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ASPBAE Leadership 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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ASPBAE Leadership 2010

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ASPBAE Leadership 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Participants of Permaculture training showing their certificates. ASPBAE Leadership 2010. Walter Vermeulen, METI’s Executive Director, with one of a participant of a Life Skills training, during the presentation of certificates.

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Participants of Permaculture training showing their certificates

ASPBAE Leadership 2010

Walter Vermeulen, METI’s Executive Director, with one of a participant of a Life Skills training, during the presentation of certificates.


The photos are two of our training workshops for our grassroots communities, under METI’s training packages, including Life skills training and Permaculture training.

The group photo on top are our 33 participants for Permaculture training, showing their certificates, after their graduation, outside METI’s training room at our headquarter at Vailele Samoa. Their training based on Permaculture design system used to provide for human needs in a sustainable way and uses NATURE and natural patterns as the model for design. .

METI’s Executive Director (with Eneliko at Life skills training graduation in April 2009.) Eneliko is one of a youngest participant in the life skills training. He wanted to learn about problem solving skills, so that it will helped him face all the challenges and to problem solve effectively, also he was keen to share the skills with his family and the youth group in the village.

When we teach permaculture and life skills, we transfer a new knowledge and skills to our participants with regards to a new method of not just farming, problem solving skills, but it provides a way of thinking which helps us to design highly productive systems where people can live abundantly while caring for the Earth, in harmony with the animals, plants, oceans, rivers and people around us (as well as ourselves).”

METI’s involvement and commitment to adult education, has given me a strength and opportunity to continue learning, teaching and explore more, especially reaching out to our grassroots communities who are hungry for the food of skills and knowledge for healthy living.

Aloema Leaupepe Fretton,`

I’m Aloema Fretton, I am currently employed by (METI) Matuaileoo Environment Trust Inc,a non government organisation, as a Training Officer. I’m 27 years old, and I love teaching.

My responsibilities at METI as a training officer is to prepare training materials, delivering trainings to our grassroots communities, keeping records ad writing reports, under our training packages which includes Life Skills Coach Training and Permaculture training for farmers and adults in Samoa.

I really enjoy working with METI, not only because of the experienced, but most importantly it’s because I believed in our mission, which is to share with our people the knowledge and skills in order to help them problem solve effectively and etc.

I look foward to participate in the ASPBAE BLDC, in the Phillipines, to gain more knowledge with regards to leadership and strengthening my skills as a trainer, so that when I return home, I will share it with our people. I also look forward to meet with the ASPBAE members, my other participants colleagues and finally making some new friends from other countries.

ASPBAE Leadership 2010