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  2. GENERAL PROBLEM In May of 2012, Harrow International School, Beijing moved site. The school was originally made up of 2 separate campuses, one for junior students (age 3-10) and one for senior students (age 11-18). When the school amalgamated it became evident that the road surrounding the school was a huge risk to people entering and leaving the school building. The problem was acutely evident at the beginning of the day and even more problematic at the end of the day. During the start of the day, students would arrive on their designated bus to be dropped off for school. At the same time, students would arrive my bicycle, by car and by foot. At the end of the day, over 40 buses would congregate around the school building to take over 800 students on their journey home. You can see the amount of buses in the photo below. If we don’t do something, it is only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously injured or worse. Together, we (Lisa, Joanna, Denny, Lucy, Cindy, Nancy, Christine, Kevin, Harry, Angel, Jacklyn & Kingsley) decided to come up with a campaign to raise awareness on the risks involved with the road. The campaign would not only be aimed at the students, but also the teachers, the parents and the bus drivers. We needed a plan.

  3. PROBLEM This project is for a competition we enrolled in called ‘Your ideas, Your initiatives’. This is a competition where schools all around the world can join this competition to raise road safety awareness to reduce death rate due to road accidents. Since Beijing is a very busy city and with lots of traffic. We want to improve the safety awareness amongst everyone in the school, especially the lower year groups. We think that this project is the perfect way to promote this idea. However, the students from different year groups can not be taught the same way. Younger students in the school tends to be more attracted to simpler things such as, pictures and stand-out headings. On the other hand we have drivers for the school buses, they have limited knowledge about the speed limits in school. There are over 800 students in this school and there are about 40 buses coming in and out of the school everyday to pick up and drop off students. It is very hard to control all these people, not everyone might listen which goes against our point of this project. Large number of the car accidents that occur every year is because that seatbelts were not used or not properly used. Many people don’t understand the crucial use of seatbelts and how a thing that tiny can save lives. This need to be largely promoted through out the school. According to researches, most of the students do not wear a seatbelt whilst sitting on a bus. Everyday, children pass away due to traffic accidents in Beijing. We think that people aren’t aware of the danger on the streets. Since we are a school we would want the students who goes here to understand all the concepts of safety on roads. For example, we need to walk on zebra crossings when crossing a road to prevent us from getting hurt.

  4. PLAN If our campaign was to be successful, we would need to carefully plan what we were going to do. These are the things we considered to be most important. Target Market – Who issour target market – the campaign will have to appeal to all different age groups, will need to be morally acceptable within the school community, ethically correct and achievable with the resources that we have available. Time frame – We hveuntil April 30th to submit our competition entry, so we have to make sure that the campaign is in effect by the middle of April at the latest. Cost – we currently have no budget so need to find a way of raising funds to pay for our campaign – will we ask the parents, local companies, or could we devise a plan to raise the money ourselves? Format – What format will we use – TV, Radio, Posters, Internet. There are many formats available, but we need to choose something that is easily accessible, low cost and achievable in the timeframe that we have to work with. Sustainability – We want our campaign to be sustainable and have a long lasting effect on the school community. How can we devise a campaign that will appeal to all and be something that they will remember in the long term? Promotion – How will we promote our campaign – will there be an allocated amount of time we can have to successfully get our campaign across? Success – How will we gauge our success – How will we assess whether or not the campaign had the necessary impact? Your Ideas – Your Initiatives Harrow International School Beijing

