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Learning Terminology

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Learning Terminology. Learning Terminology. Language of Medicine. The Language of Medicine. Dates to the time when people had only spoken language and no written language Medical terminology began to gain uniformity as a result of the works of Hippocrates. Derivation of Medical Terminology.

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Learning Terminology

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learning terminology
Learning Terminology

Learning Terminology

language of medicine
Language of Medicine

The Language of Medicine

  • Dates to the time when people had only spoken language and no written language
  • Medical terminology began to gain uniformity as a result of the works of Hippocrates
derivation of medical terminology
Derivation of Medical Terminology

Derivation of

Medical Terminology

  • The study of the origin of words is called etymology.
  • Many medical terms used today are based on Ancient Greek and Latin.
  • Word building became and remains the primary way to describe new medical discoveries.
derivation of medical terminology part 2
Derivation of Medical Terminology Part 2

Derivation of

Medical Terminology

Word knowledge was primarily passed on through only verbal communication which resulted in words being pronounced very differently.

The word heart is derived from Old English heorte which comes from a word related to Greekkardia which means heart.

pluralizing terms
Pluralizing Terms

Pluralizing Terms


  • Add s to words ending in any vowel or consonant except s,x,z, or y (ex. joint- joints)
  • Add es to words ending in s,x, or z (ex. reflex - reflexes)
pluralizing terms part 2
Pluralizing Terms Part 2

Pluralizing Terms

Rules Cont’d

  • Remove x and add `ces to Latin words ending in x (ex. appendix - appendices)
  • Remove the `y and add `ies to words ending in `y preceded by a consonant (ex. mastectomy- mastectomies)
pluralizing terms part 3
Pluralizing Terms Part 3

Pluralizing Terms

Rules Cont’d

  • When an ending `y is preceded by a vowel, the usual plural suffix is `s (ex. boy - boys)
  • Add `e to Latin terms ending in a (ex. lamina - laminae)
pluralizing terms part 4
Pluralizing Terms Part 4

Pluralizing Terms

Rules Cont’d

  • Remove `us and add `i to Latin words ending in us (ex. bacillus- bacilli)
  • Change `sis to `ses in Greek words ending in sis (ex. psychosis - psychoses)
pluralizing terms part 5
Pluralizing Terms Part 5

Pluralizing Terms

Rules Cont’d

  • Remove `on from and add `a to Greek words ending in `on (ex. criterion - criteria)
  • Remove `um from and add `a to Latin words ending in um (ex. diverticulum - diverticula)
pluralizing rules
Pluralizing Rules



Singular Plural

Singular Plural

Pluralizing Rules

  • fossa fossae
  • datum data
  • radix radices
  • neurosis neuroses
  • ganglion ganglia
  • calyx calyces
spelling pronunciation of medical terms part 2
Spelling & Pronunciation of Medical Terms Part 2







Spelling and Pronunciation

of Medical Terms

Pronouncing a word out loud each time you see the pronounciation will help familiarize you with the sound of the word.

Long and short vowels are a guide to help you pronounce words.

using medical terminology
Using Medical Terminology

Using Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is instrumental in both verbal and written communication.

Documentation of health care services must be complete for both ethical and legal reasons.

apply your knowledge part 2
Apply Your Knowledge Part 2

Apply Your Knowledge

Make each of the following terms plural.