Permanent magnet dipole for nTof EAR2
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Permanent magnet dipole for nTof EAR2. Work progress 25/03/2013. Pierre-Alexandre Thonet TE-MSC-MNC. 800 mm. Permanent magnet blocks Sm 2 Co 17 , as a flux generator. Permanent magnet blocks Sm 2 Co 17 , compensate radial stray field to improve field quality in GFR.

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Permanent magnet dipole for ntof ear2

Permanent magnet dipole for nTof EAR2

Work progress 25/03/2013

Pierre-Alexandre Thonet


Permanent magnet dipole ntof ear2

800 mm

Permanent magnet blocks Sm2Co17, as a flux generator.

Permanent magnet blocks Sm2Co17, compensate radial stray field to improve field quality in GFR.

Permanent magnet dipole nTof EAR2

720 mm

340 mm

Return yoke C10R steel.

Pole tip C10R steel, smooth the possible differences on the easy axis orientation of the permanent magnet blocks.

Pictured: N-Tof permanent magnet dipole layout

  • Work progress:

  • Completion of magnetic design.

  • Completion of mechanical design taking into account the integration in the experimental area.

  • Completion of assembly tooling design.

  • Ordered 50 permanent magnet blocks (over 168) to a Chinese company which will be delivered in April.

  • The assembly tooling and one part of the magnet yoke is going to be ordered beginning of April (expected delivery time 4 weeks).

  • Magnet assembly test is going to be done in May to validate assembly procedure and the quality of PM blocks.

  • The rest of the orders for PM blocks and magnet yoke will be passed end of May.

Pierre-Alexandre THONET


Mechanical design

Mechanical design

  • - Definition of suitable dimensions for protection covers.

  • Definition of lifting locations on the magnet.

Pictured: PMD mechanical design

Pictured: PMD assembly tooling mechanical design

  • - The PM blocks will be slid individually on the dipole yoke firmly maintened with a dedicated tooling.

  • The dipole pole will be slid step by step in order to reduce mechanical forces due to magnetic field of the PM blocks.

Pierre-Alexandre THONET


Budget and schedule

Budget and schedule

- Initial budget and schedule still valid.

Pictured: Budget and schedule

Pierre-Alexandre THONET