  5. TARGET MARKET The next step was to research and investigate what might be an appropriate format for us to use in the school environment. Advertisement -videos Although many countries is using advertise to tell the importance of road safety but Australia is one of the best at doing it. it made many kind of road safety campaign and they are really affective and unique. Some of them tell the danger of driving drinking and some of them tell the danger of the car crash. The advertise could improve the road safety because when people see a really frighten video about a person dead in car crash. They would be more careful while they are driving. The three pictures and form two different videos. The cartoons All the kids would love to see some cartoons. So the community used these cartoons to teach kids the how important the road safety are. THE COMMONLY USED RAOD CAMPAIGNS The road signs Road signs are the most effective in the world. They are made by metals which have good consistence. So as the result they could stays outside for a really long time. In order to drag people’s attention they are usually painted in catchy color. We could see the road signs in the picture are painted in red, yellow and black. DIFFERENT KINDS OF ROAD SAFETY COMPAIGNS AROUND THE WORLD The T – shirts Many community safety world in the world have already start to make their own T- shirt and they would rather give them or sell them to people in the world. So the people who wear the T-shirt would be a moving advertisement which would tell the road safety. The T-shirt in the picture made design and made by a road safety community in UK. It reminds us of the road safety of the kids. The little yellow hat the primary school students in China have to wear a yellow hat when they walking on the street. In this way the drivers could see them one mile away and they would drive slower. The Chinese government use this way to keep the primary school students safety. Crosswalk Painting a crosswalk in the middle of the road is not that hard, but a crosswalk is really could keep the passengers safe while they are cross the road. A driver could easily see the crosswalk form 10 meters away. Join us The members of the road safety campaign in Malaysia become the volunteers who walk on to the street and talk about the road safety with the passengers. This is a really good way to improve the road safety, there would be zero cost and the rule could spread easily and quickly. The posters It is not really expensive to prints posters because posters are made by cheap papers. Posters are easy to understand and it would spend a lot of time for a person to read the information on the poster and to see the drawing on it. This poster tells us drive fast could cause our death. Our little road way Instead of the boring lessons. The Dubai government create some indoor mock road ways. Students could drive a little toy car the road. And the teachers would give them instructions about how to drive safely and some traffic rules. I think after a driving lesson like this, all the kids would love to drive safely in the future.

  6. After researching a range of road safety campaigns we decided on some key areas that we were going to target NO SEATBELT An average of 35,000 people die every year in vehicle accidents. For every two deaths, one could have been avoided by wearing a seat belt. That means 17,500 people die from not wearing the seat belt. However, according to a survey we did, not all the seats on our school buses have seatbelts, and not all the seatbelts function. Also, the most important thing we need to be aware of is not all the students put on their seatbelts even if there are ones. PHONE CALLING National data show cell phones were involved in 350 fatal crashes nationwide in 2011. Phone calling must be banned among our school drivers. As a result, the campaign must have the use of reminding school drivers the importance of no phone calling, and also increasing the awareness of students who may later remind the drivers about slowing down, and staff who may later drive slower in the campus. TIRED DRIVING The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conservatively estimates that 100,000 police-reported crashes are the direct result of driver fatigue each year. This results in an estimated 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and $12.5 billion in monetary losses. As you can see above, driver fatigue is a serious problem. However, according to students who take school buses, they said they often see the drivers look very tired. So the purpose of this campaign will be to remind the drivers to get good rest before they drive. SPEED UP In 2010, 10,530 people died in crashes that were linked to speeding, and since 2000, speeding-related deaths are up 7 percent. By contrast, during this time period, deaths related to the failure to use seatbelts plummeted by 23 percent. In harrow campus, we need to remind school drivers to know they have to slow down while they are driving in school. Also, we need to remind students and staff be aware of this matter and remind the drivers frequently.

  7. RESEARCH The poster below is really easy to understand and it can remind people about basic safety in the car. It’s good because it has a illustration of a cartoon which can be attracted by younger kids and even though you don’t speak that language you can still kind of understand what the poster is trying to show. This page is going to be about different types of road safety campaigns that might be effective to let people have an awareness on road safety. This poster on the left, in my opinion is quite effective with clear colors, explanations and pictures. However I think it fits more for adults than kids because kids might not understand the meaning of the poster. Also it might be a little inappropriate for kids to see because it involves death and in general this poster will be aimed to the drivers. This poster above showsa really strong impression given to the audience. Sometimes people will get more effected by the things that’s not nice, uncomfortable, sad, emotionally attached ,etc. However I don’t think this poster would be appropriate for younger children because it’s too bloody and horrible to look at. On the other hand, adults may get really effected to this and even though you can’t speak English you can still get the point of this poster and gives you a sense of awareness . The picture of road signs above can be really affective for everyone because they are all general road signs that everyone can see in everyday life. These road signs are clear with bold clear letters and colors to then be identified and seen easily. They are one of the safety campaigns that I think would be most effective for a wide range of age. This poster above will be good to put around schools and it can give awareness to people. The poster has bold letters and clear picture that can really transfer the idea to everyone. We can make this poster big enough for the drivers to see and less accident would happen. The poster above used the pause, fast-forward and stop sign that we use for music or movies. This will be really attached to everyone’s everyday life and it is a very clever illustration. Kids may also understand just by looking at the pictures what is the message that the poster is giving us. This poster used interesting pictures that will attract people’s attention and the description below is quite convincing and effective. This poster may be considered to put on the buses, around school and it may also be made into a poster sign on the roads or at the gate to give a reminder for the drivers.

