using images from a cd n.
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Using Images from a CD PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Images from a CD

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Using Images from a CD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Images from a CD
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  1. Using Images from a CD Great images, But some potential pitfalls!

  2. This is a photograph from a CD

  3. This is a photo of a typical CD-ROM user. Notice his high forehead (a sign of intelligence), the anti-glare paint under his eyes, his disdain for conventional things, and his gaze fixed so intently on his computer. This could be you!

  4. This woman from the Nacirema tribe is also a typical CD-Rom user. Notice how she basks in the warm glow of her computer screen on a cold winter night, draped in her ornamented leather version of a hospital gown (open back).

  5. When using photographs or files from a CD-ROM disk, be certain that the image selected is saved with the file rather than only linked to the file. If you do not do so, your photo/image may not be found unless the disk is physically in your computer. Photo saved with file Linked with file (no photo displayed because photo is not saved with the file

  6. You may create “thumb-mail” displays of images from your CD-ROM as well as images from your digital camera and your scanner. However, if you overload your slide with pictures, the program is likely to have difficulties in presentations--it will be too large to be transportable on standard disks, and may take too long to load.

  7. Special Considerations • When adding text to a photo, there are several major concerns. These include: • Order (layering of images and text) • Font color • Text Placement

  8. Ordering or Layering Both images below bear the same message, but the order differs. Tour the Orient! Tour the Orient! Left: the image is in front. Right: the text is in front.

  9. Font Color Font color is black. Font color is blue. Font color is white. Font color is yellow. Font color is green. Font color is red. Note that some font colors show up better than others, depending upon the background. Generally, the bold text will be easier to see, no matter what the color.

  10. Text Placement and Color What’s wrong (or right) about each line placed on the image at the left? #1 is hard to read #2 is easier to read but bi-color text takes longer. #3 why bother with an image? #4 out of the way but also unnoticed. 1 Harris’s Hats and Jewelry. Harris’s Hats and Jewelry. 2 3 Harris’s Hats and Jewelry. 4 Harris’s Hats and Jewelry.

  11. Why are you still in the lab? Why don’t you go out and have fun instead of working on the computer? This could be you! Palm Springs

  12. The End Power Point #5