Form • Appointment Request Form • Patient Forms • Easy to Manage Editing System • Event Calendar • Blog Editor • Much more

  44. PDS Web Pro – Portal Features • Online Payments • E-Statements • Appointment Management • Rx Refill Requests • Ask a Medical Question Forms • Secure Messaging • Provider Access to Schedules