  8. This poster will be very effective in our school, because it is very easy to understand. It uses a very simple picture and simple quotes. It also uses color symbol. Red symbol danger, so people will be more aware of road safety and look out for bicycle. This poster is creative because the driver’s eye is a bicycle it will gab young reader’s attention ROAD SAFETY I think this poster would be appropriate and very effective in our school.this poster is very easy to understand for child and foreigner, because its got a lot of pictures on it. The Grim Reaper represent death and road accident. So people (especially kids who are afraid of ghost) will be scared and be aware of road safety. There is also a man playing car racing game on the poster, it shows that driving is not playing a game. Since almost every student are familiar with video games so it student in the school will understand the massage it pass. Also its got both English (for teachers, stuff, student and parents) and Chinese (for Chinese school bus driver, student and parents) on it, which are the two main language used in school. This poster will be appropriate in our school, it is about comparing two picture. The first picture represent that if you drive at normal speed, you will be fine (going home). the second picture shows that if you drive too fast, you might end in accident and you might die (going to graves). The pictures are easy to understand, because its got simple language and simple picture. It gabs our attention by using a strong comparison. This poster is also a very eye-catchy poster. The Electrocardiography representthe driver‘s life , and it showed the driver was a life until he drink alcohol and drive his car, then he was dead. There is also a equation on the picture, which says alcohol plus car equals to 0, and the massage of this is that if you drink and drive, you will die! This is quite interesting, but it is a little bit hard for child to get it, but there is an English quote to make people understand more. So overall I think this will be appropriate in the school, but it might not be effective as the others.

  9. RESEARCH On the left is a poster. The alliteration of “Headlights” and “Head” in the quotes maximize its impacts. The capital letters also suggest as a warning and catch people’s attention. The background is a pedestrian road, coherent to the topic. This page is going to evaluate different road safety campaigns around the world to see their pros and cons. By doing so we can assemble some good ideas. On the right is a brooch designed for a road safety campaign. It has a logo on the left and its slogan on the left. The red logo stands out from the white background. At the top is a poster which shows the terrible consequence of not driving carefully. In the center we can see a girl sitting on a wheelchair. This make us imagine about her accident. The white wheel catches the eyes from people. At the top is a painting logo for road safety. The color choice here is mainly red, white and black, which catches people’s attention. On the outside of the ring, there are all kinds of transportations such as motorbike and bicycles. There is a pedestrian road at the bottom and it points towards a sun which might be a sign of safe and happy. On the right is a poster for reminding children the importance of road safety. It uses lots of cartoons in different scenarios. Each of them is an action and is categorized into “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. These cartoons will be effective for the small children. The choice of red and green color can also stands for the traffic lights, which again ties with the main topic - road safety. On the top is an advertisement poster. It is really creative that it uses a rearview mirror as a background. The “O” in the word promise stands out as it changes into a heart. On the top right hand is a road safety advertisement reminding people to THINK about their own safety and other people’s safety. The yellow emphasizes the word “THINK” written in capital letters. By doing so, it will get more attention. Moreover, the use of white and dark blue are similar to the pedestrian road, again warns people about the situation. At the top is a poster with a white skeleton on top of the black background. The skeleton reminds people of death. The sunglasses also plays an affect of being “cool is not a good idea in driving safely. “TOO LATE” in the quotation at the bottom suggest the people to start being cautious now. At the top, this road safety campaign shows simply by using one quote in capital letters with only two colors: white and bluish green. Although it looks a bit boring for children, it is really polite in terms of the phrases used here. It would be more acceptable by adults. On the left is a sign to warn people to fasten their seat belts while driving. The sign is distinguished from others as the red triangle becomes a seat belt. It shows people that as long as you fasten your seatbelt, the people inside can be safe. The quotation at the bottom uses alliteration of “alert” and “alive” with “today” and “tomorrow”.

  10. This poster is not very good because a lot of people will not understand it. While a drivers is staring at it thinking what conversation is the poster talking about he will crash. You can not see if the person in the car is talking on the phone or not. This sign uses a picture of Volkswagen and Mitsubishi crashing. It uses comedy by saying that is Volksubishi is a new type of car. The problem of that sign is that children or people who don’t know the car brands will not understand the sign. This poster shows an accident and it says “Don’t Let It Be You!” The poster will make the drivers to driver slower, but it will also make the people that are walking to look around before they decide to cross a road. Will this poster be appropriate for children? ROAE SAFETY CAMPAIGNS Here is a sign which uses bright colors to make it more visible for the drivers who are passing next to it. This sign is a good idea, because it tells the driver that there is a school around that area, but it doesn’t say the speed limit, which means that the driver can drive with speed over the limit. This sign uses a famous person to make it more like a comedy. Will everybody know who that person is? This poster is no very good because it will be very hard for drivers to read and while spending time reading it they might crash. Another reason is that not everyone read so it would be impossible for some people to know what the sign says. This poster is good because it is saying “Reduce Speed” and most of the people will not understand it. The bad thing about this poster is that not everyone will understand it e.g. someone who cannot read, a kid etc. This sign shows what would happen if you go over the speed limit. It shows people after a crash, but it is no really good for younger children because a sign like this one might upset them. So is it appropriate for the road where everyone can see it? Here is a sign which shows the spine of a person probably after a crash. The sign is good, but not everyone will understand it. Will children understand it?

  11. FORMAT • Once we had an idea of what areas we were going to target, we had to nail down an appropriate format to use. TV and radio would not be appropriate due to the facilities that we had. Internet might work, but we needed a campaign that could be accessed by all age group. The sensible option seemed to be a poster campaign throughout the school building, but then there was a matter of cost. Who would pay for the printing of the poster, banners, etc. How could we raise money to cover these costs without having support from an external source. • After some careful thought, we decided that in addition to the posters, we could produce a range of t-shirts that the students could buy. The T-shirts would also promote the road safety theme and the profits used could go towards covering the cost on the poster manufacture. • We now had to organise a day on the school calendar to allow the posters to be seen and the T-shirts to be worn and ultimately promote our Road Safety campaign. We met with the school Leadership group and school Principal to discuss the possibility of have a ‘Road Safety Day’ when everyone would be able to wear the T-shirts we had designed. The Principal (Miss Lynne Oldfield) agreed that April 16th could be ‘Road Safety Day’ and students would be able to wear the T-shirts we designed but must wear school uniform on the bottom. After discussion we realised that this was not going to work for us. We needed to get students to buy the T-shirts, to do this they would need some sort of incentive. We met with the Miss Oldfield again and explained that to promote the campaign properly we would need more than 50 % of students supporting the initiative by wearing T-shirts. To do this we would need Miss Oldfield to agree to a full non uniform day. Students would be able to wear our T-shirts whilst wearing the remainder of their own clothes. If students had chance to not wear uniform, they would be more willing to buy and wear a T-shirt. Fortunately she agreed.

  12. Next, we would research the different types of banners and poster options available to us. This is horizontal pop-up banner. This is highly-effective indoors and outdoors, and it is not easy to be damaged. This is also easy to order: just choose the size, printing and quantity. This is a spider banner. It is very stable since It is held in place by a tensioned frame of easy to assemble rods. Also, it is eye-catching in all. So this is quite a good one. This is a fin flag banner. It is a durable, wind-friendly flag that presents your message in any weather. In this case, it is good choice if we are putting our campaign outdoors. This is square pop-up banner. It uses 'easy-to-fold' fiber glass frame, so it gives you an alternative shape option. Also, it is more stable due to its design. This is 9 oz. White Mesh Vinyl Material. is a top-quality, flexible banner material with a mesh finish. This treated fabric has small holes that provide excellent wind resistance and allow people to see out from the back. This is a surf flag banner. It is a pleasing teardrop shape, with a good size print area. It is easy to transport and fast to put up and take down. This is also wind-friendly flag that are durable and waterproof. So it will be a good choice if we decide to place our campaign outdoors. This is a sail flag banner. It is durable and It has a very popular shape and a strong fiber glass frame. After all, it is very fashionable and eye-catching. This is a vertical banner. It is easy to transport and quick to set up. It provides clear display of your brand or message at eye-height and where space is limited. This is a lantern and glow-lantern banner. It is a very creative way of getting your stuff up there that combines 360 degree visibility. Also it is easy to use. This is a round banner. As you can see, it has a distinctive shape that is ideally suited to the many roundel designs of logos or brands. It has the durable, patented frame allowing you to set-up in just 30 seconds. This is a Red River's Polar Matte. It looks very fancy since it has a ultra smooth and white surface. As a result, people might be attracted to this and thereby makes the whole promotion more effective. This is 100 lb. Gloss Cover Stock. It is a high-quality, thick paper stock that is excellent for posters requiring high resolution and sharp imagery. This is a pull-up banner. It is held in place by a telescopic rod behind the banner for convenient and simple presentation of your corporate graphics. Also, it is quite easy and quick to set up. This is Recycled Matte Cover Stock. It has elegant finish, sharp color reproduction and unmatched environmental specifications. This is 100 lb. Gloss Text stock. It is excellent for posters requiring high resolution and sharp imagery. This is 16 pt. C2S Gloss Cover Stock. It s an ultra-thick, premium-quality cover stock that is excellent for poster projects requiring high resolution and sharp imagery. This is 13 oz. White Matte Vinyl Material. is a high-grade, flexible banner material with a matte, frontlit finish. This treated smooth surface has high durability and puncture resistance. This is a feather flag banner. It is are easy to set up and can be used with the spike for soft ground or the rotating stand for hard surfaces.

  13. We should put our poster in every entrance to the building; because when you enter the buildings, you have to go pass the entrance and if we put our poster there people who enter the building can all see it. Audience: Student, parents, teachers, staff. We should put our poster in resting areas in the school, because student always hang out in that area during lunchtime. There are also notice boards, which student will look at. Audience: Student, teacher, staff We should put our posters in the library, because there are many student in the library during school time. there are also notice boards for house and other event, we can put our poster on the boards for student and staff to look at during house. Audience: students, staff We should also put our poster by the hall ways. So that student who walk past can see our poster campaigns, but the posters here needs to be clear and simple because people are just walking past, they are not going to stop and take a hour reading it. the poster here also needs to garb people’s attention really fast. Audience: students, teachers, staffs LOCATIONS -Where should we put our posters? We should put our posters at where the buses all meet and even on the buses. Because road safety is very important for school buses and school bus drivers. Most of the student go to school by bus so I think its important to also let all the student who take buses home. The poster here also needed to be translated in to Chinese, because the school bus drivers are Chinese and they need to understand it. Audience: bus drivers, student who take school bus. We should also put our posters in the cafeteria and the lunch hall, because students and teachers come here every day. The poster that we put here need to stand out and garb people’s attention. Because the lunch hall will be very noise and busy in lunch time, so it really need to let people notice them, and read them. The posters here don’t need to be very simple and easy to understand. Because people can actually sit an read them carefully. Also lunch hall sometimes is used for house time, so when students are having house time they can look at those posters. Attention: students, teacher and staff

  14. Now that we had the format and date in place, we had to finalise out ideas and get them made. Poster ideas Our ideas – Our group choose to make poster of road safety campaigns. Four final poster should in same font and same character. Everybody in our group hand in four poster ideas. Than we decide the final poster and upgrade them. All ideas must be clear to understand. As you can see in the picture there have many ideas with yellow reviews. Some of us used a character of “A diary of a wimpy kids” our group decided to use him to be our character on the poster. It is drew in simple line, the actions and emotions are obvious. The background is white and the character is in dark line, is quit clear. Audience from kids to adults can understand what is happening of the picture. Our group upgrade the ideas with wimpy kids. Trying to put less colors and less words on our posters. Just like the one on left, there only have two words and a picture. To make it more like a poster, we need to mix the words and picture together. We decided that posters shouldn't be too colorful, people like drivers our little kids cannot understand the purpose immediately. It's a little bit fancy. Same with T-shirt. Clear background, large and simple font and include a simple picture which is best fit on to the shirt. It can catch people's attention and let them read the words. The advertise road safety is very important. An Idea with a no clear title is really confusing. It is hard to take the mean although there have few words. Font have to be clear, easy to read. Ideas should not be too small. On this poster, it is clear and easy to understand. However, it have too much blank and the font is toosmall. It is hard to catch people's attention. And drivers can't read it while they are driving. Final ideas- we have a white back ground which is clear, the font look like hand writing which makes the poster more interesting, It is impossible that drivers take a careful look with the posters. Therefore, we should not put paragraph in boring font in our posters. People will actually think: oh, look there is a poster. But not going to read it. They can hardly stop and be patient to read through the poster. This kind of poster can get people's attention easily but it is not easy to understand for some adults and little ids

  15. At first we didn’t think much, so we just draw some rough draft. It looks really unsightly, and also the most important thing is that we can not see this poster from the back. It’s not colorful, therefore no one want to see this. On this one we try to use color pencil to draw the poster in order to add the color, but eventually it doesn’t really work. Because it’s still not really clear enough. And if we only use this kind of pencil, it seems a bit childish. This one we try to use the black marker combine with the color pencil. It looks much better than the preview one, but still it not exquisite enough. We also try to use languages from all counties. It looks good. However the words can only be seen if people stand close. But poster need to be seen far away, therefore it needs some improvement, too. This one is definitely unique. However the word font is too small. If People walking pass can’t see it’s useless. This one looks awesome. The font is clear and the drawing is cool. However we need a general character. We realize that we need a theme, a character that can be used in all the four posters. So this is one of the character we created. It’s cool. However people can’t really see the relation between this and road safety, therefore it’s not advisable. The thing need to improve here is that it needs more picture, otherwise it will be boring. Then we try to use the character Pikachu. It’s funny, but the black background is a little bit dark and it’s not really appropriate. This poster is really neat, but the thing is the message that being sent out is not really clear enough. People can get confused when they see this poser. We tried several other type of character, however we consistently think Wimpy Kid this image suit the most on our campaign. Because our poster need to be seen with by upper school students and lower school students, therefore it can’t be so childish or too mature. This character is known by everyone, even upper school’s will think it’s quite funny, therefore we choose this. We discussed and think this is a little bit misleading. But over all we all agree that this kind of poster is what we need. Development

  16. FINAL DESIGN POSTERS This poster is aimed at drivers and teachers who use mobile phones during driving. The poster is talking about the danger of using mobile phones during driving. In this poster, we created a poster that looks like math equation. This poster is designed as a humorous poster due to the math equation related to the car accidents. In this poster, we also emphasized some words from the poster in red color. We emphasized “DEAD” from the poster that is “Driving + Mobile phones= Accident. This red highlighted words can lead many people to think that using mobile phones during driving makes accidents and even death. Thus, as the posters are posted all around the school, we believed that drivers and teachers have awareness about using mobile phones during driving. This is one of the 4 posters that we created from some ideas. This poster is talking about the speeding up. This poster is mainly aimed at drivers who don’t slow down inside the school. This also informs many students about the danger of the speeding up. Thus, They will have a sense of awareness about the car accidents due to speeding up. Also, we emphasized some words from the poster in red color. In this poster, we emphasized “SURE?” from the poster saying “Speeding up! R u kidding me?? Be serious”. As we post the posters around the school, we believed that this will convince the drivers to slow down every time and make students aware of the car accidents that might occur every time This poster is aimed at drivers to inform the danger of tired driving. Many drivers do not have enough sleep at nigh so they could be really drowsy in the morning. The tired driving can lead drivers to not pay attention to the road sign or traffic light on the street. Then, that might cause an accident. Thus, we wrote about the danger of the tired driving in this poster. In addition, we highlighted some words from the poster in red color. We highlighted “I die u like it?. This can make people to think that tired driving can make people die. Therefore, as we post this poster around the school, we believed that drivers will try to not driving when they are tired and try to sleep more before driving. This poster is aimed at all students, teachers and drivers in the school. This poster talks about the importance of putting seatbelt on. “TO SAVE YOUR LIFE” makes people think about putting seatbelt on because all people don’t want to die in a car accident. Pre-Prep and Prep students will also be able to understand this poster and put seat belt on because the language in this poster is quite easy and this picture on the top represents the people buckled up. Thus, we believed that many people including students, teacher and drivers will put their seat belt on while they are on the bus by looking at this poster.

  17. RESEARCH The alliteration of “Kids” in the quotes maximize its impacts. The “Don’t you know!” quote in the end catches people’s attention. It also introduces the speed limit in a school, which should be 25. The color in the background is pale blue, forces people to look at the words. This page shows the evaluation we did on different road safety T-shirts to see their pros and cons. By doing so I can assemble some good ideas. On the right is this female T-shirt designed for a road safety campaign. The combination of dark grey, light grey and white fit in a harmony. We can also have different styles of shirts for boys and girls like this one. We can see from the design that its typically for a kid. The cartoon is funny and eye-catchy. The traffic light the he’s holding shows that it’s related to road safety. The cartoon can also represent the little kids on the road. Indicating that the designer wants the drivers to pay attention and take care kids on the road. T-shirt template On the right is this catching t-shirt with a road safety sign on it. The color orange and white stands out in the whit background. The capital letters for the word “ROUTE” also catches the attention. Instead of choosing a random number, the designer choses 66 which is easy to remember due to the repetition of “6”. The square on the outside of the sign has a highlighting effect on this particular T-shirt. This T-shirt is interesting due to following reasons. Firstly, the red and bright orange stands out from the black background that catches people’s attention. Besides, the orange quotes are the reflection of the red quotes that said “HANG UP AND DRIVE” in capital letters. This makes an impact on people and raises people’s awareness. We could take the idea of using contrasting colors and also learning to make the T-shirts simple, as simple can sometimes make greater impact on people. This color of the T-shirt is different from the other ones. Instead of a white or black background color, the designer chooses the light yellow, which is the same color range as the road safety sign at the front of the T-shirt. The exclamation mark and the capital letters both make a difference. Yellow and black are two colors that fit into each other really well. I like the idea of putting various road safety signs all on the same T-shirt. Instead of looking messy, it makes more sense to the people that the topic of this T-shirt is road safety. There are also different colors, which stands out from the black background and.

  18. Manufacture Lastly, we discussed about the price of each deigns and we sent the T-shirt we designed to the owner. The process is very fluent. In order to make sure we have the right size (Chinese size are usually different)), we asked for some sample T-shirt to get an overall idea of the designs and the sizes of the T-shirt. We are pleased and excited when the T-shirts arrive, it just looks as good as we think it will be. The next step is to produce a reserve table for each classes to buy the T-shirts. On this page, I am going to introduce different methods of getting information about the size of the T-shirts and the production costs. I will also state the process of how we negotiated with the salesman from the store. This is a table for the size of the T-shirts. We first went to the school shop to see their prices for the T-shirts for the students in our school. The teacher there provided us a factory, but we decided to find other companies as the cost is over 40 RMB for one T-shirt. We think the price is inappropriate and we want to minimize the cost. After we talked to the three stalls and asked for their sizes and prices. We chose this stall due to its quality, price and also the owner’s warmhearted characteristics. Meanwhile, we also proposed to the school about the budget spending on this. The headmaster approved and we got the amount of money we need. We then started to gather ideas from the Internet. We noticed that there are many DIY T-shirt companies on the, so we went through the information of every stalls and finally we picked 3 for further discussion. Our evaluation is based on its prices, sales and customer satisfaction. And these are the T-shirts DESIGNED BY US!

  19. Ideas and Designs At the beginning of this project our group decided that the best idea will be t-shirts. We thought that when people wear the t-shirts everyone will look at them and become interested about road safety. Everyone were assigned to come up with simple designs for the short sleeve T-shirts we are going to make. Below are some of the very starting ideas we came up with. On this page we are going to analysis the reasons why we choose T-shirt as our final products. We made two kind of T-shirts for all of the students to choose. The Idea of we choosing to make t-shirts is that everyone in our school can buy one with a cheap price. It will be more easy for them to know about this program we are working on. The sign and text that we design are easy to understand both to student and drivers , Also to the younger children it is more interesting than road safety videos or just simple signs. The student can wear the t-shirt any time they want. The t-shirt will not just be reminding students to be more careful on the road. It will also remind parents and drivers that drives the student to school. The second one we have used the traffic light as the designs on the front writing: “Stop,Look,Go.” It will make the younger student notice about traffic light more. At the back we have putted a Traffic sign of students walking through a street. It will be a notice to the parents driving children to school and the school drivers. The first t-shirt we have design we choose to use a black t-shirt. On the front we design a sign of a speed limit of the car. It is a notice to drivers and parents to be careful with the speed they’re driving. At the back we have a sign of “SLOW-It’s The new fast.” It’s good reminder to young kids to walk slowly when they cross the street when they are on their way to school. The next step is to choose what type of T-shirt we should make. We were thinking of making both long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts, but research amongst people in school people prefer short sleeve T-shirts. We also didn’t want to make things too complicated so after many decisions and idea we stuck with just using black and white for our T-shirt backgrounds. During the project our group had to make a lot of decision, such as choosing the right designs which at some points was very challenging because not every one agreed with each other. Many of the designs we had from the start were not used. We needed to consider the wide range of audience we are promoting this project, especially the younger children, they are attracted to different themes.

  20. FINAL DESIGN T-SHIRTS For the other t-shirt, we wrote STOP LOOK GO and we made the O into looking like the traffic lights. This can remind the drivers to drive safely. And the color of the words reminds the drivers the meaning of the lights. For example red is to stop, yellow is to look and green is to go. This t-shirt is to remind the driver that there’s speed limit and the driver cannot go too fast at school because it is very dangerous. And it also remind not to go too fast. At the back, it shows that being slow is the new fast to convince the drivers to slow down and also there’s students crossing the road at the bottom of the t-shirt. It is to show that the drivers should beware of students and let them cross the road safely. At the back of the t-shirt, there is a sign of students crossing the road and it can also remind the driver of looking carefully at the road. And since we are at school, there will be students crossing the road so this is actually important to the drivers. Students are going to buy these t-shirts and they can wear them at the t-shirt day. It is going to be on Wednesday the 16th of April and the t-shirts are going to cost 30RMB each.

  21. SELLING THE T-SHIRTS • To sell the T-shirts, we contacted parents and explained the project we were involved in and the importance of raising the awareness of road safety within the school community. Whilst some parents chose not to support our cause, the vast majority did. We sold over 600 T-shirts, which gave us enough to cover the initial cost of the T-shirts and printing, and to pay for the poster campaign printing. • Adding to that, we presented our campaign at 3 separate assemblies. Pre prep, Prep and Upper school, informing all the students and staff of the risks involved with the road. We also arranged a meeting with drivers which was translated into Mandarin for them, and we met with the ‘Friends of Harrow’ parent group to inform them of why we believed this was a valuable cause. • We also raised enough money to be able to buy prizes for a competition that would be run on Road Safety day. Year 1-5 would be given an hour on Road Safety day to design an individual Road Safety Poster. The winners from each year group would receive a trophy and a prize. At the same time, some subjects in the upper school chose to support the Road Safety theme by covering aspects of the curriculum that related to road safety. For example – Biology looked at reaction times, Physics looked at the forces involved with sudden impact, MFL examined the language used in a range of foreign road safety campaigns. • Below are the prize winners, prizes and trophies for the Road Safety Poster competition. On the next slide you can see the winning posters

  22. Road Safety Poster Competition Winners.

  23. Road Safety Day – April 16th • When the day finally came, there was much excitement. Poster were up around the school to remind students of Road Safety. Over 600 students, staff, drivers and parents wore their T-shirts to school and numerous activities took place to raise the awareness. The day was such a success, that it has been discussed that the ‘Road Safety Day’ will now be an annual event on the Harrow International School Beijing calendar. We have also had journalist from ‘Beijing Kids’ magazine to write an article on the success of the event. It will be published in the June 2014 edition.

  24. CONCLUSION We truly believe that all of our hard work has benefitted a whole community. Driving in China can be very dangerous. People don’t wear seatbelts. Texting while driving is common place. People take little notice of street signs and designated crossings, and speed limits are often broken or disregarded.We believe that is our initiative can save one life, then we have done our job. The posters will remain on the walls of the school and the banners will stay in the school main entrance to constantly remind the community of the risks of the road. Those who purchased T-shirts will always have then to remind themselves to be careful and take the necessary precautions to stay safe.